Our entire family love the Microsoft Xbox one. It brings so much relaxation and joy to us during lockdown at home this year. With Xbox one, one of the best home video game consoles we ever have, we can play any video games together and even can watch videos with it. However, when we try to play back any Blu-ray or DVD, it prompts error 0x91d70000. we do not know how to resolve this and how to continue if we want to import the video game from DVD. You guys will help me out, won’t you? Of course, we are experts or what we say techies in this category so no worries. We are about to fix this issue for you. Read on!

Part 1: Why does Xbox One keep throwing up 0x91d70000 code?

Imagine you want to play your Blu-ray Movie on your Xbox One console, which is built with this feature only to get a playback error like 0x91d70000, it is frustrating. Quite simply, if you encounter this error it means the formatting of the disc you tried to play was not recognized. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One error code 0x91d70000 has something to do with the disc itself, as well as the console’s disc drive, the Blu-ray player app and the copy protection scheme of the corresponding DVD or Blu-ray Disc. According to other tech forums, this error is caused by a firmware glitch, network inconsistency, a dirty Blu-day Disc, or corrupt data. Therefore, refer to the next segments for the Xbox troubleshooting.


Part 2: Leading cause of this error

According to user reports, the error 0x91d70000 is not only triggered during Blu-ray Disc playback, but by many more causes. Here are the leading causes of this error:

1. A Blu-ray Disc

The first and common leading cause of this error is to do with the Blu-ray Disc, particularly when it is dirty, scratched or somehow damaged by other means. If the Blu-ray Disc has very deep scratches or if it is severely damaged, then there is nothing you can do to fix this error code, unless you get a new copy. If the disc is dirty, then you can clean it.

2. A failing disc drive

This issue can also pop-up on your Xbox if the optical drive is starting to fail. In this case, it is recommended to take the Xbox to an authorized repairer, who can assess the situation and make the necessary repairs. You can also try the ‘gripping method’ which you can read about on the next segment of this article.

3. An inconsistency in the network

If your internet connection is poor (frequent disconnection, low download and upload speeds, or a problem with the Xbox’s network), that inconsistency can prevent your Xbox One console from validating the Blu-ray Disc that you are trying to play. The good thing is this issue is easy to fix, and you can refer to the next segment for the solution.

4. Data that is corrupt inside the persistent storage

Every Xbox One or Series S/X console keeps a reserved space called Persistent Storage where it stores cached data, which is related to the Blu-Ray disks that you insert. In rare circumstances, this data can become corrupt and you should be able to resolve the issue by clearing the Persistent storage from the Settings menu. You can refer to the next segment for the detailed steps.

Part 3: Possible ways to fix this error

There are many reasons why you might experience the Xbox One error code 0x91d70000, and therefore multiple methods to fix this issue exist. Therefore, we will list the methods to fix the issue, starting with cleaning the Blu-ray Disc.

Method 1: Cleaning the Blu-ray Disc

The Xbox One Blu-ray error 0x91d70000 can be triggered by a dirty Blu/ray disc. If the disc worked before on your Xbox console, and if there are obvious signs of dirt then simply clean it. We recommend you to use cotton or a soft cloth, dipped in some isopropyl alcohol. Clean from the hole to the outer surface in circular motions until it is clean.


Method 2: Clearing the persistent storage

This method is officially recommended by Microsoft when you are having issues like this. To do so, follow these official Microsoft steps:

Step 1: From the main Dashboard menu of the Xbox One console, access the Settings menu.

Step 2: Inside the settings screen, access the Console settings, then select Disc & Blu-Ray sub-option from the right pane.

Step 3: Once you get inside the Disc & Blu-Ray menu, access the Persistent storage menu (under Blu-Ray).

Step 4: Choose Clear Persistent storage and wait for the process to complete.

Step 5: Restart your console and see if the issue is resolved at the next system start-up.


