When we play music on Spotify or other music apps on our iPhone, iPad or Android devices, we could see a Loop playback mode to choose so that we can listen to our favorite song again and again without switching to other songs. However, when we watch YouTube videos on iPhone, iPad or Android devices, there is no Loop option available. Why? Can we loop YouTube videos on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or Android devices?

If you have installed YouTube app on your desktop, you know that the YouTube desktop version lets you loop a video. In case you didn’t know, just right-click the play/pause button and click on the “Loop” option and you are good to go. However, for mobile devices, looping YouTube video is not available due to the fact of advertising issue. Google is a commercial business and they make money from ads. If more people start playing the same video over and over again, less are the chances to effectively display ads. In short, a built-in loop feature is not good for Google’s advertising business. That’s why you can’t get a loop feature on your mobile.

However, actually we can loop YouTube videos on mobile like Android and iOS. There are some workarounds to loop a video right inside the YouTube app, for both Android and iOS. In this guide, we would like to share the solutions in detail.

Part 1. How to Loop YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad/Android?

There are 2 ways to help you loop YouTube videos on Android, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. You could view the below content to learn the detailed settings for looping YouTube video on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Method 1: Loop YouTube video on Android with Web Browser

This is the easiest way to loop a song from YouTube on your smartphone. The trick here is to play the YouTube video within the web browser on Android. Unfortunately, the same trick doesn’t work on iOS. You could follow the below steps to learn the detailed guide to loop YouTube video on Android through the web browser:

Step 1. Open the web browser and type the URL “m.youtube.com”. This is to avoid the browser from automatically opening the YouTube app.

Step 2. Once the mobile version is open, go to the browser menu and tap on the “Desktop site” checkbox.

Step 3. Search and play a video of your choice. Now, Zoom in and long press on the video, this will bring up the right-click menu. From the options, select the “Loop” option. Once you do that, you will see the loop option just like you see in the desktop version.

Method 2: Loop YouTube Video on iPhone, iPad and Android inside YouTube App

The above method helps you loop YouTube video on Android devices through web browser. Now, this method helps you loop YouTube video on iPhone, iPad and Android device within the YouTube app. The trick here is to create a playlist that includes the YouTube video you want to loop only and then loop the playlist. It works perfectly on both Android and iOS. The YouTube app itself is similar on both Android and iOS. So the following steps can be used to create and loop the playlist on the iPhone as well.
Open the YouTube app and play the video.

  1.  Open the YouTube app and play the video.
  2. Tap on “Add” option below the video, and then choose “Create a new playlist”. Give the playlist a name.
  3. Now from the main screen, tap on the “Library” option appearing at the bottom of the screen and navigate the newly created Playlist. Once you are in, tap on the play button to start playing the video.
  4. While the video is playing, tap on the “Down” arrow right next to the Playlist name.
  5. Tap on the loop icon inside the playlist to repeat that single song.

Now, you could easily loop a YouTube video on your mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Part 2: Replay YouTube Video on Mobile with Third-Party Apps

Actually, to loop a YouTube video on mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android), there is also another method you could use. That’s to make use of third-party apps. There are quite a few 3rd-party apps that could help you achieve any purpose on your mobile phones. To loop YouTube videos on mobile, you can also get some.

Loop YouTube video on Android with 3rd-party app - Musepic

Here we would take Musepic as an example to show you how to replay YouTube video on Android with 3rd-party apps in detail. Musepic could help you save interesting video parts in playlists, and play them on repeat anytime on your Android device or over Chromecase. Here’s how to use the app to repeat a video on YouTube.

  1. Download and install Musepic from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and search for the song you want to play on repeat. Thankfully, they have auto-suggestions, so you don’t have to type the whole thing.
  3. Select the video from the search results and play it.
  4. Upon playing, you’ll notice that the window has several other controls like Loop and Sticky. Click “Loop” option. You can loop part of a YouTube video or the entire video via the drag bar or the time selector. The video will play repeatedly until you stop it manually.

