Getting your DVD collection backed up is necessary, especially for people who tend to handle their things carelessly. But the DVD copy protection would prevent you from doing so on your computer. On Windows 7, there are programs that can help you remove DVD copy protection to allow DVD backups on it.

The best program to remove DVD copy protection Windows 7 users could try

The best DVD protection removal program I’d like to recommend to you is Leawo DVD Copy. It’s the perfect program to remove DVD copy protection Windows 7 users could use. It can remove the DVD protection when copying the DVD to your computer hard drive or to another disc and create a protection-free copy of your DVD. Its support for 1:1 lossless DVD backup would allow you to create a backup that’s exactly the same as the original disc regarding quality. You can use it to first create a lossless backup of your DVD on your computer with DVD protection removed. And when you get the original DVD disc damaged, you can use the backup to create a new copy that’s exactly the same as the original one. With the help of Leawo DVD Copy, that’s easily feasible. So why not take advantage of it and create a permanent backup of your DVD with DVD protection removed. If you are interested in doing so, check out how to remove DVD protection to copy DVD to computer hard drive with the help of Leawo DVD Copy.


Note: Leawo DVD Copy is now a component inside Leawo’s software suite called Prof.Media which packs Leawo DVD Copy and 7 other media processing modules.

How to remove DVD copy protection and copy DVD on Windows 7 with Leawo DVD Copy

Have Leawo Prof.Media installed on your computer properly and open it. You’ll have to buy the registration code for $29.95 for Leawo DVD Copy. It’s lower than the average price for similar programs but Leawo DVD Copy is one of the most powerful ones.

1. Open Prof.Media and launch DVD Copy by clicking on the respective DVD Copy icon from the first page you see after open the program.

Load DVD Copy

2. Enter the DVD disc you want to copy and remove DVD protection into your optical drive and import the disc data to the program. The following interface has a sign in the center that lets you know you can drag the source DVD data folder to the program. It’s one way to import the source DVD content. The other way is click Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM, if you’ve put the disc into your drive, then you should see a menu with your disc on it, click on it to start importing the disc to the program. Usually it’ll just take a few seconds to import.

Add Blu-ray/DVD content

3. The next panel will show you all the data in the disc including all the videos, audio tracks and subtitles. They are all listed on different areas on the left column. On the right is a video player for playback of video clips in the disc. So the program can not only perform DVD protection removal but also DVD movie playback. Before choosing a copy mode from the 3 modes at the bottom, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the content lists as the 3 different modes will help you choose different content automatically to copy other than the Custom Mode, which is for manually selecting the content. You can quickly select the main movie to include in the copy by picking Main Movie. Full Movie is for copying the whole disc. Just pick one mode and then select a DVD format from the DVD format drop-down menu in the bottom left-hand corner. If the original disc is DVD-9, then you can continue to choose DVD-9 as the format for the copy to perform a lossless backup. Or you can compress the original DVD-9 to DVD-5 by choosing DVD-5.

Select content to copy

4. In the final step, there are a few more things you need to set up. Click the Copy button on top of the video player window and there will be a sidebar containing several options on it. At the top you will see 3 different options. To copy the DVD folder to your hard drive, check DVD folder. To copy the ISO image to your PC, check ISO file. If you want to directly copy a disc with DVD protection to a blank disc, you can get an extra DVD burner and connect to your computer, and then select it as the target from the drop-down menu in the third option. After you start the copying process, the DVD protection will be removed and all the copies will be protection-free. But before starting the copying process, you will have to select a folder on your hard drive to save the DVD folder or ISO file if you’ve checked respective options at the top. And then you can click the Copy button at the bottom to start the copy process.

Start copying

That’s how to remove DVD protection with Leawo DVD Copy. It’s one of the most easy-to-use and fastest program to remove DVD copy protection Windows 7 users could find. If you want to perform DVD protection removal for your favorite DVDs to create backups, Leawo DVD Copy would be your best bet.

Leawo DVD Copy Video Tutorial