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5 Best Free Alternatives to Nero – DVD Burning Software Solution

When it comes to the best DVD burning software, undoubtedly Nero could be the first one popping on the list in our mind. I have to admit that even though Nero is powerful and practical, there are still many alternatives to Nero to help people finish tasks of video to DVD burning. To ease your pain of finding the best alternative to Nero, today I am going to share the top 5 free Nero alternatives with you. All of them are less bulky, downloadable and do almost the same tasks as Nero does.

Part 1: Brief Introduction on Nero

Nero has been building up its large group of users for decades since the first release in 1997. It is widely recognized as Nero, which is also named Nero Burning ROM. This is a professional disc-oriented program for common usages like creating DVDs, CDs, ISO image files, and other media discs.

This software can only operate on Windows platforms after it discontinued the version for Linux. What it mainly features is the compatibility of multiple media formats. Users are allowed to easily load audio, video, and data into this software. They could come out as different disc products through burning procedures. At the same time, the new release provides the accessibility to rip audio CDs, erase rewritable discs, copy DVD to DVD, and connect to the online database. The company developed the technology of label printing, which are LightScribe and Labelflash that help turn music files into other sound formats.

Part 2: Why to Find Alternatives to Nero

Even though Nero is considered as the leader in the DVD burner software field, there are several aspects reflecting on Nero’s issues. You will find out why so many users unlike Nero and are looking for Nero alternatives to convert video to DVD format.

1. Insufficient diversity of features.

With the growing requirements from media files, users are getting not enough functionalities on Nero. Nero does not support any editable parameters in terms of video editing. Especially, persons are running out of choices while demanding subtitles modifications.

2. Burdensome operation.

Many friends who paid for the full Nero version are not satisfied with loads of unnecessary utilities. These extra utilities make the entire Nero suite large in size and heavy on resources. Sometimes you may be confused by those complicated options that are barely be used. Additionally, there is an incompatibility with Mac.

3. The Nero glitch happens.

Some users commented on online forums about the burning results. Individuals bump into some problems like there is no sound after burning DVD with Nero.

4. Not at a reasonable value.

This application can be purchased online with various versions. For the fully-functioning edition, the price could be relatively higher compared to other burners as some free best Nero alternatives can also execute the same commands. Also, the limited version is not receiving many positive reviews.

Part 3: 3 Free Best Alternatives to Nero

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Nero, this is where you should stop. However, you should keep it in mind that these free alternatives to Nero are for Windows only. If you want free DVD burning software for Mac, you may need to check the top DVD Nero alternatives for Mac.

No.1 Nero Alternative – CDBurnerXP

This is my absolute favorite free Nero alternative. You can use CDBurnerXP to burn DVD as well as CDs and Blu-rays. It does everything Nero can do and doesn’t have the bells and whistles that usually come with Nero. So your computer will never get bloated with an array of unnecessary programs. CDBurnerXP is frequently updated by its developer and the interface is pretty straight forward. This Nero alternative is very super lightweight that may work better for laptops. Since the program has no complex options, it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of burning needs. But the interface design might be a pain for young generations as it looks very outdated without separated frames.

No. 2 Nero Alternative – ImgBurn

There is no doubt that ImgBurn is an excellent freeware alternative to Nero. It’s one of the most powerful disc-burning and disk-image creating programs around. You can use it for everyday CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning needs, such as writing the image file to discs or backward, create discs from folder data, and even produce image files without discs. ImgBurn also contains loads of optical disc burner features and supported formats. There are two basic functions that can ensure the disc condition and take more actions on the disc. The only fault is its complex options may put off novice users. Another drawback is unfortunate for Mac users that it’s based on Windows systems only. However, it does provide the majority with good burning quality.

No. 3 Nero Alternative – BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is a piece of CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software that is designed to cater to most disc burning needs. Even though you don’t have any experience of burning, you can still burn your disc easily and fast thanks to its simple burning wizard. BurnAware also supports disc copying and bootable discs. Its interface splits your burning options into quick options like audio, video, and data. You can also apply it to burn ISO disc images. The interface is arranged by 4 main categories, from data, multimedia, disc images, to utilities. Besides, this Nero alternative has 2 unique features – erase a disc and compress audio. But you can only make use of the two extra features on the paid version.

Part 4: Another Recommended Alternative to Nero

If you think Nero is too expensive and above Nero alternative freeware cannot meet your needs, or for some reason, you don’t like them, you can turn to Leawo DVD Creator. It is the best alternative to Nero to help you burn any video to DVD with professional DVD menus. Besides, its price is much cheaper than Nero.

Leawo DVD Creator serves to all the DVD-related burning missions with its state-of-art technology. While thoroughly offering all the video and audio format support up to 180 types including AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Xvid, MOV, FLV, it can output to DVD-9 and DVD-5 discs with selectable resolutions. Embodied with an outstanding video editor, users are given a wide range of performance on trimming, watermarking, cropping, removing noise, adding effect, and converting to 3D content. On top of it, you can personalize subtitles, audio tracks, video quality with in-hand buttons. This professional alternative to Nero specializes in the distinct feature - creating DVD menu.

If you are looking for a tool to manage the DVD content, its amazing disc menu function will drive your attention intensively. More than 40 presets are available, everyone is encouraged to design something new and be creative by a bunch of flexible settings. Besides, each original digital file will perfectly be preserved after burning to DVDs. In other words, you can watch DVDs on the finest display. Moreover, the Intel Quick Sync acceleration technology makes the Nero alternative one of the fastest programs in regard to creating discs. In spite of the ability to burn DVDs, it is capable of transferring pictures into slideshows directly and forming great memorable videos on DVDs. Along with other useful built-in tools, every novice will embrace this Nero alternative.

Part 5: Comparison between 5 DVD Burning Tools

Now let’s have a clear comparison among the aforementioned Nero alternatives from a table.

Features Nero Burning Rom CDBurnerXP ImgBurn BurnAware Free Leawo DVD Creator
System support Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows, Mac OS
Common formats input Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD menu No No No No Yes
DVD menu Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal video player No No No No Yes
Built-in video editor No No No No Yes
Faster burning Yes No Yes No Yes
Photo input No No No No Yes
Multilingual interface Yes Yes No No Yes


To sum up, it is noticeable that Nero Burning Rom has many shortcomings while you have to pay a lot of money on the software. Thus, more and more users are turning their backs to Nero as it does not really worth the cost. The solution that makes up for this situation is laying on some free alternatives to Nero. People are continuously looking for and trying out Nero alternatives programs. According to reviews in the markets, 3 free burning applications jump to the top ranks. They are CDBurnerXP, ImgBurn, and BurnAware Free. Unfortunately, none of them is compatible with Mac computers.

Although Windows can be a fair platform for each alternative to Nero, those 3 free Nero alternatives still cannot defeat Leawo DVD Creator as the best alternative to Nero. When you look into the alternative to Nero freeware one by one, you can find a lot in common. The general issue is the lack of sundry video editing possibilities. The concept of burning DVD discs can be escalated to higher levels. Part of it could be accomplished by adding customized menus, enabling subtitles, changing background music, define the ratio and quality, and even more. While Nero only can function as single burning software, Leawo DVD Creator has the caliber to play multiple roles at the same time. Why not get the correct product as one stone three birds?



With long-term dedication into the latest market demands and technologies, the author has become an expert in posting practical, in-depth and user-oriented how-tos, tutorials, recommendations, reviews, and more digital multimedia solutions in Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, picture, Apple utilities, etc.

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