DVD copy has been increasingly demanded in recent years thanks to the fast network development. Many people may find it really helpful if they can copy their original DVDs to new discs for better preservation, hence copy software has become very popular in various industries, such as education, entertainment, enterprise and so on. Speaking of this, we will introduce a series of top-ranked free DVD backup copy software and paid copy tools in this article to meet your DVD copy requirements. Here we go.

Part 1: 5 Free DVD Copy Software Tools to Recommend

As you may probably know, to rip a DVD is simple to achieve but if you need to make a perfect 1:1 replica of a disc, you need a professional and dedicated copier. DVD copy involves two scenarios, one of which suits to two optical drives and the other works for one drive only. If you have two optical drives, you can directly copy the original DVD to the new one simultaneously. But if you have only one drive, you need to copy the original DVD contents to the hard drive and then burn them to the new disc later on. Anyway, DVD copy software is needed in both scenarios. Here come our top picks of free DVD copy software for your reference.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

This free DVD backup copy software is an excellent DVD copier, burner, and ripper. It provides rich features for users to burn and back up data, rip music discs, create audio discs or burn existing videos, like MP4 files, and photos to Blu-ray. The best part for this tool is that it offers the option to simulate burning to a disc before actually committing to it, enabling you to identify potential errors and avoid wasting a disc if something goes wrong. It works perfectly on Windows 7, 8 and 10 but it does not support Mac OS, which is a pity indeed. You may find it dependable if you are a Windows user.



Essentially, it is not a totally free DVD copy tool but it offers three editions including free, premium, and professional for users of different needs. BurnAware is a family of compact, easy to use and efficient tools for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying. That is to say it is dedicated to create CD, DVD and Blu-ray of all types, including M-Disc. Home users can easily burn bootable discs, multisession discs, high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, make, copy and burn disc images. The application runs on Windows OS and not available for Mac OS users. Once you need full access to features it provides for DVD copy or backup, you may need to pay to get premium or professional edition.


IQmango DVD Ripper

IQmango Free DVD Ripper provides an intuitive user interface even for beginners to handle DVD ripping and copy tasks on their own. It is a hassle-free app allowing effortless DVD copy. It’s stable, works smoothly and you can download and use it for absolutely free. The biggest drawback for this tool is it cannot burn or copy data files. All it supports is for video discs. For simple DVD copying, IQmango’s software is ideal, but the story is different if you want to make a bootable data DVD, you’ll need to change to another tool for help.


Free AVS Disc Creator

This is also a Windows-based free DVD copy software. Actually, it can achieve more. It is said to be able to perform various burning tasks with Free AVS Disc Creator, including burn audio, video, images easily, make ISO images and create boot discs, as well as burn DVD or Blu-ray discs. With this tool, you may find it easy to make a backup of your DVDs.


MacX DVD Ripper Free

This free DVD copy software has the ability to remove all known protections and can copy DVD to DVD5 or DVD9 in a variety of ways. It allows users to copy DVD files to folders or new discs, without causing any quality loss. In addition, it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. Therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. It is dedicated for both Windows and Mac users.


Part 2: How to Copy DVD for Free with Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is very easy to handle even for beginners. The following will show a brief tutorial guide to copy DVD effortlessly.

Step 1: Download and install the freeware to your PC.

Download and install the freeware. Launch the tool once installation completes.

Step 2: Move to Copy Disc and open the disc for copy.

On the left pane, click on “Copy Disc”, where you will be directed to the copy interface.


Step 3: Copy DVD contents.

When you start the copy process, all your files on the original DVD will be backed up and then burned to a new disc. The green progress bar will show you the completion status in real time.


Part 3: Copy DVD with Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy is a leading copier for both beginners and professionals. It provides super-intuitive user interface to facilitate effortless running for DVD backup. It is the best DVD copy software that compresses DVD9/DVD5 with 6X higher speed and ensures 1:1 output quality. This brilliant is also serving as a free DVD copy software tool thanks to that it offers a trial version for new beginners to experience the excellent performance. If you think it is super good and convenient for use, you can then get a registered version.

Besides, to suit needs from different people, Leawo DVD Copy has 3 different copy modes which provide 3 different ways to copy the DVD. Full Movie mode copies the whole DVD, Main Movie mode can perform movie-only backup and Custom Mode allows you to choose whatever you need from the DVD to copy. Read carefully to see how it works to copy a DVD within a few clicks.

Step 1: Download and install the tool within seconds.


Click the button below to download and install the tool. This will allow you to choose Windows or Mac version for your specific use. Once installation completes, launch the tool immediately. Note that it is incorporated in Leawo Prof.Media program suite so you just need to click on the DVD Copy icon from the home interface.


Step 2: Add original disc contents to the tool.

Click Add Blu-ray/DVD from the toolbar and click Add from CD-ROM if your disc is inserted to the optical drive.


Step 3: Set the copy mode and disc type.

When your original DVD has been successfully loaded to the tool, you may enter an interface where you can specify the copy mode and disc type, respectively. The aforementioned, full movie allows users to copy the entire disc, the main movie allows users to copy the movie part only, and custom mode lets users choose what they want to copy.


Step 4: Copy the DVD to a new disc.

Once all settings are ready, click on the big green button Copy from the toolbar. You will be asked to fulfill copy to and save to path before the copy process is really taking place. During the copy process, the green progress bar will tell the real time status for you. As soon as it reaches 100%, your original DVD has been successfully backed up to a new disc.


Part 4: Comparison between Leawo DVD Copy and Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Before we get to the conclusion of this article, we will draw a comparison table to show the pros and cons of both Leawo DVD Copy and Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.


Tool Pros Cons
Leawo DVD Copy

– 6x faster
– Supports both Windows and Mac
– Reserves 1:1 for output quality
– Offers 3 modes for users to copy DVD
– Gives full access to rich features for DVD backup
– Works comfortably within program suite and serves more than a copier
– Supports backup to video disc and data files

– Trial version only valid for limited time
– Requires software installation
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

– Free for application
– Easy to handle
– Provides burn, copy and rip options within one program

– Only available for Windows 7 or later users
– Requires software installation
– Provides limited features for DVD backup
– Suitable for beginners but not for professionals
– Works not so fast for copying a DVD


Part 5: Conclusion

To sum up, the above top picks of free DVD copy software are quite impressive in terms of their ability to make a lossless backup of your DVD and it is one of the best CSS decoding tools. Among these DVD copy tools, we introduce detailed steps for running Ashampoo Burning Studio Free and Leawo DVD Copy, both of which represent the highest level of copy output quality and easiest running of the tool. To be true to you, Leawo DVD Copy outperforms other copiers thanks to its expertise and fast speed in DVD backup. It perfectly reserves 1:1 output quality after DVD backup and makes sure you will enjoy exactly the same quality file after backup. With this tool, all your worries can be removed from now on.