”How to convert FLAC to MP3? I’ve got a bunch of lossless FLAC music files on my computer and I’d like to play it with iTunes, but I can’t because iTunes is not compatible with FLAC files. As much as I don’t want to lose the quality of FLAC files, I have to convert them to a format compatible with iTunes, like MP3. So is there a FLAC to MP3 converter program that I could use to convert from FLAC to MP3?”

Lossless music has been the representation of high quality music, but up until now, it’s still not as popular as MP3. iTunes doesn’t support FLAC on both Windows and Mac OS, so if you want to listen to those music files in FLAC format, you need to convert them to MP3. But you might want to keep in mind that while converting FLAC to MP3, it loses a lot of data in the FLAC files and causes quality loss. So you'd better make sure that you are willing to risk losing the quality while converting FLAC to MP3 with a FLAC to MP3 Converter. And there are a lot of excellent FLAC to MP3 players for your choice. This post would show you a few ways to convert FLAC to MP3 with FLAC to MP3 players.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 with a Professional FLAC to MP3 Player

Leawo Video Converter is a professional video and audio converter that can convert video and audio between all popular formats, which means you can use it as an FLAC to MP3 Converter to convert FLAC to MP3 with ease.


Video Converter 

☉ Supports converting audio between all popular formats.

☉ Detailed parameters provided for settings.

☉ Converts audio file with minimum quality loss.

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Check out the guidance below of using Leawo Video Converter as an FLAC to MP3 converter to convert FLAC to MP3:

Step 1: Load source FLAC file

Open the Leawo Video Converter, click the “Video Converter” tag to enter the video converting interface. First thing to do is to add FLAC file to the convert by dragging and dropping FLAC file directly to the interface or clicking “Add file” and choosing the FLAC files from the computer.

Load source files

2. There's a button on the left side of the green “Convert” button on the main interface, click it to call out a drop-down menu and click the “Change” button on the followed drop-down menu to enter the format panel. Choose MP3 as the output format from Format>Common Audio.

Choose format

3. After you finish choosing MP3 as the output file, you can continue to set the detailed parameters of the output format. There’s an “Edit” button at the top right corner of every format tag which you can see in the format selecting panel. Or you can enter the parameter setting panel by clicking the “Edit” button on the previously mentioned drop-down menu. Audio parameters available for setting include: Audio codec, BitRate, Sample Rate, Channel.

Set detailed parameters

4. To continue the conversion after you finish setting parameters, click the green “Convert” button and a sidebar would come out and you can set the directory for the output file. And to finally start the conversion, click the “Convert” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Start converting

5. When the conversion is done, click “Finish” and now you can import the converted MP3 to iTunes and play them with it.


Below is the video guidance for using Leawo Video Converter to convert video and audio:

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 with Built-in Audio Converter in Audio Players

Nowadays there are a lot of powerful audio players have built-in audio converters for users to convert their music files into the formats they want, which is a convenient and practical feature because users don't have to do extra works to find a new audio converter. With that being said, you can easily find an FLAC to MP3 converter free of any kind of charges.

I'll recommend three great audio players for you, all of which are very popular and have built-in audio converters that can work perfectly as FLAC to MP3 converter free of charges.

Winamp is a cross-platform media player for Windows, Mac OS X and Android. It’s sold as a freemium and is highly extensible. It supports plug-ins, skins, and features music visualization, playlist and a media library which is supported by a large online community.

AIMP, short for Artem Izmaylov Media Player, is a free audio player developed by Russian developer Artem Izmaylov. It’s available on both Windows and Android and it's got a free FLAC to MP3 converter built inside it.

Foobar2000 is a free audio player developed by Piotr Pawlowski. It only has the Windows version. It’s famous for its highly modular design, abundant features and extensive user flexibility in configuration. It also has a built-in free FLAC to MP3 converter which allows you to convert FLAC to MP3 free.

Check out the steps of using the built-in audio converter in the three audio players to convert FLAC to MP3.

winamp convert


1. Open Winamp, click Option>Preferences.

2. Select “Plug-ins”>”Output”, select “Nullsoft Disk Recorder v2.14(in this mode you cannot play music), and then click “Configure”.

3. In the “Conversion”, check “Convert to format”. Click the box under it to choose output format. Click “Directory” to set the output directory.

4. Go back to Winamp and open the FLAC file you want to convert and play it on Winamp and the conversion will start automatically.

5. After the conversion, you’ll have to reconfigure Winamp to play the files normally again. Go to Options>Preference>Plug-ins>Output, select Nullsoft DirectSound Output, click “Close”. Now you can play music again.

Format setting panel


1. Open Foobar2000. Add file to it and right-click the file. Go to ”Convert>…” to enter converter setup.

2. Click “Output Format” in the Converter Setup Window to enter the format selecting window.

3. Choose MP3 as the output format, go back to the Converter Setup window and click “Convert”.

AIMP audio converter


1. Open AIMP, go to Menu>Utilities>Audio Converter to open the built-in audio converter.

2. Add source file to the converter. You can choose to rename the output file and set a new directory for the output file.

3. Set the output format in “Format” box and set detailed parameters in the box next to it. Click “Start” button to start the conversion.

Note: For some reason, AIMP doesn’t support choosing MP3 as output format, so you’ll need some preparation to make this happen.

1. Go To https://www.aimp.ru/forum/index.php?topic=34387.0

2. Download and open the " LAME 3.99.5 " archive (32-bit version)

3. Extract lame_enc.dll to the "AIMP3\System\Encoders" folder (for example: "C:\Program Files\AIMP3\System\Encoders\") folder