Do you have any problems to open NSV file when you have some on your computer? Or do you need an NSV file player? We have received many questions about how to play an NSV file, thus, this article is to help you understand what NSV files are and what we can do with it. Some recommendations including best programs that we know can open NSV files while another method converting NSV file into other formats will be introduced in the following parts.

Part 1: About NSV File Extension

Are you trying to open NSV files on your computer and then you find out the error Windows message? The reason for this question is up to different cases. In total, the priority is about the encryption pack that the application works with. It's really bothering that you get some NSV files and you cannot find a player to open it, as NSV is not a commonly seen format.

Why this format cannot be opened by a normal media player as what is special about? We will start with the NSV file that is primarily associated with Nullsoft by Nullsoft, Inc. The NSV comes from its full name as Nullsoft Streaming Video, which works as the name suggests that it contains streaming video data over the internet. And what other you can easily link to is the Winamp while this program is also developed by the same company Nullsoft. Whereas the media streaming content is embodied in the NSV file, the standard audio format is applied as MP3 format and the video format as VP3. Since miscellaneous codec packs can be installed so that the NSV is able to utilize Ogg Vorbis if there is a need for further updates of audio and video codecs.

Comparing to most other stream video formats, the major shortcoming that can kill its popularity is that having a hard time searching for stream videos and sometimes to the extreme case that you can even find nothing at all in a public resource. With the NSV developed, Nullsoft's SHOUTcast service is the core technique to resolve the previous problem. The service system focuses on media streaming and directory service so when you look up at most source from the internet those files are with NSV extension. The streaming audio from SHOUTcast's listing is what makes this format so prevalent to millions of users. Furthermore, in terms of the integrated listing that provides to stream both audio and video can be withdrawn from the service by the "Media Library".


Part 2: Best Programs to Open and Play NSV Files

After 2014 the company was replaced, suitable software like LEAWO Blu-ray Player is required to open NSV file. Since what we have got here by knowing exactly what it is normally used for, we constantly dug out the best programs to play and open NSV files. Take a look at the list below and choose the right one. The simplest way to download the appropriate applications as an NSV file player should be directly connected to a quick start mode.

1. Leawo Blu-ray Player

The Leawo Blu-ray Player is one of the best free media players you can find among all other media players because it is light and easy to install with its friendly instruction. When the full version comes out, it can indeed exceed your expectation by its advanced technology. More than just being an impressive NSV file player after installation with a super speed of initiation, its ability to playback a massive number of media files out of the box makes it rank the top on our list. Multiplex video and audio contents, image files are all supported in this 6-in-1 program. You don't want to miss it if the next time your NSV files could be in other alien formats with the rapid pace of digital format development. Free to all yet regional free, you can watch whatever you want with this tool and fulfill any playlist even with plenty of NSV files.

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2. VLC Media Player

Needless to say, you can hear of the VLC Media Player from every reference relating to NSV file player that this universal program can play NSV files smoothly without the additional hassle of installing codec packs, add-ons, or filters. In other words, this cross-platform player allows you to stream media videos like NSV on mixed operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, MorphOS, Solaris, eComStation, and iOS. It has capabilities for thousands of compression solutions as well as transcoding multimedia format data. The interface is well designed modularly which gives the means to plugins by third-party so you can customize any module you like to make it lighter or more practical.


3. MPlayer

MPlayer is another open source media player to open NSV file. Since everyone can edit the code, this tool has been enhanced into better versions by any experts who have interests. It supports most operating systems even Linux and Unix-based systems, plus OS/2, AmigaOS, Syllable, and more. Amazon Kindle also develops plugins for MPlayer. While it is similar to VLC media, it also has another features mEncoder which is for the purpose of streaming data input and transcoding it into a few output formats. A sure thing is to play an NSV file freely.


4. Winamp

This NSV file player is produced by the same company of NSV, Nullsoft, based on Windows, Mac, and Android system. While it is rare to find the original version since it was one of the most popular players around 1997 when the MP3 format became the main trend all over the world. As the second version was released, it truly reached its peak in the Windows application market by top downloading. Ever since 2002, all the following version received the descending reward. Currently, you can still use it to play an NSV file with more skins supported. The new company also updates the version featuring music visualization and online supporting community that helps build up the media library and playlist and so on. Plug-ins are offered as well.


5. Xine

The Xine is a special designed NSV file player that formally just used for playing DVDs in Linux when everyone had trouble manipulating both audio and video as they process different decoder ways. Thinking of synchronizing audio and video, Xine was developed evolving into multi-threaded architecture so that it is capable of overcoming the fault even it was an experiment. At present, it supports a wide arrange of media formats including NSV, so you are free to use this one to play an NSV file.


Part 3: Convert NSV to Common and Compatible Format

While you are not used to the NSV format file since it is not a universal format that can be applied diffusely, you want to have it change into another popular format. Hence, a powerful converter that can deal with NSV files is much more urgent. At the moment, Leawo Video Converter allows you to convert NSV Files to common and compatible format with high-ranking technology that saves your time and brings the most reliable experience when you don't have an NSV file player.

Step 1: Open Leawo Video Converter. Input NSV format files into the interface when you see the window below. You can simply drag NSV file into the main area or choose the "Add Video" to call out the file browser so that you can open NSV file and convert it.


Step 2: There are many popular media video formats supported by most applications alongside some specific NSV file player. Pick up the one you think appropriate and set it to the target format by clicking "MP4 Video" on the bar and enter the "Profile" page.
You can look for the popular format you want in the group of "Format" and "Device".


Step 3: This step is to set the directory where the converted NSV file is located and you will be free to play an NSV file. The sidebar will be shown after clicking the green "Convert".


Step 4: While this program is devised to run bulk tasks so you can put more than one NSV file and convert them. The bottom of the sidebar has the big white "Convert", click on it in order to get into the process and it will be finished depending to the amount of NSV files.


Part 4: Conclusion

When you really consider having an NSV file player to open NSV file, remember that a multimedia supporting program would let you benefit more afterward. As the Leawo Blu-ray Player is such an awesome tool that you can make full use of to play an NSV file and all other formats, you can absolutely take this as the perfect plan in the future. What's more, converting NSV files can also solve this problem without NSV file player and the same file would be more acceptable to any other applications on your computer. Leawo Video Converter helps you to complete the task within several easy steps as we pointed out. Need more help? Leawo is always there to answer more and resolve all your issues.