Dailymotion, as one of the most popular online video platforms, has been providing excellent video content for people all over the world for many years. Dailymotion does a great job in providing all kinds of amazing video content, but on the other side, it could be really frustrating for Dailymotion users not being able to download their favorite videos on Dailymotion and save them on their own computer. In this article, I'm going to provide you one of the most effective ways to download any Dailymotion video to a computer, and then I'm going to show you some the best ways to convert the downloaded Dailymotion videos to AVI, so that you can use the AVI Dailymotion video for editing, sharing, transferring, and collecting purposes. Now, without further ado, let's start with how to download videos from Dailymotion.

Part 1: Download Dailymotion videos with Leawo Video Downloader

Although you can easily download videos from Dailymotion with the Dailymotion app, it is not the best way to do it. When you download Dailymotion videos within the app, you cannot transfer the videos to other devices, and you cannot convert the video to other formats like AVI. So if you want the best freedom with the downloaded Dailymotion videos, the best way to download Dailymotion videos is to use a professional video downloader like Leawo Video Downloader.

  • Leawo Video Converter
  • Leawo Video Converter

    - Convert Video and Audio Between 180+ Formats

    - Support iPhone, iPad and All Portable Devices Video and Audio Conversion

    - Merge Video, trim Video, crop Video, add watermark into Video, adjust video effect.

    - Convert 2D Movies to 3D

    - Make Photo Slideshow

Leawo Video Downloader is one of the most popular professional video downloaders on the Internet. With a powerful online video downloading engine, this video downloader is able to download online videos from not only Dailymotion, but also from all kinds of other online video sharing and streaming platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Hulu and more. Not only can Leawo Video Downloader download videos from these websites, it can also download them in a six times higher speed with the original quality.

If you want to use Leawo Video Downloader to download Dailymotion videos to your own computer, have a look at the following guide and you should be able to download the videos within several minutes.

    Step 1: Download Leawo Video Downloader from its official website, then install it on your computer and launch the program.
    Step 2: Copy the URL of your Dailymotion video, and then paste the URL into the URL box in Leawo Video Downloader. Hit Enter.
    Step 3: Then you will be taken to the webpage where your video is located. Click the tiny green arrow on the right, and in the unfolded panel, find the video spec that you desire and click the download button to download the video to your computer.

Part 2: Convert Dailymotion videos to AVI with Leawo Video Converter

After downloading the Dailymotion videos to your computer with Leawo Video Downloader, the next thing you need to do is convert the Dailymotion video to AVI. Although there are a lot of video converter programs that can do the job, the most recommended Dailymotion to AVI converter is Leawo Video Converter.


One of the main reasons that Leawo Video Converter is recommended here is because it is in the same program with level video downloader. If your video is downloaded by Leawo Video Downloader, then you can convert the file to any format you want within the same program, which can save you a lot of work looking for another program and install it on your computer.

However, if you didn't use Leawo Video Downloader to download your Dailymotion videos, you can also download and use Leawo Video Converter to do your video converter tasks because it is also one of the most powerful video converter on the Internet that you can ever find. It can convert video or audio files between more than 180 formats, keep the original quality and provide a 6 times higher speed. Also, Leaow Video Converter has a built-in video editor module, allowing you to not only trim, crop your video, but also remove background noise, adjust video parameters, add watermark and turn 2D video to 3D.

Now let me show you how to convert the downloaded Dailymotion video to AVI with Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Download, install and Launch Leawo Video Converter. To import your source Twitch video, just drag and drop the file to the center of the main interface. You can also click “Add Video” to import your video.

Step 2: The default output video format is “MP4 Video”. In order to change that to “MOV Video”, click on the “MP4 Video” area next to the green “Convert” button, choose “Change” and go to the format selection window where you can select “MOV Video”.

Step 3: As mentioned above, Leawo Video Converter provides various video editing options for you to customize your video. You can click the “edit” icon on the right to go to the video editing window and do some further editing. Once you are done with editing, click the “OK” button at the lower right corner to confirm and go back to the main interface.

Step 4: Finally, when everything is set, click the green “Convert” button, select an output directory, and click the “Convert” icon below to start converting your Twitch video to MOV.


Part 3: Convert Twitch to MOV with Prism Video Converter

The next Twitch two MOV converter program in today's recommendation is called Prism Video Converter. As a free video converter developed to solve mainstream video converting problems, Prism Video Converter doesn’t have all the fancy additional functions and features, so it might be a disappointment for those who have video customization needs. But for people who only want a solid video converting function, Prism Video Converter is definitely a great choice and it’s worth trying. The following is a brief users guide showing you how to convert Twitch video clip to MOV in Prism Video Converter.


    Step 1: Download Prism Video Converter on your computer, then install and launch it.

    Step 2: Click the "Add Files" button in the toolbar to locate your source Twitch video file.

    Step 3: In the bottom you can see two parameters where you can set the output folder and the output format respectively. Once those parameters are set, click the "Convert" button at the lower right corner to start the converting task.

Part 4: Convert Twitch to MOV with FFCoder

If a simple and easy-to-use video converter is what you're looking for, then you cannot miss FFcoder. FFCoder is a transcoding tool for both video and audio files, and it can do a great job converting your Twitch videos to MOV. As a front-end for many free transcoding utilities such as FFmpeg, FFCoder is capable of encoding video and audio files to 46 formats and processing multiple files with same settings in batch. Although You might find some compatibility problems with this program, it could deliver a pretty decent video converting result launch Windows 7. If you're wondering how to use FFcoder to convert Twitch to MOV, check out the simple guide below.


    Step 1: Download and install FFCoder on your computer.

    Step 2: Import your source Twitch video file by dragging the file and dropping it on the interface of the program.

    Step 3: Once your file is imported, choose "MOV" from the dropdown menu on the right in the "File Format" section. You can choose different encoding method for video and audio separately in the "Video" and "Audio" section as well.

    Step 4: Click the “Start” button to start the transcoding process.

Part 5: Download Twitch video with Leawo Video Downloader

Now that we know how to convert Twitch to MOV, there is still one step missing for you to enjoy Twitch anywhere you like. Before converting Twitch to MOV, you need to download Twitch videos to your own computer so that you can convert the video file. If you don't already have a video downloader program installed on your computer, then Leawo Video Downloader is something that you need to try.

Leawo Video Downloader can download not only Twitch videos, but also all kinds of online video materials from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook Messenger and more. With an advanced video downloading engine, Leawo Video Downloader is capable of not only downloading your videos in an extremely high speed, but also keep all details in a final downloaded video.

Now let me show you how to use Leawo Video Downloader to download Twitch videos with a simple step to step guide.


    Step 1: After entering Leawo Video Downloader, you will see a built-in web browser. You can find your Twitch video using that web browser, or directly past the link of your Twitch video in the address box.

    Step 2: Once your video is opened in Leawo Video Downloader, you can click the green arrow at the right edge of the program interface to unfold the video list, where you can find various versions of the video on the page. Find the version that you would like to download, and click the “Download” button on the video to start downloading it.

    Step 3: You can go to the “Downloading” and “Downloaded” tab, and then easily manage all of the videos that you have downloaded or in the downloading process. For example, in the “Downloading” tab, you can pause any ongoing video downloading task by clicking the “Pause” button on the thumbnail, or you can right click the video thumbnail to call out more options. Once the video is downloaded, you can find it in the “Downloaded” tab.