Q: “Hey! I have the Spotify app (free version) on my Samsung Galaxy s7 phone. It was playing great in my car up until 3 days ago. Now the app tells me I don't have internet connection. I'm trying to find a solution for this. I haven't found anything in the Spotify documentation that says the free version only plays when connected to WIFI. Spotify advertises that their app lets you listen to music everywhere. It doesn't say everywhere where this is internet connection. How can I listen to Spotify offline? Does anyone have an answer to this? Thanks!”

Do you need internet for Spotify? Generally the answer is yes. Can you listen to Spotify without WIFI? Definitely yes if you have downloaded the Spotify music. It is common for many users who have encountered such question of how to listen to Spotify offline free to find a simple and useful solution. It is obvious that if you are a free user on Spotify, you could only listen to music online with internet connection according to Spotify music streaming service rules. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot listen to Spotify music offline. Because you can download Spotify music and store it on your PC or smartphone for offline listening with a powerful program. In this post, you are going to find best solution to how to download music from Spotify without premium and listen to Spotify offline.

Part 1: Basic knowledge about Spotify

Spotify is an audio streaming service platform that gives you access to millions of songs and a world of podcasts from record labels and media companies. It offers freemium service with free basic features that may have advertisements or automatic music videos while listening, as well as paid subscriptions service via additional features, such as improved streaming quality. Only the paid users are allowed to download Spotify music for offline listening. However, there is DRM protection on downloaded Spotify music that restricts you from listening to on other unauthorized players and devices or sharing with other friends. How do u listen to Spotify offline?


Part 2: How to download Spotify music with Prof. DRM

As one of the top-grade DRM removal programs, Leawo Prof. DRM is so powerful for effectively removing DRM from iTunes video/music/audiobook, Spotify music, Audible audiobook, eBooks and convert iTunes M4V to MP4, convert M4P to MP3 and other popular DRM-free files for better entertainment, with the original quality reserved at high speed. Definitely, you can easily remove DRM from Spotify music and convert Spotify music to MP3 and other common music player compatible formats such as M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC for better saving and sharing and listening to offline. Someone has asked where does Spotify store offline music, and it is quite simple to locate the downloaded Spotify music with Prof. DRM. You can simply store the offline music on your PC and listen to the music offline free, or you can simply transfer Spotify music to iPhone or Android smartphone.

After downloading and installing Prof. DRM on your PC, you can run it to help you download Spotify music. And make sure that you have installed Spotify music app beforehand and launch it to play songs from Spotify smoothly. And then follow the detailed steps on how to download Spotify songs without WIFI.

Note: when you run Prof. DRM on your PC, Spotify will be started automatically if you have installed it as well. And then please log in your Spotify user account, you can add the Spotify songs to Prof. DRM.

Introduce Spotify

Step 1. Import Spotify music to Prof. DRM

You can add your favorite songs, album, playlist from Spotify music app to Prof. DRM directly by drag-n-drop. Or you are also allowed to import the music files by copying and pasting the link of Spotify songs, albums or playlist.

Add videos

Step 2. Set output format and quality

Now all the imported Spotify music files will be arranged and listed on the interface. You can select any music file to show the edit icon, and then click it to enter the edit panel where “MP3” is set as your output format by default and audio quality is changeable if necessary. Make sure you check “Apply to All” to apply the settings to all the imported files.

Set output format

Note: You can change the default destination path to the output directory where you prefer storing Spotify offline music at the bottom of the interface by clicking on “…” to browse and choose a destination path you like.

Adjust  file parameters

Step 3. Remove DRM from Spotify music and Convert to MP3

After all settings are done, click on the blue “Convert” button on the bottom right to start removing DRM on Spotify songs and meanwhile download them in DRM-free MP3 format. And you can see the progress bar to check the converting process.

Start to download and convert Spotify songs

Step 4. Check the downloaded music

Once the conversion process completes, all the music files will be listed under the “Converted” tab. You can locate all downloaded files y clicking on the file folder icon and then transfer them to other devices like your iPhone or other devices.

Check the downloaded music

Part 3: How to save Spotify music with Music Recorder

The DRM removal program aside, music recording software can also give a hand to save Spotify music free, which would be one of the best solution for you to figure out how to listen to Spotify without using data. Leawo Music Recorder is a top-notch and easy-to-use recording program designed to record music for free from more than 500 online music streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, AOL Music, Last.fm, etc. and then save in MP3 or WAV format with lossless quality. Except for that, you can also record any built-in input audio and computer audio you’ve saved with this recorder. You want to know how to listen to Spotify without internet? Download and install the music recorder, and then follow the guide below to download Spotify music and listen to the songs offline.

Step 1. Click the recorder app on your PC to start it and enter to the recording main interface. Click the “Audio Source” icon on the main interface to enter the setting panel where you could set select “Record Computer Audio” as the input audio source. Notice that you should choose “Record Audio Input” option when recording audio from built-in input audio like Mic.

Set directory for recordings

Note: You can also set the output format under “Format” category if you need, there are MP3 and WAV for option. It usually sets MP3 as the default output format. Alternatively, you can set the output directory for saving the recorded music files and use the Task Scheduler for recording the music with the recording start time and duration values fixed.

Step 2. Click the red “Start” button to start working. And then start playing the Spotify song you want to download, the recorder will automatically start recording and saving the Spotify song in DRM-free MP3 format.

Set output format

This recording may take the time as long as the song lasts. Finally, the song will be saved without any quality loss. You can play the song freely on its library and change the music tags or other information if necessary. Now you must have figured out how to listen to Spotify without using data.

Part 4: Make a comparison of above solutions

The two solutions to how to download Spotify songs without WIFI mentioned in this post are both useful and applicable. Definitely, they both have some specific features and differ from each other to quite an extent. The table below will show their differences and similarities to you to make a comparison and help you out to make a proper choice when you need to know how to listen to Spotify without internet.


Prof. DRM

Music Recorder

Supported Windows OS

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Supported Mac OS

Mac OS 10.9 and later (up to 10.14)

Mac OS X 10.10/10.11

Spotify requirements

Spotify online and Spotify app

Spotify online and Spotify app

Support Spotify input formats

Support Spotify songs, albums and playlists

Spotify songs

Support output audio formats


MP3 and WAV

Conversion speed


Depend on the song length

Batch conversion



Music length setting



Quality loss



Output preferences adjustable



Copy and paste the URL to add Spotify music



Remove DRM from Spotify DRM-protected file




Free Trial/ $29.95 for lifetime

Free Trial/ $29.95 for lifetime

Finally, do you need internet for Spotify? You may have the answer. Both Prof. DRM and Music Recorder can guide you how to save songs offline Spotify so that you can easily listen to Spotify without using data or even if there is no WIFI. Only if you have downloaded Spotify music with the recommended two tools, you can save DRM-free Spotify songs for free as long as you are drowning in listening to them. Can you listen to Spotify without WIFI? Yes, completely no problem. Just feel free to have a try.