With such a high-definition camera and convenient photography function, iPad would not only be used as a gaming device or video player, at the same time, iPad could be adopted by many users to take photos and videos in some cases. While, in the daily life, accidentally deleting photos would happen from time to time. Actually this could frequently happen especially if some young children have the permission for the iPad. Without any doubts, losing the photos on iPad would cause some trouble, to some extent, it would be a traumatic issue. If unluckily, the photos have been deleted accidentally, could you recover these deleted photos from iPad correctly? Can deleted photos be recovered on iPad? In today’s post, several efficient ways would be introduced to you.

Method 1: Recover deleted photos from the Recently Deleted album

One of the fabulous feature of iOS system related to the camera function should be the detailed groups have been set on iPad. Usually, the photos could be divided into various categories based on different factors, including photos overall, photos taken in different periods or places, albums created based on specific periods or subjects, as well as the Recently Deleted album. Here, the Recently Deleted album is the first place that could be turned to so that you can recover the deleted photos. For the details, the steps showed below would be your guidance.

Step 1. Open Photos app on the iPad.

Step 2. Locate the “Album” option at the bottom on your iPad.

Step 3. Click “Recently Deleted” folder under the “Album” tab. “Recently Deleted” album is the place to store the photos that have been deleted from your local photo library.

Step 4. Locate your deleted photos and then click “Recover”. Finally, the photos would be recovered immediately. But remember the “Recently Deleted” album would only store the photos and videos that have been deleted less than 40 days ago. If you have deleted these photos more than 40 days, then you would not be able to recover the photos any more.

Method 2: Recover deleted photos on iPad using iTunes backups

Secondly, you can turn asides to the backups you have made via iTunes before, if you would not like to adopt the third-party app. Before you starting applying iTunes backups, you need to make two points clear. The first one is you need to restore your iPhone with the old backups via iTunes. The second point is that if you determine to use your old backups to completely restore your iPhone, then all the data currently stored on your iPad would be missing. Well, a safer way to avoid the lost data is to make another new backup based on your current data on you iTunes. Then you can start recovering deleted photos on iPad using the old backups. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer and open iTunes. Usually iTunes would open automatically since you connect your iPad to the computer. Then click iPad icon on the main interface so that the iPad could be associated with the iTunes now.

Step 2. After clicking the iPad device icon, you would enter the backups panel where you can be guided to several options, including “Automatically Back Up” and “Manually Back Up and Restore”. If you have made your determination to restore your iPad, then click “Restore Backup” button to start the process.

Step 3. Once the restore process have been activated, then iTunes would automatically restore your iPad, this would take several minutes to complete. When the old backup has been reinstalled to your iPad, your iPad would obtain all the information in the previous backups, including your deleted photos. Then, what you need to do is to make sure your iTunes have connected to your iPad, then you can view your deleted photos on your device and store all of them to your local device.

Method 3: Recover deleted photos on iPad using iCloud backups

Asides from the old backup you have made via iTunes, another way you can turn to is to recover deleted photos on iPad using iCloud backups. But this method only works for those who have already made the iCloud backups based on the previous data on your iPad. If not, I guess your iCloud storage would be empty. But just as the method 2 has suggested, using iCloud backups would ask you to restore your current iPad first. Then the iCloud backup would apply to your iPad. But remember that restoring your iPad would cause the missing of the current data on your iPad. So, you had better make a new backup of your current information on your iPad. Once completed, the iCloud backup would be applied then. The following steps would be your referential information.

Step 1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPad and then go to “General”.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you can find the “Reset” option. Click “Reset” button to enter the detailed options.

Step 3. Click “Erase All Content and Settings” option under the “Reset” tab. Here, you have to know more about this option. “Erase All Content and Settings” would delete all the user data on your iPad and the related settings, but it would not make any changes to your iPad’s operating system. If you tap this option, your iPad would be prompted to the factory settings.

Step 4. Start this process. It would take some time. Your iPad will start and it would turn off to make this action active. Once the restoring process have been completed, you would come to find that your iPad would be a totally new one. Then you can select the option “Restore from iCloud Backup” to input the iCloud data to your iPad. But one more tip for you is that make sure the iCloud backup has contained your deleted photo.

Method 4: Recover deleted photos on iPad without backup

Backup on the iPad would be a challenge for those who lack the knowledge on how to back up the user on iTunes. The above method 2 and method 3 would be appropriate for the users who have already made the backups of iPad, but if some users didn’t make any backups on iPad, then this method would not work. Therefore, here we will list a third-party app which can recover photos from iPad without backup. That is Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

As a comprehensive data recovery app for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices, Leawo iOS Data Recovery would easily recover the deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, voice memos, WhatsApp, notes, audiobooks, reminders and other data information for these devices with different models. This program would allow users to adopt different recovery models to make sure the data recovery could be enabled successfully and safely, including: iOS device data recovery mode, iTunes data recovery mode and iCloud data recovery mode. No matter which causes for the lost, such as iOS update, device jailbroken, device locked, mistake deletion, password forgotten and so on, Leawo iOS Data Recovery would handle easily. It would not spend too much time on solving the problem because it can obtain the 20x faster scanning and recovering speed due to the advanced data scanning and recovering technologies.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2. Choose the recovery mode you prefer. There are three recovery modes for you: “Recovery from iOS Device”, “Recovery from iTunes Backup” and “Recovery from iCloud Backup”. Here you can choose “Recovery from iOS Device”.

Step 3. Connect your iPad to your computer. Once you have connected you iPad to your computer, you need to select the correct device and then click “Start” button to scan the photos on iPad.

Step 4. Select the deleted photos you would like to recover. Once the photos have been selected, you can simply click the “Recover” button at the right bottom.

Step 5. Choose the target saving route. Once the photos have been selected, then you need to confirm the target folder to store these recovered photos. Finally, click “Go” button to start recovering these deleted photos to the targeted folder.

How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPad? Referring to the above methods, you can recover deleted photos from Recently Deleted Album, old backup and iCloud backup. Whats’ more, you can also recover photos from iPad without backup with the help of Leawo iOS Data Recovery which can allow you to recover all kinds of user data on your Apple devices.