All colors are originated from the three primary colors respectively red, yellow and blue. In other words, as long as these colors are given, one can make as many colors as he can. Materials seen from our naked eyes are formed by only three colors. So is the 3D movie. The red and blue 3D effect is created by filtering red and blue color for each of our eyes so that we see the film in the form of stereoscopic. The article is to cover some details about the red and blue 3D.

What is Red and Blue 3D?

Red and blue 3D is also known as anaglyph 3D. It is the stereoscopic 3D effect achieved by encoding each eye's image through the method of filtering different colors typically red and cyan, the color between blue and green. The colored images contained in anaglyph 3D images are separately filtered before they are absorbed by our eyes. When viewed through the red and blue color glasses, the colored images reach our eyes they are intended for, creating an integrated stereoscopic image.

Thanks to the presentation of images and videos on the web, Blu-ray discs and CDs, the anaglyph images revived and witnessed a new tide of using 3D effect in the images and videos. The primary colors are made use of by low cost paper frames or plastic-frame glasses which hold accurate color filters.

How Does Red and Blue 3D Work?

Our brain is good at distinguishing different colors and it is also easy to be cheated if we play some tricks in using the red and blue lens which makes the brain believe that it is seeing a 3D image. This is the theory about how the red and blue 3D work. Without the 3D glasses, images will be seen as blurry and discolored. Due to the special effect of the 3D glasses, the eye covered by the red lens will filter the blue color so we see the blue as "black" and perceive the red as "white". The other eye will see the blue color as "white" and perceive the red color as "black".

As far as the theory of red and blue 3D is concerned, it is easy to understand. To watch a red and blue 3D movie is quite easy and doesn't cost you much but a 3D glasses. You can even make it by yourself. However, colors adopted in making the 3D movies are not guaranteed. A red and blue 3D movie doesn't necessarily use red and blue as its primary colors. It could be yellow, green and other colors. Therefore, the glasses you buy might not match the 3D movie 100%. The colors in the movie might not be filtered thoroughly making you see the movie blurry and dizzy. Besides the feature of the movie and the glasses, the displaying equipment is important as well. If the television or the displaying screen cannot display the color accurately, then the movie will lose the 3D effect.

How to Make Red and Blue 3D Glasses?

The last time you were wearing a pair of red-and-blue glasses and watching the film in the theatre may be far away from now. When you were still a child, siting in the cinema and wearing a pair of red-and-blue glasses was something unforgettable. The glasses work like a magic making you see the images in 3D at the moment you put it on.

Now you get the chance to bring the magic back home. You can make the red-and-blue glasses all by yourself. Just prepare the following stuffs before making the glasses:

  • 1. 3-D glasses template, it can be printed on a card stock
  • 2. Scissor
  • 3. Plastic ziplock bag, it can also be replaced by red and cyan mylar/acetate sheets
  • 4. Red and blue permanent markers
  • 5. Glue dots
  • 6. Tape
  • 7. Craft supplies (tissue paper, glitter, craft paper, ribbon) to decorate

Step 1: print the template and cut it out. For the red-and-blue glasses template, you can search from the internet and download the template then print it out on a card stock. Just remember the card stock should be sturdy enough to hold on your head.

After printing it out on the card stock, use your scissor to cut it out. In case of messing thing up, you can cut it out by yourself instead of having your kids to do so.

Step 2: Color Lenses on Ziplock Bag and cut it out. You can use the lenses from the template as a guide to draw the lenses on the ziplock bag. Use the red permanent markers to draw a red rectangle and so is the blue rectangle.

When finishing the drawing, use scissors to cut it out from the ziplock bag.

Step 3: Glue or Tape the Lenses to the Template. Use the glue dots or tape you prepare to stick the lenses onto the template. The lens should be stuck on the left hole while the blue covers the right hole.

Step 4: stick arms to the template and fold the top part together. Last but not the least, stick the arms you cut out from the card stock to the template. Then fold the top part of the template over the lenses. Use the tape to stick them together.

If you want the glasses to be cuter, you can use the craft supplies to decorate it. Now you have made the red-and-blue 3D glasses and it is ready to view some 3D movies online.

How to Make Red and Blue 3D Movies?

Now that we have made the red-and-blue 3D glasses, we want to find some 3D movies of Red/Blue for some leisure entertainments. The movie we download from the internet might not fit the glasses we make. Why not just make a red and blue 3D movie on our own?

  • Leawo Video Converter
  • Leawo Video Converter

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The Leawo Video Converter is a professional video/audio converting program as well as a video editing program. You can convert the video into more than 180+ formats via this app. For example, converting common formats M4V to MP4 is supported by the program.

Apart from conversion, editing videos such as merging, trimming, cropping, watermarking, adjusting video effect, applying 3D effect, etc. are supported as well.

Before making a 3D movie via the video converter, we should download and install the Leawo Prof. Media, the main program including the module of video converter.

Step 1: import the video source into the program

Run the module of video converter in the main interface of Leawo Prof. Media. After you enter the interface of video converter, you can see the blank area in the middle of the interface. You can drag the video source file and put it in the blank area or click the "Add video" button to add the video.

If the video sources are scarce in your PC and you couldn't find a proper video to edit as a 3D, fortunately the Leawo Video Downloader can do you a big favor. Downloading videos up to 4k is easy with the video downloader. You are free to select the proper video for editing as 3D with the video downloader.

Step 2: click the "Edit" icon to enter the editing panel

After importing the source file into the program, click the "Edit" icon to enter the editing panel.

Step 3: make the 3D video effect

After entering the editing panel, there are several options on the left side. Choose the "3D" option and open it.

Slide the "3D Mode" to green and you will see options of Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side by Side. Choose the Red/Blue option.

You can slightly customize the 3D effect by adjust the parameter setting in the "3D Depth". If you want to apply the 3D effect to all video files, just click the "Apply to all" button.

Step 4: set output directory for the output video

Click "OK" button to save the 3D effect and return to the main page. Now the video has been edited as a 3D video. Click the green "Convert" button to convert the video.

Before converting the video, you are required to set output directory for the video. Confirm the site in your pc for restoring your video and set it in the "Save to" box.

Step 5: start to convert the video

Click the "Convert" button on the bottom of the output directory setting interface to start the conversion process. Wait until the green progress bar running to the end to finish the conversion process. You can check the converted video back from the output directory. Now put on the red-and-blue glasses to enjoy the 3D movie.


The funniest part of watching the red and blue 3D movie might not reside in the content of the movie but the progress of making the red and blue glasses and the 3D movie by ourselves. We are not scientist but we can experience what the science brings to us. The Leawo Video converter is the best assistant for you to customize the video as you like.