Rock songs produce a great influence on today’s society worldwide because of its popularity. Rock songs affect our daily life, the fashion trend, the attitudes, and the language, which are incomparable with the other social development. With the maturing of the first generation fans of rock songs, this music has been deeply accepted by the popular culture. It is commonly seen that rock songs and the performance show up in the television commercial ads, television programs and movies. This article will introduce you Top 10 Rock Songs About Cheating. Sometimes, you may find a favorite rock song about cheating and want to download for offline listening. Here we will teach you some perfect solutions to the rock songs download.

Part 1: Introduction to rock songs

Rock songs started in an underground movement approximately seventy years ago. Nowadays it has turned into a soundtrack for the generation and the historical moments. Rock songs have various kinds of music types which are preferred by a great number of people because of its long history. It results in calling on the peace action and blaming for violence. Above all, it brings joy to people all over the world.

Rock songs began based on the instrumental performance of a song. Three instruments are frequently used in the rock. The first instrument is the electric guitar which produces lead sound. The second one is the bass guitar which enriches the beat of music and the rhythm. The last important part is the drums, a full set of drums are usually used to play, which includes the snare drum, the bass drum, the ride cymbals and so on. However, more sounds like the keyboards, the saxophones, and the other instruments are added to the different musical styles, the instruments are not just limited to those threes. Apart from the instruments, singer is also a feature for the rock songs. A verse is usually started in the song, then a repeated chorus should be done in each verse.

The trait and the style of rock songs were deeply affected by the blues traditions, the rhythm, and R&B in the early stage of 20th century. Rock songs come from the natural evolution of different music styles from 1930s to 1940s, which includes the swing, the gospel, and the folk and the country. The music genre emerged was upbeat has an infectious melody, which often aroused controversy. But due to the combination of the various genres, the diversified audience including black and white people were entranced with it. The birth and development of rock songs were in the crucial period of America history, segregation still governed most areas of the country at that time.

In the development process of rock songs, it played an important role in the political and social controversy. The rock records were released in the final stage of the 1940s and the early stage of 1950s. Rock began to change in the 1960s. With the most popular songs from Britain, the enthusiast of rock songs had spread from America to the world. After the 1970s, rock songs gradually became the anthem for disillusion. The rock songs about protesting against the Vietnam war had united the Americans and encouraged peace in each area of the United States. The theme of hope and anti-establishment had become universal in the lyrics of rock songs. Rock songs enjoy wide popularity in the artist and have triggered their inspiration today, the influence of it will undoubtedly go on to be a music part of a changing sound.

Part 2: Top 10 rock songs about cheating in 2019


Song Name



Me and Mrs. Jones

Billy Paul





Hit 'em Up Style (Oops!)

 Blu Cantrell


If Your Girl Only Knew



Between the Cheats

Amy Winehouse


Always the Last to Know

Del Amitri


Say My Name

Destiny's Child


A Woman Needs Love

Ray Parker Jr.


Back Door Man

 The Doors


You Know I'm No Good

Amy Winehouse


Betcha Gon' Know

Mariah Carey


Cold Shoulder



Confessions Part 2



Cry Me a River

Justin Timberlake


I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That

Elton John





I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Marvin Gaye


Keep on Loving You

REO Speedwagon


Kiss 'n Tell




Chuck Berry

Part 3: How to download rock songs about cheating

Method 1: Download from rock music website

To start with downloading rock songs about cheating from the related rock music website directly, you should find a website that allows you to download and know how it offers the rock music to the listeners. You can source a website to download the rock music in mp3 output format. Then, the downloading task will become a simple job to you, just one click on the button “Download”, your favorite rock music will begin downloading and finally is saved in the target folder that you have chosen by clicking the button “Save”. The whole process of rock music downloading is similar to multiple types of files downloading on the computer. Below we will teach you in details about downloading rock music from the website directly.

1. Find a website to download rock songs about cheating in the output format of MP3, here we will recommend you a popular website MP3.COM to download rock songs. You should firstly enter this website via your computer browser and type the name of the rock songs into the search bar, then a list of results will be displayed as the picture.