2. Loop YouTube video on Android with 3rd-party app - Loop2Learn Lite

If you are using iPhone or iPad, you could also get many 3rd-party YouTube video tools to help you loop YouTube video on iPhone and iPad. Here we take Loop2Learn Lite for example to show you the operation. Loop2Learn Lite is a free app that is quite similar to Musepic.

Step 1. Download and install the Loop2Learn Lite app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Open the app and then search the target video you want to loop. Alternatively, you can also paste the YouTube URL on the top search bar.

Step 3. Once the song is playing, loop controls can be seen at the bottom of the screen. You can select a specific time frame to loop or even the entire video. It also provides an option to key in the number of repeats in case you have a number in mind.

Part 3. Download, Edit and Convert YouTube Video to Portable Device for Repeat Playback Infinitely

All these above methods would consume your mobile traffic since they all work online. The Internet connection will become a big issue for playback smoothness and fluency. Actually, you could download YouTube video, edit and convert it for your portable devices so that you could play back target YouTube video offline on your mobile devices repeatedly as you like.

Leawo Prof. Media will help you out in looping YouTube video on modile devices. As an all-inclusive multimedia solution tool, Leawo Prof. Media could help you in multimedia conversion issues on Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, pictures, online videos, etc.  

As a total YouTube video solution tool, Leawo Prof. Media could help you enjoy YouTube and other online videos in multiple ways. With it, you could:

No matter what you want to do with your YouTube videos, Leawo Prof. Media helps you out. Besides the solutions to help you better enjoy online videos, as an all-inclusive media converter suite, Leawo Prof. Media still comes with other wonderful tools to help you:

Download and install Leawo Prof. Media on your computer. Then, follow the below steps to learn how to download, edit and convert YouTube videos for Android, iOS devices for repeat playback infinitely.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1: Set download directory

On Leawo Prof. Media, click the wheel icon on the top-right corner and then navigate to the “Download” tab to set download path in the “Save videos to” box.

Step 2: Search target YouTube video via internal browser

Open the “Download” module, and search target YouTube video for downloading by using the internal browser.

Step 3: Choose video to download

On the right sidebar, you could see multiple download options in different formats, quality and resolutions. Choose the desired one and then click the download icon to start downloading target video from YouTube.

Step 4: Manage downloaded videos

Under the “Downloading” tab, you could view all downloading tasks, and downloaded tasks will be available under the “Downloaded” tab. To edit and convert downloaded YouTube videos, right click the downloaded video under the “Downloaded” tab, and then choose “Add to Convert” option.

Step 5: Add downloaded YouTube videos

Under the “Convert” module, you could also directly drag and drop downloaded YouTube videos, or click the “Add Video” button to browse and load downloaded YouTube videos from the folder you have set above.

Note: After loading source downloaded YouTube videos, you could play back loaded videos, edit loaded videos, select subtitles and audio tracks, take screenshots, etc.  

Step 6: Set output format

Set an output format for video files. Hit the button next to the “Add Photo” button and then click “Change” option to enter the “Profile” panel. Choose output format from “Format” or “Device” group according to your mobile device.

Step 7: Change video and audio parameters of output file

If you need, you could click the “Edit” option on the drop-down panel next to the “Add Photo” button and then adjust the output video and audio parameters like video codec, video bit rate, aspect ratio, resolution, audio codec, sample rate, bit rate, channel, etc.

Step 8: Edit downloaded YouTube videos

Leawo Prof. Media comes with a video editor that could help you edit downloaded YouTube videos. Click the edit icon in each loaded YouTube video title under the “Convert” module to enter the editing panel, where you could trim video length, crop video size, add image or text watermark, adjust video effect, apply 3D effect, rotate video, etc.

Step 9: Set output directory and convert

After setting output format, return to the main interface, and then click the green “Convert” button. On the popup sidebar, set output directory in the “Save to” option. You could see required disk space here. Finally, click the “Convert” option to start converting downloaded YouTube videos to desired video file formats for your media players and devices.

When the conversion completes, you will be able to import the converted YouTube videos to iOS or Android devices you have for unlimited repeat playback.