The console wars are still ongoing with the recent release of the Xbox Series S/X and PS5 last November. When it come to the console wars, the Xbox Series X is still theoretically the most powerful console on the market (just like the Xbox One X which preceded it), although the PS5 has better exclusives. Most of the lucky people who have been able to snag one (as of early 2021, the new Xbox consoles are in very short supply all over the world) are going to use it for gaming, but the Xbox Series X is also a powerful entertainment hub. In this guide, we will show you how to play Blu-ray movies on your Xbox Series X.

Part 1: Brief introduction to Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the successor to the Xbox One X, which was released by Microsoft on November 10, 2020. It features a new vertical design, a slightly improved controller, and overall beastly specs. Theoretically, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console on the market, and these are the specs:

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to receive more than 20 exclusive games in 2021, with Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Motorsport etc., being the most anticipated. As of early 2021, the Xbox Series X is in very short supply. With deep research and a bit of luck, you can know where to get Xbox Series X.

Part 2: How to play Blu-ray disc on Xbox Series X

Playing Blu-ray movie discs on your new Xbox Series X is relatively simple and straightforward. If it is your first time attempting to play Blu-ray movies on your Xbox, you are going to need to download a separate app called ‘Blu-ray Player’, free from the Microsoft Store. This is a media player developed by Microsoft themselves, which will let you play Blu-ray movies, DVDs and all sorts of supported media. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Sign into your account, then open the Microsoft Store on your Xbox.

Step 2: Click on ‘Search’ then type in “Blu-ray Player” into the search box.

Step 3: When you see the Blu-ray Player application as illustrated above, click ‘Get’ to download it to your Xbox.

Step 4: Insert the corresponding Blu-ray movie into your Xbox Series X disc drive then launch the Blu-ray Player app to begin the playback.

Part 3: How to play Blu-ray disc with region protection on Xbox Series X

Xbox consoles are sold in different regions, and some of them reportedly have region locks for Blu-rays and DVDs. The good thing is you can bypass this restriction, and we have the solutions just for you. The first solution is to convert disc to digital, specifically to copy and convert the Blu-ray Disc content to any Xbox supported format. The second method is to Copy and decrypt the content of the protected disc to another blank disc, and then play it on the Xbox.

Solution 1

The new Xbox Series S and X can also play media files from a USB flash drive. Therefore, you can simply rip the Blu-ray Disc content and convert it to any Xbox supported format by using Leawo Blu-ray Ripper. Please visit this link to learn more about Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, and follow the steps below to rip your Blu-ray Disc.

Step 1: Load the Blu-ray Disc

Insert the Blu-ray Disc into the drive (both copy protected and non-protected are supported), and then launch Leawo Prof. Media. Open the “Convert” module, and then click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button on the main interface.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2: Select the output format

Click the drop-down list next to the “Add Photo” button. Select “Change” to enter the Profile settings panel where you can choose the output format from the “Device” group. You should see the Xbox section, from which you can choose your console.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Note: You can click the same drop-down list and click the "Edit" button to adjust the video and audio parameters of the output files. They include video and audio codec, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, channel, etc.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Step 3: Start ripping your Blu-ray Discs

Click the green “Convert” button and then set the output directory to save the final converted Blu-ray movies in the “Save to” box. Click the button again and the ripping should start.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

The ripped videos will be saved onto your hard drive in the format you chose. To play them on your Xbox Series X, copy the files to any USB flash drive, then plug it and play the content with the same Xbox Blu-ray Player application.

Solution 2

If you still want to play from a Blu-ray Disc instead of a USB flash drive, then you can make a new Blu-ray Disc that is region free by using Leawo Blu-ray Copy. Even if the disc is encrypted, Leawo Blu-ray Copy has decrypting capabilities and it will get the job done in the nick of time, since it supports 6x faster processing speeds. Learn more about Leawo Blu-ray Copy by visiting the product link, and follow the steps below to make a copy of your Blu-ray Disc.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy
  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy

    1:1 Blu-ray & DVD Backup
    Copy Blu-ray/DVD in 3 different copy modes
    Burn ISO image to Blu-ray/DVD disc with ease
    Retain subtitles and audio tracks at will
    Remove disc protection such as AACS, BD+, MKB, CSS and region restriction
    Support Backup of BD100, BD66, BD50, BD25, DVD-9 and DVD-5
    Compress BD 50 to BD 25
    Easy to use interface for both novices and veteran

Step 1: Load the original Blu-ray Disc

Insert the original Blu-ray Disc into your computer’s disc drive then click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to browse for it. Alternatively click the inverted drop-down triangle arrow to load any DVD or Blu-ray Disc directly from the drive. After that, select the "Full Movie" option on the left processing list.

Leawo Blu-ray Copy

Step 2: Customize the copy settings

Click the green “Copy” button, and set the “Copy to”, “Disc Label” and “Save to” options. To copy the Blu-ray Disc content onto another blank disc, insert a blank writable DVD or Blu-ray Disc into another drive on your computer, then select it as a target under the “Copy to” option.


Note: If you only have one drive, you first need to backup the original DVD/ Blu-ray Disc as an ISO file, by selecting the “ISO File” option under “Copy to”.

Step 3: Start copying the original disc content

Click the bottom “Copy” button to start copying the original content, and this will create an ISO image file of the original DVD/ Blu-ray Disc. The file can be burnt onto a writable Blu-ray Disc.


Step 4: Take out the original disc, and then insert a blank writable disc into the drive

Click the inverted triangle drop-down arrow and then select “Add ISO file” to add the ISO file you created from the previous step. Set your disc burning options on the “Add ISO file” window and then click the “Burn” button, to start burning the generated ISO file to a new DVD or Blu-ray Disc.


Extra: Best way to watch Blu-ray disc on PC

Just like its predecessor, the Xbox Series X is resourceful and it is not just associated with gaming. It is a full entertainment hub that can stream music and videos, browse the web, and do much more. To further enhance it as the ultimate entertainment hub, Microsoft has enabled the Xbox Series X disc drive to accept DVD and Blu-ray movie discs for playback. However, if you prefer to watch movies on your PC instead, we have the right software just for you. Leawo Free Blu-ray Player should be your go to software for all your Blu-ray playback needs, and these are the key features of this item:

Therefore, we would highly recommend you to try Leawo Blu-ray Player. It is available today, free of charge for macOS and Windows. Follow the steps below to play Blu-ray movies on PC.

  • Blu-ray-player

    Step 1: Load your videos or movies. On the main interface, load your videos, movies, DVDs, or Blu-ray videos on your computer by clicking the “Open File” button. When done, your videos or movies should be listed on the playlist.

  • four-icons-beneath-the-title

    Step 2: Set the video or movie subtitles. When you have loaded your videos or movies, the software should automatically start the playback. During the playback, move your mouse to the Title Area, where you should see four icons.

  • subtitles-settings

    Step 3: Click the first icon, and a pop-up window for setting the subtitles will appear. It has the “Enable subtitles”, “Subtitle offset”, “Subtitle selecting” and “Browse for subtitle”, options. Choose an option that suites your needs and adjust it accordingly.