For video game lovers, a Sony Play Station is a must-have item that occupies considerable importance. Being one of the most prevalent homes gaming equipment, PS4 also can be a part-time media player. Sometimes people use PS4 to view photos, listen to the soundtrack, and even playback particular video content. However, do you know will PS4 play DVD? If not, it is time to find the answer in this article.

Part 1: Can PS4 Play DVD

If you have a new PS4 device installed at home, there should be a lot more to expect besides playing video games. While many family members are using PS4 to share some media content, it is also available to playback MP3 music files. Back to decades ago, people used to store audio data into a USB drive. Then a USB drive would be plugged into a port of PS4. That is how the PS4 accesses multimedia. But in the meantime, can I play DVD on PS4 console? Don’t forget that the majority of video games are placed into DVD discs. So it is obvious to say yes.

The answer to this crucial query is a treasure to PS4 users that PS4 is able to play DVDs even Blu-rays. It is coming with a strong disc drive that allows reading and delivering both DVD and Blu-ray discs without issues. The media content of discs will be given through the monitor. Want to know more about how to make use of PS4 playing media files? The feature of 4K support is what you cannot miss. The PS4 gaming system is capable of supporting 4K Blu-ray movie output. Although video games are not defined with 4K resolution, this PS4 can be compatible with 4K videos and photos.


Part 2: Why Sometimes My DVD Won’t Play on PS4

After replying will PS4 play DVD discs previously, there may be some situations like PS4 won’t play DVDs happening every now and then. It could drive individuals crazy especially when PS4 won’t play DVD after updates. Nevertheless, the PS4 Pro consoles seem to be working properly while decoding DVD video games. When a DVD disc with video and audio data is inserted, PS4 won’t play DVD media content at all. What makes such a huge difference and what is the reason behind this for PS4 won’t play DVD?

From the technical aspect, the PS4 is not a region-locked facility. In other words, the DVD games you inserted for entertainment are able to perform smoothly. Notice that the DVD for video game is not the same as DVD for media content. That is the main disparity causing PS4 won’t play DVD videos instead of DVD games. Meanwhile, you may be interested in is the PS4 region free? Unfortunately, every PS4 DVD player is manufactured by a particular DVD region code via international standards. Thus, the PS4 game device is region-locked for multimedia content like DVD disc even though you can ignore the DVD games region. That basically means you can only play the DVD of the same region as your PS4 console. Under this embarrassing condition, how do I play a DVD on PS4 for a movie night for the family activities? Keep moving to the solutions.


Part 3: How to Solve DVD Won’t Play on PS4

When the PS4 won’t play DVD problem takes place, there is a practical solution to resolve this difficulty. Remember the DVD regional protections above? This following method aims at eliminating the DVD region codes while creating a new DVD disc with exact media content. The entire procedure is called the DVD copy process. Hence, powerful DVD copy software with the ability to decrypt protected DVD data is in demand. Certain computer users may ask where to find such an application. Luckily, today you can save a great amount of time looking up online since this Leawo DVD Copy will be introduced.

First of all, Leawo DVD Copy software makes the DVD disc from any corner of the world available to backup and copy. In terms of DVD region code, it is armed with the region code removal system that breaks down DVDs without ruining the media data itself. In addition, CSS encryption will also be wiped out. Regardless of any restrictions on the DVD, this program is offering the best solutions to preserve 1:1 original DVD quality. The performance is ensured with extremely high speed at 6 times higher thanks to the Intel Quick Sync GPU acceleration technology. Both DVD9 and DVD5 types are covered to compress multimedia files with 3 copy modes. As some are fancy the main movie only, some prefer to enjoy the total length. It is all up to your personal decision for what to copy with high quality. Simultaneously, DVD ISO image files are supported to back up on DVDs. There is a built-in DVD player for preview before converting to DVD. After all, Leawo DVD Copy is an easy-to-use tool that makes flawless DVD copies to play on PS4.

Now this manual will get you through the process of how do I play a DVD on PS4.

Step 1. Download and install.

Click on the images below to download and install Leawo Prof. Media application with the DVD Copy module on the computer.


Step 2. Open the Leawo DVD Copy and import DVD.

When the window is opened, it has a demonstrative arrangement in this home interface. From the left corner of the toolbar, there is a button of "Add Blu-ray/DVD". Click it and then select "Add from CD-ROM" to load DVD media from the disc drive. In another way, the aforementioned operation can be done using the drag-and-drop feature, which is more convenient.


Step 3. Choose suitable settings for the DVD copy.

From the bottom, a space index strip can be observed. Right next to the bar, a drop-down button provides users to change the disc type between DVD-9 and DVD-5. Furthermore, three DVD copy modes are available on the disc choice menu. They are Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Also, you can pick up external subtitles and audio track to polish your DVD copies in an upper section.


Step 4. Set up the location.

It is time to settle the directory in order to establish the DVD copy without region codes. At the top-right over the DVD preview panel, a green "Copy" icon will be activated after bringing in media files automatically. Tab the "copy" to trigger the copy setting sidebar. Please tick the last checkbox in the field of “Copy to". Insert a writable DVD then make sure to browse the folder and select the CD-ROM disc as the final output destination.


Step 5. Ultimately, call out the DVD copy process.

Within one click on the "Copy" icon below the sidebar, you can fix the PS4 won’t play DVD problem in a short time. Be patient until it is done properly. Get the region-free DVD out and put it on PS4 to enjoy!


Part 4: Get a Free DVD Player Alternative on Your PC

The PS4 game console has a lot in common with a DVD player as we can tell. Speaking of the feature about playback DVD files, the computer has the same functionality. Your personal computer could be working in a Windows platform or Mac operating system. But all you need is an unbeaten DVD player software to set you free from PS4 won’t play DVD after updates.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is designed with a universal DVD decrypting feature that allows you to play DVD in all regions. To some extent, the DVD application alternative is another solid solution when PS4 won’t play DVD movies. It can be considered as an excellent region-free Blu-ray player on the PC of Mac and Windows. Moreover, a formidable codec library is implanted to play any container video files along with physical discs and mobile device formats. The overall performance is beyond compare whereas DVD playback can remain no image quality loss. In addition, the Leawo 4K resolution availability can be a cool response to the identical PS4 support. It can be upgraded with a conversion capability of transferring DVD to MKV without quality damages! Guess how much you should pay for this awesome tool? None of a single penny needed!

Part 5: Conclusion

From the whole content, you should understand that not only will PS4 play DVD games but also DVD movies. As long as you are playing video DVDs selling in your own region, then you won’t have trouble with PS4. However, at the time that PS4 won’t play DVD videos but able to read game discs normally, there are a variety of approachable methods. To remove the DVD region code, you can choose to make a DVD copy without restrictions. By that mean, Leawo DVD Copy software deserves your trust with all the high-tech support. In fact, converting DVD to PS4 compatible file formats can be another way to solve PS4 won’t play DVD. All things being equal, PS4 console is not the only electronic that enables you to play DVD data. A computer with DVD drives is also functioning well for DVD playback. But for getting rid of DVD region code issues, you need the professional Leawo Free Blu-ray Player.