What is a WLMP file? Many people have trouble opening WLMP files and don't know how to solve the problem. The WLMP file is created by Windows Live Movie Maker based on the Windows operating system. Can your computer open WLMP files and how to open them without error? If you are struggling with the same problem and looking for solutions, stay with us to learn more.

Part 1: What is WLMP File?

WLMP file, which stands for Windows Live Movie Maker Project files, is created by Windows Live Movie Maker, an application running on Windows operating system that allows users to create movies and slideshows. However, a WLMP file includes the paths to video, movie transition, image, and effects featured in the movie project. To be more specific, a WLMP file doesn't contain any actual video or audio data but just the links to the content in the movie. WLMP files are scarcely used and found in most user's file stores.

Initially released in 2000 as part of the Windows software, Windows Live Movie Maker is used to create and edit personal videos and so users can share them around. A WLMP file can be exported to a WMV file and published on social platforms or burned to DVDs. However, Microsoft decided to replace Windows Movie Maker with Photos App that comes with Windows 10, and it's also capable of creating and editing videos with audio, text, and effects. Yet the Photos app doesn't support the WLMP file.

Part 2: How to Open WLMP File?

As a file created by Window Live Movie Maker, the WLMP file is rarely seen and used these days since Microsoft discontinued the program and changed the name to Windows Movie Maker. Moreover, Windows Essentials hasn't been available on Microsoft's website since January 2017, which makes it a problem to open a WLMP file. But that doesn't mean a dead end, there are still some WLMP file openers that can help you with it.

First of all, you can always go check the Windows Movie Maker. Even though it's not available on your Windows system, you can download the Windows Essentials 2012 which includes Windows Movie Maker from MajorGeeks and other sites like CNET. It's compatible with Windows Vista to Windows 10. Please be aware that to choose a custom install if you don't want the other parts of Windows Essentials. If you still have an older version of Windows Movie Maker, just update it.

You can also try FileViewPro, a powerful application that can let you open any document you get. Instead of getting different software for different files, FileViewPro has one solution for all formats. With FileViewPro, you can watch any video(including DVD), listen to any music, view your photos, even raw digital camera files, and all sorts of documents and spreadsheets. FileViewPro is no brainer to open any file instantly, which means a WLMP file is supported as well.

Part 3: Causes for Failure of Opening WLMP File

Are you still having trouble opening a WLMP file? If yes, you can try to identify the causes of opening a WLMP file. Here are some underlying reasons that can give rise to the failure of opening a WLMP file.

Windows Movie Maker issue

If you see a dialogue box saying "Cannot Open This File Type" when you double click the WLMP file, then it's probably because Windows Movie Maker is not installed. Hence your operating system doesn't know what to do with the file. If you have indeed installed the Windows Movie Maker, then it could be the version of the program is not up to date, especially when your WLMP file is created by a newer version of Windows Movie Maker, the older version program can not recognize it. In this case, just update the Windows Movie Maker. If you want to know the version of the WLMP file, just right-click on the file and select "Properties" or "Get Info" on Windows.

Other common causes

If you still have trouble opening the WLMP file after troubleshooting with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, then it could be affected by the other problems. Here is a list of all the possible causes from the most to the least common.

  • - Invalid WLMP file in the Windows registry
  • - The description of the WLMP file is deleted in the Windows registry
  • - Software associated with the WLMP file is not well installed
  • - WLMP file is corrupted
  • - WLMP file is infected by malware
  • - Hardware associated with the WLMP file is corrupted or out-of-date
  • - Your computer doesn't have enough system resources to open the WLMP file

Part 4: How to Handle Failure of Opening WLMP File?

Now you have known all the possible causes when you can not open a WLMP file, let's see how to fix the issues with the methods in the following article.

Malware Scan

If your WLMP file is infected by malware, then it's likely you can't open the file. In this case, you may scan the WLMP file via an antivirus program. An antivirus program is capable of scanning all files as well as each file individually. Just right-click the WLMP file and scan it with the Antivirus program.

Reinstall Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

In most cases, you can not open a WLMP file because the Windows Movie Maker program is not properly installed. Therefore, it prevents your systems from associating the WLMP file with the right program, resulting in "File extension associations." Try to reinstall the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and it'll solve the problem. Or you can try to update it to make sure it has the latest patches and updates. Sometimes poor software programming might also cause "File extension associations," and you will need to contact the developer for further assistance.

Get a new copy of the WLMP file

When your WLMP file is corrupted, it might cause the failure of opening the file. For instance, if you received the WLMP file via an email attachment or downloaded it from a website, it might have been corrupted when you get it. On top of that, the existing malware infection on your computer could also corrupt your WLMP file. If that's the case, just get another fresh copy of your WLMP file and try again.

Update Hardware Device Drivers

Sometimes your WLMP file will require a piece of hardware on your computer to open it, such as a sound card or graphics card. An audio file usually needs a sound card to open and this hardware is usually activated by a device driver. For instance, if you receive an error message related to a.SYS file when attempting to open a WLMP file, it might be that the corrupted or outdated drivers on your computer need to be updated. Check if your hardware is properly functioning when you can't open a WLMP file. If not, update the device driver.

Close other running applications

If none of the methods above doesn't seem to work, it might be the lack of available system resources causing the failure of opening a WLMP file. Sometimes it requires substantial resources such as Memory or processing power to open a WLMP file, especially when your computer hardware is old but equipped with a new operating system. Thus your computer is hard to keep up with the system and has consumed too many resources to open your WLMP file. If this is the case, just close the other running applications, free up the available resources and try to open the WLMP file again.

Upgrade computer hardware

Most of the time, even if you have relatively old hardware, the processing power is still enough for normal application in daily use unless you often do a lot of CPU resource-consuming work such as 3D rendering or financial modeling. Therefore, it's possible that the Memory/RAM is not enough to open your WLMP file. Trying to upgrade the Memory/RAM could be helpful. Memory/RAM upgrades are quite easy and affordable these days. After you upgraded the Memory/RAM, you'll likely see a nice performance bump in other tasks carried out on your computer.

Convert WLMP file to other formats

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Converting your WLMP file to the other formats that can be opened by most software is supposed to be the most direct way to fix the issue, as the other methods sometimes seem to be a bit complicated when it comes to practice or requires extra cost.