iTunes is a good platform for watching movies. iTunes provides a wide variety of movies in the iTunes Store. Usually the latest movies that just leave the theater will show on iTunes and other streaming media service providers even before their Blu-ray version is available for sale. So iTunes is a good place to catch up on the movies you miss out on when they are showing in theaters. And when using iTunes to watch a movie, you are usually provided with two choices: one is to rent it, which gives you the right to watch the movie on iTunes and other Apple devices for a certain period of time. The second choice, of course, is to buy it.

If you choose to purchase the movie off iTunes, then you will be able to play the movie for unlimited times on iTunes and other Apple devices. But the playback, as is mentioned above, is limited to iTunes and Apple devices even if you’ve paid for it.

When you download a movie from the iTunes Store, it’s usually in M4V format and Apple usually applies DRM protections on it for the purpose of preventing unauthorized distribution of the movie. Normal M4V videos with no DRM protection can be opened in a lot of media players and possibly some mobile handsets. But M4V videos with DRM protection on it can only played on Apple devices and iTunes. So if you want to play the movie you rent or purchase from iTunes on a non-Apple device, the only way is to remove the DRM protection from it. There are programs out there that could free you from Apple’s circle. Go through the content below to find instructions for removing DRM from your iTunes movies on your Mac.

The Best iTunes DRM Video Converter Mac Users Could Use

Go search online and you would probably be confused by all those DRM removal tools out there. It’s just hard to pick one out if you haven’t used such kind of program before. Here’s one powerful DRM removal program I’d like to recommend to you: Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac. It’s a practical iTunes DRM removal tool from Leawo Software, a company with a lot of prestigious media processing tools. Knowing that the company has a lot of experience developing high-quality media processing software, you should have faith in its iTunes DRM removal tool. And the fact is that this Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate has been getting positive reviews from a lot of iTunes media subscribers and the program’s only been out for about a year. So the quality of this iTunes DRM removal tool is guaranteed. You can trust the program that it can help you remove DRM from iTunes music, movies, TV shows and audiobooks with no problem. It’s one of the best solutions you can have to your iTunes DRM conundrum. Also it’s a program that’s friendly to all kinds of users as it’s easy to use, even a novice at macOS would be able to handle it with ease.


The Simplest Way to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies Mac Users Could Try

The content ahead is a step-by-step guide to help you master the craft of using Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac to remove DRM from iTunes movies on Mac. The program will remove DRM from your iTunes movie and convert the movie to MP4 at the end.

Step 1. Choose the iTunes Movies you want to remove DRM protection.

Launch the program from the desktop or the program drawer. After launching, the first thing for you to do is choose the iTunes movies you want to remove DRM and convert and add them to this program. You should see 2 different Add Files buttons on the program if you are using it for the first time. Choose one and click on it and on the following dialog box, click on Video lebel on the top left-hand area. And then you should see all the iTunes movies you’ve downloaded to your Mac in iTunes. Select those you want to remove DRM protection and convert and click on the Add button and they would be added to the file list.

Add iTunes movies to the program

Step 2. Select needed subtitles and audio tracks.

If there are several different sets of subtitles and audio tracks contained in your iTunes movie, you can select which one to keep in the output video. Click on one video on the file list to select it and an Edit button would appear on the file. Click on it and you can see all the subtitles and audio tracks in the original video. You can either select one or all of them.

Select needed subtitles and audio tracks

Step 3. Set where to store the output video.

The default location of the output video is shown at the bottom of the file list in the box next to the Output label. To change the location, you can simply click on the “…” button.

Set output directory

Step 4. Get the conversion started.

To get the conversion started, click the Convert button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can check out the status of the process anytime you want on the interface.

Start DRM removal process

Having the Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate is like having an iTunes video converter for Mac that can help you convert your iTunes movies to common video files as you like. It’s a good way to remove DRM from iTunes movies Mac users should try.