Worrying about how to convert Dailymotion to MP4? Still no idea which program is the most reliable one for converting to MP4? Now you can stop worrying about all this stuff. This post will introduce you the most professional and reliable video converters to you for converting Dailymotion to MP4.

Part 1. Know more about Dailymotion

Similar to YouTube, Dailymotion is a France-based video sharing website, where users are able to upload, watch, and share videos. Now Dailymotion has extended its footprints to all over the world, in 18 different languages and 35 localized versions featuring local home pages and local content (wikipedia). Currently, a Dailymotion video-sharing application is available for Windows 10, Windows Phone, iOS and Android mobile operating systems, and most recently the PlayStation 4. However, Dailymotion supported formats are relatively limited, which as a result makes converting Dailymotion to a universally applicable format very popular, like converting Dailymotion to MP4. No matter what formats are converted to, a third party video converter is needed to carry out the process.

Part 2. Convert Dailymotion to MP4 with best Dailymotion to MP4 converter - Leawo Video Converter

With very powerful features supported, Leawo Video Converter allows users to convert files in 180+ formats from one to another. In order to serve users from all over the world, Leawo Video Converter provides multilingual services and offers timely tech support for users. It also lets users to edit files before conversion, making the file more satisfactory to users. Regarding files conversion from Dailymotion to MP4, this program is really efficient and user friendly because all can be done within several clicks. Now let's check for the steps to convert Dailymotion to MP4.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Video Converter

Click the buttons below to get this program downloaded and installed to your computer. If you are running on Mac, turn to download the program specially developed for Mac.


Step 2: Import source Dailymotion videos to the program

Click Add Video to import your source files (Dailymotion videos) to the program or just drag the file to the program.


Step 3: Change the output format

Click "Change" from the format dropdown menu. Here you will see a bunch of formats are displayed.


Step 4: Set the output format to MP4

Search for the right format by entering MP4 in the quick search box on the left or find it out from the right panel one by one.


Step 5: Edit the file

To set output parameters such as codec, bit rate, aspect ratio and so on, click "Edit" from the format dropdown menu. If you need to cut the file to desired length or remove noise from original files, hit the editing button on the right of the file.


Step 6: Convert Dailymotion to MP4

Click the "Convert" button on the top right toolbar, set a directory to save the output file on the displayed window, and then click the round button "Convert" to start the conversion. After it is done, the file is available for playing anytime and anywhere. Note that you can stream these files on the built-in media player within the Leawo Video Converter.


Part 3. Convert Dailymotion to MP4 online with Dailymotion to MP4 online converter

Leawo Video Converter is a great program for professional file conversion, while some Dailymotion to MP4 online converters are also good choices to convert Dailymotion to MP4. Here we take Online Downloader as an example to show you how to convert Dailymotion to MP4 via this online converter.

Step 1: Click to move to the website quickly.

Step 2: Paste a link on the address box. Or you can upload the existing files from your computer to the website.

Step 3: Click "DOWNLOAD" to download the files from video sharing websites or click the "Upload and Convert File" button below to directly convert Dailymotion to MP4. The rest will be done automatically by the online converter and all you have to do is wait for the process to complete.