iPhone Calendar app is becoming more and more useful nowadays, especially for the people who are always busy and have tight agenda. The app enables users to memorize the events they are going to do on the exact date. With iPhone Calendar app, people will make their schedule organized, and get things well prepared.

But people may still worry whether their calendar events will get lost. If people have a good habit of updating their iTunes or iCloud backup, the calendars won’t be lost. Even if the users have deleted their calendars on devices, they are able to get their deleted calendars back with the backups. In case that people delete calendar events and don’t have a backup, this post will introduce several tips to help iPhone users get rid of the loss of iPhone calendar events and recover iPhone calendar.

Tip 1. Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Many people are using calendars in email services, and they can sync their email calendars with iPhone if their iPhone calendars are deleted by accident. Maybe most people are using Google email services, Gmail, to save their calendar events, so the following guidance will introduce how to sync Google Calendar with iPhone as an example.

1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on iPhone.
2. Choose Add Account > Google.
3. Enter your Google account.
4. Tap Calendars to ON.

You will get a notice whether you want to merge your iPhone calendars with Google Calendar. Select Merge and you’ll get the calendars on your iPhone. Please note that if you have enabled the two-step verification on Google, you may need it when you add account.

Most of the popular email services on the Internet provide similar calendar features and allow users to sync the calendars with their iPhone. If you have more complete calendars on your emails than iPhone, you can sync the calendars with your iPhone to recover deleted calendars from iPhone.

Tip 2. Recover Deleted Calendars from iPhone

When people delete calendars from iPhone by accident, and don’t have any backup, what can they do to recover deleted calendars from iPhone? Besides syncing iPhone calendars with the emails, people can also take advantage of the third-party iPhone data recovery program to finish the task.

Speaking of the iPhone data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery can be regarded as one of the best. This software enables users to recover deleted files from iOS devices directly, and extract files from iTunes and iCloud backups. The following guidance will introduce how to use Leawo iOS Data Recovery to recover deleted calendars from iPhone.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version
1. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery and choose Recover from iOS Device.
2. Connect iPhone to computer with USB and click Start in the pop-up dialog.
3. After the scan, select Calendars in the left sidebar, and choose the ones you need, then click Recover.
4. Click Open in the pop-up dialog to choose a target folder on your computer. Then click Go.

Please note that Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup don’t help to recover deleted files, they only help to extract available files from the backups to recover iPhone calendar. Leawo iOS Data Recovery also helps to recover deleted contacts, text messages and more from iOS devices directly.

Tip 3. Best iPhone Calendar Apps

If you don’t want to use iPhone Calendars to avoid the loss of calendars, you can choose a third-party iPhone calendar apps as alternatives. The apps may provide more features to keep your calendar safe. The following guidance will introduce 5 iPhone calendar apps.

Name Screen Shot Introduction
Google Calendar
Google Calendar has been mentioned in Part 1, and now it is a solitary app in the App Store. The app provides an iPhone-optimized UI which enables users to manage their events. Users can add details in the calendars if they want.
Sunrise Calendar
Regarded as the best iPhone calendar app, Sunrise Calendar provides a friendly user interface for iPhone and iPad users, and it makes the interface easy to use so that the users can edit their events easily. The app also connects with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for the users to handle the latest events.
Fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 is a well-designed calendar app for iPhone, and it also provides reminder features. The app enables users to keep their schedules organized, and interface of this calendar app is really attractive.
WAVE Calendar is a simplified calendar app for iPhone which provides powerful features to help people manage their events. The app provides daily, weekly and monthly view mode so that the users are able to view the events with ease.
Cal Calendar for iPhone is a helpful iPhone calendar app that iPhone users can record and view their daily events easily. The daily view mode of Cal is impressive and very useful, and users won’t miss any event they have recorded.