Q: "I have downloaded so many books on my Kindle Fire. I have finished most of them. Now they took too much space in my library and I'd like to make some space so as to add some more interesting books I like. How do I delete unwanted books from my Kindle Fire then?"

As is known to all, with registered Amazon account, you are allowed to download e-books, documents and magazines to your Amazon's Kindle e-reader. The books you purchased and downloaded on your Kindle Fire will be listed in Kindle library so that you can find and read them and they will be stored in the Kindle Cloud so that you will never worry about lose them. Sometimes you may want to delete books from kindle library, but you don't know the exact way like the one who raised the question above. I also met the problem before and I have found the way. How do I delete books from my kindle library, then? Take it easy. Here come the solutions.

Part 1: Ways to delete book from Kindle Fire in detail steps

Because Amazon tries to prevent you from accidentally deleting a book you've purchased, when you're trying to delete books from Kindle Fire, you are actually delete the book from the Kindle device. And you usually intend to store the Amazon e-book in the Kindle Cloud since you bought it. And here is the way on how to delete a book from Kindle Fire:

Step1: Access the Home screen of your Kindle Fire, and then enter the library.

delete book from Kindle Fire

Step 2: Find the book title you want to delete by scrolling up and down or you can search for the title on your device by typing the title or keywords.

delete book from Kindle Fire

Step 3: Press and hold the title to pop up a menu where you can choose “Remove from device” to delete the unwanted book.

delete book from Kindle Fire

Now you know how to delete books from Kindle Fire, it is so simple. In this way, you just delete books from Kindle Fire device, you can re-download the book from the Cloud if you want to read them for another time.

In addition, when your Kindle Fire was lost or stolen, you have to delete books from Kindle Fire so that your Kindle eBooks will be removed from that device. How do you delete books from Kindle Fire under this condition? The safest way is to deregister the device through your Amazon account to ensure that all of your items are no longer on that device. And you could follow the way below:

Step1: Login to Amazon account and go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" page, then select the "Your Device" tab. All he devices you have registered to your account will be listed here.

Step2: Select your Kindle Fire and click on the grey button "Device Actions" and click "Deregister" in the drop-down list.

delete book from Kindle Fire

NOTE: After you tap or click “deregister”, all items including your eBooks of this Kindle device you’ve purchased will be removed. So you cannot download or purchase any more content until your Kindle is registered with another Amazon account.

delete book from Kindle

Part 2: The way to delete Kindle book from Kindle library

Kindle eBooks is one of the most popular reading formats available today. And it is available for you to use Kindle Fire or other Kindle devices to read the eBooks or Kindle App on other devices like iPad and iPhone. However, it can get difficult to keep track and organize your kindle library with so many books available. We have mentioned how to delete books from Kindle Fire and it will be helpful when you are using the Kindle devices. When I use Kindle app, how do I delete books from my kindle library while too many books flooded in my Kindle library? Absolutely, there is an efficient way to delete multiple books from kindle library:

Step 1: Login to Amazon.com and enter the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page where lists all the items in your Kindle Cloud. They can be synced to your registered Kindle Fire.

Step 2: Check your unwanted books and then click the "Delete" button.

delete book from Kindle

Step 3: When a warning window pops up, click "Yes, delete permanently".

delete book from Kindle

Now you get to know how to delete library books from Kindle permanently and you cannot download the deleted books any more until you purchase them again.

Anyway, to remove eBooks from your library or Kindle device because they are no longer useful to you or they are in the lost or stolen devices, no matter why you want to delete multiple books from kindle library or delete books from Kindle fire, useful and effective ways are offered to make it.

Part 3: Use Leawo Prof. DRM to remove DRM to play the eBooks on different readers.

Leawo Prof. DRM is the particular software which was designed to remove DRM from any DRM protected items, including Kindle eBooks, iTunes videos (movies, TV show), music, Audiobooks, Audible Audiobooks and other eBooks, etc., and convert these items to popular DRM-free files so that you can get more enjoyment such as to listen to iTunes Audiobooks on iPhone, or listen to iTunes Audiobooks on Android Devices. As an all-featured DRM removal program and DRM media converter, Leawo Prof. DRM can convert DRM for Kindle books to DRM-free eBooks for smooth playback on ordinary media players or mobile devices with 5X speed while 100% reserving the original quality.

You have been expert in deleting books from your Kindle Fire with the solutions offered above, now you can download Leawo Prof. DRM and install it on your computer to remove the DRM from your Kindle device and convert Kindle AZW files to common files so that you can enjoy them on any other readers. To make it, you can follow the simple steps:

click below button to download this program on your computer

Step 1: Link your computer to your Kindle device

First make sure the eBook you want to play on other readers are in the “document” folder. And then use USB cable to connect your Kindle to your computer.

connect Kindle device to computer

Step 2: Import the Kindle eBooks to the program

Start and enter Leawo Prof. DRM, you can click “Add files” and refresh button on “E-Devices” to display the eBooks of your Kindle. Select the files and click “Add”.

Add Kindle eBooks

Step 3: Set the output directory

The eBooks files are imported to the program, now click "…" button at the bottom to set the output directory for containing the output files.ton.

Set an output folder

Step 4: Start removing DRM from Kindle eBook

Click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom. And the program will remove DRM from eBook from Kindle in a while. The DRM-free eBook will be contained in the directory folder you set in last step.

Remove DRM from kindle ebook

With the ways on how to delete books from Kindle fire recommended here, you will easily remove the books temporarily for clearing and cleaning your Kindle devices. Or if necessary, you know how to delete books from Kindle library permanently. No matter what kind of devices you are applying, Kindle device or IPAD with Kindle App, you will be skilled at how to delete library books from Kindle. Besides, the Leawo Prof. DRM offers you another way to keep and freely enjoy the Kindle books. At all events, how do you delete books from kindle fire after reading this article? It depends on you.