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Best Software Tools for DVD Backup

In the past years, DVD has been used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to store movies, videos, music, pictures as well as plenty of other digital information. If you have the needs to release the capacity of your computer which has been filled with plenty of movies or important digital data, DVD can be used as an important backup. However, for the commercial uses, some of the DVDs are copyright protected which are not allowed to replicate. Without any copyright crackers, you may fail to copy protected DVDs. Therefore, in such case, the professional copy software to copy protected DVD is necessary. Next, you could gather the related information about copyright protected DVD copying software from the post.

Part 1: Know about Protected DVD

In order to protect the DVDs in the market from being resold or being used for another commercial uses, the DVD producers have inserted the copyright protection technology into the DVDs. Simply speaking, a DVD with copyright protection will not allow you to copy or remove or do any changes to the DVD by yourself. As the key factors that prevents you from copying DVDs is the DVD copy protection. How does the DVD copyright protection apply? The DVD copy protection has been mainly deployed from the following aspects.


CSS stands for Content Scramble System which is a digital right management and encryption scheme and it has been widely used to prevent DVD from being used illegally. In most cases, manufacturers use CSS keys to protect the DVDs, including disc key, player key, title key, second disk key, encrypted key and so on.

Region code

The second one that is commonly used to protect DVD from being illegally copied or piracy is region code. The DVDs would be divided into 6 regions which have the authority to play DVD in the designated areas. Usually you can find 0 to 6 region code in the market which represents 6 different areas to play the specific DVDs. For example, if you have bought a DVD with region code 2, then you have to encrypt the DVD so that it can be played outside the area of region code 2. Or you should use some special players that can play region 2 DVD

part 1

Part 2: Best Software Tools for Copying Protected DVD

Since the manufacturers have protected the DVDs with the copyright, are there any possibilities to copy these protected DVDs for personal use? Well, it is entirely possible on the condition that you have prepared a piece of proper software to copy protected DVD. In order to offer more options for you, now I will list the top 3 software to copy protected DVD.

No. 1 Pavtube ByteCopy

As a popular software tool to copy protected DVD, Pavtube ByteCopy can easily help you to remove the copy protection on the DVDs and copy these protected DVDs to your hard drive or other blank DVD disc. It is undoubted that Pavtube ByteCopy is quite excellent in copying and backing up DVDs, including protected ones with ease. It can correctly copy the protected DVDs, like Sony, Disney and region codes within several steps. Furthermore, it will allow you to convert DVD to other digital video formats that are compatible with other common digital devices, like MP4, H.265, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, M4V and so on. As one of the best copying software tools to copy protected DVD, Pavtube ByteCopy can be compatible with various systems, ranging from iOS, Android, Windows to HD Media Players. With this copying program, you can obtain the superior DVD content.

best 1

No. 2 WinX DVD Copy Pro

If you prefer free software to copy protected DVD, I will recommend WinX DVD Copy Pro to you. As one of the best software to copy protected DVD, WinX DVD Copy Pro is able to clone DVD to DVD, ISO, Video TS folders as well as common digital video formats with original quality retained. With this copy program, users can get access to all kinds of protected DVDs, including those with protection of region codes, Disney Fake and so on. The removal process is quite simple. Considering that it is a basic copying program, you will also be quite satisfied. However, its copying speed is not very fast which usually should take 12-15 minutes to copy a whole DVD disc.

best 2

No. 3 123 Copy DVD Gold

Next one, maybe it is not very popular among users, but it is really quite powerful in its comprehensive functions and copy features. Simply speaking, 123 Copy DVD Gold is not only the simple DVD copy software, it can be used a comprehensive media processor for your computer. Its integrated copyright protection removal technology can easily help you to copy the protected DVD with ease, including the region code, and CSS. This program is able to make exact copies of your movies in a DVD disc to another with full support of the original quality. Also, it can be used as a DVD converter that allows you to convert the DVD or other digital videos to the preferred formats. Besides, you can edit the DVD or videos according to your preferences on this copying program.

best 3

Part 3 How to Copy Protected DVD with Leawo DVD Copy

Aside from the above three copy programs that are able to copy protected DVDs, Leawo DVD Copy is another best software to copy protected DVDs. As one of the best DVD copy programs, Leawo DVD Copy is able to copy DVD in 1:1 quality with 6X higher speed. You are allowed to copy DVD in three various DVD modes, including Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. It can easily remove the CSS protection and region codes applied to the DVDs. Not only as a DVD copy program, Leawo DVD Copy can be used as a tool to back up ISO image to DVD within a few simple steps. Additionally, you can obtain a lot of extra functions and features from it. Next, for the detailed instructions steps on how to copy protected DVD, please refer to the following steps.

Step 1. Download Leawo DVD Copy and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Open the program and click "Add from CD-ROM" to load the protected DVD disc on your computer.

Leawo DVD Copy 1

Step 3. Copy settings. Before copying the protected DVD, you can set the disc type, select copy mode, subtitles and audio track.

Leawo DVD Copy 2

Step 4. Start copying. Click the green icon "Copy" on the top-right corner to call out the final settings, including "Copy to", "Disc Label" and "Save to". Finally click "Copy" icon below to start copying the protected DVD to your computer or another new DVD disc directly.

Leawo DVD Copy 3

Part 4: How to Copy Protected DVD with VLC

VLC, as a powerful media player, can also help you to copy a protected DVD in a different way while in comparison with Leawo DVD Copy. Instead of copying protecting DVD, you should say VLC can allow users to record DVD disc. For the details, please refer to the following part.

Step 1. Download VLC and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Insert the DVD disc to the disc drive on your computer.

Step 3. Open VLC and call out the "Record" button. You can go to "View" >> "Advanced Controls" to find the "Record" button. Click it to enter the recording panel.


Step 4. Start recording the protected DVD video. Now play the DVD by clicking "Media" >> "Add File" to input the DVD you have inserted. Once it started, click the "Record" icon to start the recording process.


Step 5. Find the MPEG video on your computer. When the recording is finished, a video in MPEG format will be automatically stored on your computer.


Step 6. Burn the MPEG video to DVD disc. Select another powerful DVD maker to burn the MPEG video to a new DVD disc.

Part 5: Comparison between Leawo DVD Copy and VLC for Copying Protected DVD

By comparing Leawo DVD Copy and VLC in the function on how to copy protected DVD, you can easily find that Leawo DVD Copy is much more comprehensive and all-inclusive than VLC.

Actually, VLC can't be regarded as a DVD clone in a strict way because it only have the ability to remove the copyright protection in the DVD and what it has done was to record the DVD and keep an MPEG video on your computer. However, Leawo DVD Copy can directly copy the protected DVDs without concerning the losses of the original quality. Users can also edit the video or set the customized DVD menus or templates based on their own preferences with Leawo DVD Copy. If you would like to obtain a useful DVD cloner for lifelong use, then Leawo DVD Copy should be your first choice. Well, VLC can be your nice try when you would like to experience its player function.



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