Method 3: Performing a Hard Reset and a network restart

Here is a quick guide on how to perform a hard network reset in order to the 0x91d70000 error code:

Step 1: With your console turned on, press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds until you see that the front LED has stopped flashing.

Step 2: Turn your console back on by pressing the Xbox button once again and repeat the action that was previously triggering the error code.

Note: You should also restart your WiFi router.


Method 4: Converting the Blu-ray Movie or video file to an Xbox One compatible format

If the problem is persistent from the DVD or Blu-ray disc source, then you can convert the content to an Xbox compatible format. To convert to the Xbox format, then you are going to need Leawo Video Converter Ultimate. That is because this advanced video converter supports more than 180 video and audio formats for both input and output, as well as specifically made profiles for different device types, in this case Xbox consoles have profiles made for them as well. Apart from that, Leawo Video Converter Ultimate also enables clients to convert video from 2D to 3D according to personal needs.

  • Leawo Video Converter Ultimate
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As DVD and Blu-ray movies are usually of high quality, this software will also guarantee you with a 100% preservation of the original quality. It has a lot more advanced features which you can learnt about from the product page. It is available for Windows and macOS, therefore download, install it and follow the steps below to fix Xbox One Blu-ray error 0x91d70000.

Step 1: Import your videos

The main interface of this software integrates other modules, click “Video Converter” to begin. You can drag the video file(s) into the main program, or click “Add Video” to locate the file(s) from your storage source (your hard drive, DVD or Blu-ray Disc).


Step 2: Subtitle options

If you need captions on your converted videos, click the “Subtitle” drop down menu where you can select the subtitles of your choice from the list available, or import them from external sources by clicking “Add Subtitle”. You can also do the same for the audio tracks by clicking the “Audio Tracks” drop down menu.


Step 3: Set Xbox One as the output format

From where you can see your imported videos, click “MP4 Video” (Please note that this button changes depending with the profile selected). Click the “Change” button, and under the “Device” tab, navigate to “Microsoft” and select ‘Xbox One’.


Note: If you wish to manually edit the output options like the codecs, output quality, the resolution etc, click the “Edit” button after clicking the “MP4 Video” button. When you are done, click “OK”.

Step 4: Convert the videos to the Xbox One format

When you click the green “Convert” button, a menu will show on the right. Set the output directory, then click “Convert” to begin encoding and wait for the process to finish.


WMP FAQ: Common errors appear in Windows Media Player

Xbox is Microsoft’s property, and we might as well show you some of the most common errors which appear in Windows Media Player. Hundreds of these errors exist, but we will narrow it down to show you the most common ones on the table below. If you need to have a look at all the errors, please visit the Microsoft link.

Error code Hexadecimal value Description
ASF_E_NOSTREAMPROPS 0xC00D07FCL A Stream Properties object with the correct stream number could not be found.
ASF_E_NOTFOUND 0xC00D07F0L The object was not found.
ASF_E_STREAMNUMBERINUSE 0xC00D0806L The specified stream number is already in use.
ASF_E_INVALIDINIT 0xC00D07F8L This object has not been initialized properly; that operation cannot be performed.
ASF_E_BADMEDIATYPE 0xC00D0807L The specified media type does not work with this component.
NS_E_DRM_INVALID_CONTENT 0xC00D2716L The media file is corrupted. Contact the content provider to get a new file.
NS_E_DRM_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_ENCRYPT_OBJECT 0xC00D2732L A problem has occurred in the Digital Rights Management component. Contact Microsoft product support.
NS_E_DRM_DRIVER_DIGIOUT_FAILURE OxC00D2750 Certain driver functionality is required to play this media file. Contact Windows Update to see whether updated drivers are available for your hardware.
NS_E_DRM_CLIENT_CODE_EXPIRED OxC00D2847 Windows Media Player cannot play the protected file. Verify that your computer's date is set correctly. If it is correct, on the Help menu, click Check for player updates to install the latest version of the Player.