2. The icon button “Download” can be seen next to each displayed rock music, choose the one you want to download from the result list and press on the download button to begin downloading. Then a dialog will pop up and you need to select a destination folder to save the downloaded rock songs on your computer. After that, click the button “OK”.

3. When the downloading task is completed, you can find the downloaded music files in the target folder which you have just saved on your computer. Then you can listen to your favorite rock songs about cheating anytime and anywhere.

Method 2: Download via Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is a great music recording program which allows you to record any free music from different channels like the built-in input audio, the computer audio, and the online music sources. All the recorded music files can be saved into MP3 or WAV output format in the original quality. This versatile music recorder also helps you to get the music tags added to the recorded music files automatically or manually. What you have recorded can be found and managed in the built-in library. Moreover, the recorded audio files can be shared to iTunes with one simple click. To download rock songs about cheating on your computer, you can refer to the steps as below.

1. Run Music Recorder on your computer and enter the main interface of recording. Click on the icon button “Audio Source” to set the audio source before audio recording. As we want to record rock songs about cheating from online music source, we have to choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


2. Click on the red button “Start” to make Leawo Music Recorder start to work. Then play the rock songs audio source. You should remember that the music recorder must work prior to playing the audio source. If necessary, the function “Task Scheduler” can be used for your recording. Click the button “Recording task scheduler” on the left bottom corner to pull out this function, then the start time and the duration for recording can be set according to your preference.


Method 3: Download with Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder is able to capture all audio on your computer which includes the streaming audio from Internet. No matter the local audio or the Internet transmissions, the sound source can be recorded via Free Sound Recorder in high quality. The following steps will guide you on how to record rock songs about cheating as below.

1. Run Free Sound Recorder and click the button “Show mixer window”, then you can select the sound source in the drop-down list “Recording Mixer”. The sound sources are divided into different kinds which include Stereo Mix, Video Volume, Phone Line and more. Then choose the appropriate recording device in the drop-down menu “Recording Device”. The volume and the balance also can be adjusted in this pane.


2. Click the button “Options” to enter Options tab. The output format including MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG can be specified via General Setting. Click on the button “Settings”, the presets with good configuration or the specified configuration parameters can be used to get the recording quality adjusted. Clicking the button “Change” is able to choose a target folder for saving recorded audio files. The recorded music files can also be named automatically according to the date and the time.


3. Click on “Start” button to begin recording and the “Stop” button to end recording. The recorded rock songs will be saved in the output directory in a direct way. The music files will be listed with the specific information including the filename, the location, the time and the duration. The recording can be played in the internal installed player.


Method 4: Download through online music downloader

Rock songs about cheating can be downloaded via online music downloader.
1. Enter the website of online music downloader via your computer browser.


2. Type the name of rock songs about cheating into the search bar or paste the link of the rock songs into it. Then click the button “Go” to begin to search the music that you want to download. The search results will be listed below and you just need to click on the “Download” button of the video that you are going to download, then the rock songs will be downloaded into MP3 output format for your offline enjoying.


Method 5: Download using Video Downloader

If you want to download the video for rock songs about cheating, Leawo Video Downloader will be a great solution to it. It is an excellent video downloader to get the video downloaded from up to 1000 sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and more. The video from Internet can be downloaded as much as you can find via video downloader. This is a powerful tool to download high-quality video from multiple online sources with 6X faster downloading speed. The following steps will guide you how to download rock songs video from online sources.

1. Download and install the software package with the name Leawo Prof. Media. Then launch it and various kinds of software modules can be seen on the home page.


2. Choose the module “Video Downloader”, the internal web browser will direct you to video website YouTube. com, you also can get access to other sites via the settings.


3. Enter the name of rock songs about cheating on the search bar of video downloader. The video link will be opened, the downloadable sources with different formats and resolutions will be detected by Video Downloader. Then click on the button “Download” to begin downloading video.


4. Click on the Downloading tab beside the search bar, the video that you are downloading in the current time can be checked here.


5. When the downloading process is completed, press on the button “Downloaded” to view what you have downloaded in the list, the downloaded video can be sorted by their name, size, length and newest.