Watching sports online is one of our favorite indoor activities while we are at home. And it has become more popular because a lot of free sports streaming sites have been launched online. Therefore, millions of people watch their favorite sports via free sports streaming sites all over the world in their daily life.

And the advantage of the free sports streaming sites is that these platforms are available on mobile devices so thus watching your favorite sports event can be done without time and place limited.

Part 1: 10 sites to watch free sports online

Here are 10 best sports streaming sites for your reference:

  • Stream2Watch
  • Fox Sports Go
  • Fromhot
  • CBS Sports
  • LiveTV
  • Stream Sports
  • Laola1
  • LiveScore
  • Watch ESPN
  • Stream Woop

1. Stream2Watch

Although a lot of ads and pop-ups are commonly seen on this streaming site. Stream2watch still provides quite an excellent experience for the viewers. The video content is displayed in different formats, such as HD, 1080p, Full HD, and more. You can find the stream live you would like to watch from the homepage. In addition, the information of the sports names, team player information and more can be found as well.


2. Fox Sports Go

Watching live sports can be done on Fox Sports Go. Kind s of live streaming for sports are provided in this site because Fox Sports is mainly for a lot of sporting events from the official broadcaster. This site also can be used on mobile devices with easy access, but it is not free for all sports events.


3. FromHot

FromHot is one of the most popular sports streaming sites for football enthusiasts. Its beautiful and excellent design offers a good experience for each user. Though many sites also support live sports, Fromhot has not so many distracting advertisements compared to other sites, therefore Fromhot is a good option for the users. If you are the first time to use this site, you just need to take less than one minute to know about FromHot.


4. CBS Sports

This site not only has live sports streams for the viewers, but also the videos and news associated with sports are available on this site. For example, NBA, NFL, MLB, Football, and more are included in it. Additionally, the CBS Sports app can be downloaded for watching live sports on mobile devices.


5. LiveTV

LiveTV provides updates on future games, past games, and live sports events, which makes sports love can keep up with the pace. It is accessible around the world without countries limited. It also offers messaging channels, in which the fans can discuss the sports with each other. Users also can access the live sports streaming via this site without signing up. Android and iOS both have the LiveTV app which enables users to get access to the live sports news easily.


6. Stream Sports

Just as its name implies, Stream Sports is a site to watch sports live freely. Searching and viewing the streaming links can be done on this site, all the big sports events like NBA, soccer, and more can be watched here. But Stream Sports is not able to access internationally. But you can access this site by using a VPN or proxy, which depends in what place you visit this site.


7. Laola1

Laola1 is a sports streaming site in Austria, which allows you to access live sports streams throughout the world. is available on computer and mobile devices. In addition, the Premium membership of Laola1 has the rights to access the live streams in high resolution with no ads, also the replay of the live stream also is available as well. So you can watch the live sports stream on Laola1 freely, but you also can become a paid membership if you like.


8. LiveScore

This site initially provides live scores for the sports matches. Subsequently, it becomes more and more popular, so the developers begin to show live sports streams on this site. You also can get the LiveScore app downloaded to mobile devices if you need it. The simple design of this site makes it easy to access. A list of all live sports streams is displayed on the homepage, so you can find the future matches by navigating. Various kinds of live sports games which include Soccer, Hocket, Tennis, Basketball, and more can be watched on this site.


9. Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN is a good option to watch live sports streams, especially when you cannot find the appropriate one as a replacement. As we know, ESPN has become one of the most popular sites to watch sports news around the world. WatchESPN is accepted as the ESPN networks, this site was built for viewing all kinds of sports.


10. Stream Woop

Stream Woop is another good option to watch free live sports stream, each sport event has been scheduled so that you won’t miss any of your favorite sports event shows. Different from the other platforms, Stream Woop will give you an alert every time when the live sport streams are going to show on site. The best thing is that you don’t need to sign up on this site and you can search for different categories of sports as you need.


Part 2: How to record a live video with VLC

To save a live sports stream for repeated viewing, you can use VLC to record it. Here you can follow the steps as below to begin to record a live sports video with VLC.

Step 1. Get VLC downloaded and installed from VideoLAN site.

Step 2. Run VLC and click to “View” tab from the menu, then choose “Advanced Controls” . After that, you will see the button “Record” to show on the control bar.

Step 3. Click to the “Media” tab and then choose “Open Network Stream”. Type the URL of the live video into the “Address” field. Then click to “Play” button and the live video loads into VLC.

Step 4. Click to the “Record” button. Once you are going to pause the recordings of the live videos, click to the “Record” button again.

Step 5. Click to “Media” tab and then choose “Recent Media”. The recording of the live video will be listed in the ASF format. You can choose from the list to watch the recorded live videos in VLC.


Part 3: How to convert the recorded video to other formats

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is a professional converting tool to get any video and audio in different format converted to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, AAC and more. Furthermore, this wonderful tool also can be acted as a video converter for HD and 4K video. Additionally, the portable devices with iOS and Android systems also can be set as the output profile in a direct way.

Based on the inbuilt video editor, Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is able to improve the output effect of Blu-ray/DVD/Video by trimming, cropping, watermarking, 3D creating and so on. Apart from this, the converting tool works with advanced technologies like GUP acceleration technology, decoding along with encoding technology, therefore, the fast speed of conversion and burning is 100% guaranteed.

Here you can refer to a full tutorial as below to begin the video conversion between different formats.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

Run the program on your PC and then you will be guided to the home page, in which you need to hit on the button “Convert” from the sub-menu to go into converting panel.


Step 2. Get the source files imported to the program

Click to the button “Add Video” from the converting panel to get the recorded video imported to the program. Alternatively, you can import the source files by dragging and dropping the recorded video directly to the converting panel. After the source files have been imported, they can be viewed with the internal media player, you also can choose the subtitles, audio tracts, edit source files and so on.


Step 3. Select the output profile

Click to the drop-down box with the name “MP4 Video” beside the button “Add Photo”. Then you will see a pop-up panel, in which you need to hit on the button “Change” to go into the “Profile” interface. Here you can select any video format as the output profile below the group “Format” or “Device”.


Step 4. Adjust parameters for video and audio (optional)

In the same pop-up panel, click to “Edit” button next to the “Change” button. You can set the parameters for video and audio which include Video Codec, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, and so on. Once the parameters have been set, click on the “Save to Custom” option to make the customized profile added to the “Custom” group.


Step 5. Choose output directory

Once the profile settings have been finished, you can go back to the converting interface, where you can click to green “Convert” button choose the output directory for storing the output files. After you click on the green “Convert” button, a right sidebar will show up, here you need to choose a directory below the “Save to” option to save the output files.


Step 6. Begin the conversion process

Hit on the “Convert” button from the bottom of right sidebar, the conversion process will begin. You even can stop the conversion process by clicking to “Cancel” button.


Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent conversion tool to convert the recorded video to the desired format you need. It is worthy to have a try on this program and begin to convert your video to the supported format for your device.