In the media technology area, QT stands for QuickTime, and files with a “QT” file extension are Apple QuickTime movie files. Apple QuickTime Movie files usually work perfectly fine on Apple’s devices like a Mac computer. However, for other devices and platforms that don’t have the QuickTime framework support, QT files may not be able to get opened or played by any method. If you want to open a QT video file on devices like a Windows PC or a regular Android smartphone, there is no way but getting a QT to MP4 converter to convert the QT video to MP4 video format, which is a video format with a better compatibility in general. There are a lot of video converters that are capable of converting a QT video to MP4. In today’s article, we are going to introduce some of the best ones, as well as how to use them to convert QT files to MP4 quickly and efficiently.

Part 1: What is QT?

Before we start talking about the best ways to convert QT videos to MP4, let’s have some basic knowledges about the QT video format first. As a video format developed by Apple, QT video format is commonly used for the purpose of creating, editing, publishing and viewing multimedia files for Apple's QuickTime Player. QT video files usually can deliver a high-quality media file. When compressed, the file can even be more suitable for online streaming and distributing. So for Mac operating system, QT is definitely one of the best media formats for both local viewing and online distribution. 

The QT video format used to be supported by both Windows and Mac system. But ever since Apple ceased support for the QuickTime Player Windows support in 2016, the Windows version of QuickTime Player is no longer available, thus the Windows operating system loses the ability to open a QT file. In order to play a QT video file on a Windows PC or any other device or platform, you can only convert it to an MP4 video with a QT to MP4 video converter. Now let’s take a look at the best converters for the job along with how to use them with the highest efficiency.

Part 2: Convert QT to MP4 with Leawo Video Converter

The first QT to MP4 converter that I would like to introduce today is an all-inclusive media processing program called Leawo Video Converter. The reason why I want to mention this one before everything else is not only because the program is one of my personal favorite video converters, but also because it has a really decent and powerful video processing ability compared to other similar products.

Leawo Video Converter has the most leading technology in the media processing industry. With the advanced video converting engine, Leawo Video Converter is able to deal with more than 180 kinds of video and audio formats, and convert them to each other with a 6 times higher speed while keeping the original quality in the final converted result. In terms of video processing ability, Leawo Video Converter can deal with HD videos up to 1080P and 4K and still have the best video and audio quality saved, so your QT videos are made sure to have all of the details preserved no matter how high the original quality is and what the output format you set. What’s more, the built-in video editor gives you the biggest control over your video performance, allowing you to do various video editing operations and make your final output video special and unique.

One of the greatest advantages of Leawo Video Converter is its ease of use. With an intuitive user interface design of the program, your QT video can be converted to MP4 easily and effectively. Here is a simple guide on how to convert QT files to MP4 with Leawo Video Converter.   

Step 1: Import the source QT file
On the homepage of Leawo Video Converter, click “Video Converter” to activate the video converter function. There are two ways for you to import the QT video into the converter. One is to click the “Add Video” button, then browse and locate your video file. The other is to directly drag the file and drop it into the center of the program.


Step 2: Edit the video (optional)
As mentioned above, Leawo Video Converter provides various video editing options for your videos. To activate the video editor, simply click the edit button on the right of your imported video. On click, a new window will be brought up, where you can see all the available editing options listed at the left bar. Those options include trimming, cropping, adjusting video parameters, adding watermark to video, converting 2D to 3D and removing noise. Click on one editing option and you will see detailed parameters on the right. When you are done editing, click the “OK” button to confirm and apply the changes.


Step 3: Set output format
By default, “MP4 Video” is the output video format in Leawo Video Converter. You don’t need to change that for the QT to MP4 converting task. If you want to change the output format from “MP4 Video” to whatever format you want, simple click on the “MP4 Video” area, and then click on the “Change” to go to the format selection window, where you can select another format as the new output format.


Step 4: Start converting
For the last step, click the big green “Convert” button. On the popup sidebar, set output directory in the “Save to” box. Then click the “Convert” icon below to start the conversion task immediately.


Part 3: Convert QT to MP4 with Avidemux

As another powerful video processing program, Avidemux is also recommendable for the QT to MP4 conversion task. Comparing to other professional video processing programs, the biggest advantage of Avidemux is being totally free and completely open-source. Avidemux is designed mainly for video editing and format converting. It can deal with most of the mainstream video files like AVI, MP4, ASF and more. Because the program is written with C++, the interface of Avidemux may not be very beautiful and user-friendly. But for basic functions like video converting, Avidemux can still provide an easy interacting method. To give you a better idea about how to convert QT to MP4 free with Avidemux, here we have a simple guide on the converting function in the following. To know more about Avidemux’s editing and other functions, please visit our inclusive guide on how to use Avidemux to edit videos.

Step 1: Download, install and launch Avidemux.
Step 2: Open your source QT file by clicking the folder icon in the toolbar. Once your source video is successfully imported, you should be able to have a preview of your video in the preview window.
Step 3: The “Video Output” section next to the preview window is where you can set the output format for your conversion task. You can choose a format by clicking the dropdown button, and set detailed parameters by clicking the “Configure” and “Filters” button.
Step 4: Finally, click the disc icon in the toolbar to save your configured video in the format you have chosen.


Part 4: Convert QT to MP4 with SUPER

SUPER Video Converter, also known as SUPER ©, is a niche program used mainly for video converting, video encoding and audio encoding. The interface of the program may not look very attractive, but the function is quite powerful. SUPER Video Converter can not only let you convert a video format to another, but also gives you the option to customize the video parameter and audio parameter separately. For beginners, the program may be a little complicated and intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, SUPER Video Converter could be really handy and helpful. If you are a beginner and still want to try to convert QT to MP4 with this program, the following guide may be of help.

Step 1: Launch SUPER Video Converter. In the lower section of the main interface, there is a box. Drag your source video file and drop it into the box to import it into the program.
Step 2: At the top of the program interface, there are 3 dropdown buttons for you to set output container, video codec and audio codec respectively. For the QT to MP4 conversion, just click the first dropdown button and set the parameter as “MP4”.
Step 3: You can set more advanced parameters in other sections. To start the conversion, just click the “Encode” button below.


Part 5: Convert QT to MP4 with Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a slightly different version of the regular Windows Movie Maker. Although there are some small changes, Windows Live Movie Maker is still easy to use as the normal Windows Movie Maker preinstalled in your Windows operating system. Comparing to other professional video editing or converting programs, Windows Live Movie Maker provides a high availability for Windows users, and have a very simple user interface to make any video converting task easy. If you want to convert QT files to MP4 with Windows Live Movie Maker effectively, take a look at the following guide.
Step 1: Launch Windows Live Movie Maker. To import the source video, click the “Add videos and photos” button in the toolbar.
Step 2: Since Windows Live Movie Maker is an excellent video editing program, you can do some editing to the video before the conversion. When you are done editing or feel like there is no editing needed, just click the “Save movie” button in the toolbar.
Step 3: Clicking the “Save movie” button will bring out a dropdown menu, showing all of the available output format and device presets. Choose one and click on it, then you can designate the output directory and start the conversion task.