There is one moment when you happen to have some MP3 audio file format at hand, and you're very eager to transfer them to your phone or some audio player easily. As we all known, the MP3 format is such one kind of lossy format which means that it can't contain 100% of the original audio information. Totally unlike MP3 format, FLAC is lossless audio codec, that's to say, its lossless compression could take place without any loss in quality. That's the reason why we sometimes need to convert MP3 to FLAC for better enjoying experience.

Part 1. How to Convert MP3 to FLAC with Best MP3 to FLAC Converter (Leawo Video Converter)

Leawo Video Converter is such one popular program that could offer the easiest and fastest way to convert MP3 to FLAC audio with high quality. Therefore, you could enjoy these converted files on your phone freely.

Guide to Convert MP3 to FLAC with Leawo Video Converter

Begin by downloading Leawo Video Converter for free, and then you may need to launch the MP3 to FLAC Converter easily. Follow the steps in the article below to proceed with the conversion from MP3 to FLAC.


Step 1: Choose and Add the MP3 Files

Choosing your favorite files to convert MP3 to FLAC as a first operation. The software could offer different kinds of means for you to add MP3 Files. You could freely click the "Add Video" button and there's the pop-up window where you could browse the files that you want to convert. Alternatively, you could also directly drag and drop the MP3 files from the file list to the middle section of the interface.


Step 2: Click to Open the Settings Window

Once the MP3 files are selected, you could edit the MP3 audio tags of any chosen file. The next thing that you may need to do is to click the "MP4 Video" icon and there would pop up one small window where you may need to click the "Change" button. Next you may view the settings window to enter the "Profile" panel as you like.


Step 3: Choose FLAC Audio File Format

After that you've entered the output profile settings, then you could view a wide variety of video/audio profile formats clearly. Since that the aim is to convert the MP3 file to FLAC audio file, then you may need to click Format > Common Audio > FLAC Audio. The step is really very simple.


Step 4: Start to Convert MP3 to FLAC

The last step is to convert MP3 to FLAC with its fast conversion speed. You just need to click the "Convert" button and there's the pop-up window so as to choose the output folder under the "Save to" tab. After its output location is selected, you could just click the "Convert" button to begin to convert MP3 to FLAC free with the high quality.


Part 2: Convert MP3 to FLAC with MP3 to FLAC Converter Online

Apart MP3 to FLAC Converter software, MP3 to FLAC Converter Online free is also another choice. There are lots of MP3 to FLAC Converter Online for you to choose from. Here we also would like to introduce one of the MP3 to FLAC Converters Online for your reference, you could benefit a lot from the simple guide below.

Step 1: Choose Files that You Want to Convert

The first step is to choose the MP3 files or even directly copy and paste the URL. You could click the "Choose Files" button to pop up one window where you could choose the MP3 files.

Step 2: Select the Output Format

Here you could choose your favorite output profile format from the profile list, just find .flac format under the "Music formats" list.

Step 3: Input your Email Address

Here you may need to input your email address to receive converted files.

Step 4: Start to Convert

You may need to click to agree to the terms, and then you may need to click the "Convert" button to start the conversion job.


Part 3: Convert MP3 to FLAC Using Music Players

Apart from those free online tools, there's another solution for you like the media player which could be used to play FLAC smoothly. Here we would take the iTunes program as an example and show the guide in detail below for your reference.

iTunes also could help to convert MP3 to FLAC and support the lossless playback of FLAC music albums freely. Meanwhile, the useful application could also allow to personalize your FLAC music playlist easily.

Step 1: Download iTunes for Free

You may need to first download iTunes for free and open the software freely.

Step 2: Open the Settings Window

Just open iTunes application and click the "Edit" tab so as to enter the "Preference Settings" and then find the "Input CD" option.

Step 3: Customize the Setting

Just click the "Import Settings" button at the right hand, and then click the "Import Usage" icon where you could view various kinds of encoder choices. Here you could choose the FLAC encoder, and then it would convert the imported audios to FLAC format automatically when you import your CD freely.


From the points above, we could draw the conclusion that using Leawo Video Converter could be the easiest and the most convenient way for you to convert MP3 to FLAC files with high quality. Apart from that, the powerful MP3 to FLAC Converter Windows also enables you to customize your own specified FLAC files with its built-in editing functions.