You might not be familiar with 3GPP video file. A 3GPP Multimedia file with the 3GP file extension refers to the file created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project Group (3GPP). And the 3GP is also a video container format that was often created from or transferred between mobile devices. Let’s say, you have a video file contained in 3GPP video format, and you are fascinated by the audio content within the 3GPP video file. In this case, you can extract audio content from 3GPP video file and save the audio content into a common audio format such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc. Here we choose the most common yet popular audio format MP3 as the output, present you with 10 different 3GPP to MP3 converters, and show how to convert 3GPP to MP3 with best 3GPP to MP3 converter. Besides MP3, you can choose other audio format output such as AAC, FLAC, etc. The method of converting to other audio formats is the same as that of converting to MP3. If you want to get other video format as output, you can convert 3GPP to MP4 as well.

Part 1: 5 Online 3GPP to MP3 Converters

In this part, we will go through 5 professional online 3GPP to MP3 converters for you to convert 3GPP to MP3.

#1 Zamzar
Created in 2006 in England, Zamzar is a free online file converter that allows users to convert files without downloading a software tool, and supports over 1,200 different conversion types. The method to convert 3GPP to MP3 with Zamzar consists three major steps: add source 3GPP file, choose MP3 as output, and start to convert.


#2 CoolUtils
CoolUtils can achieve conversion from HTML to PDF, Word to TIFF, WAV to MP3, 3GPP to MP3, or any other conversion types. This online file converter supports over 1400 formats. It is able to convert extra large and complicated files, and batch conversion and processing is also feasible. 3GPP to MP3 conversion can be easily achieved with the help of CoolUtils. It requires no tech knowledge. Intuitive interface makes it easy for everybody to be the master of audio conversions. If you do not know what bit rate or frequency to choose, the wizard of the program will automatically set the most appropriate.


#3 CloudConvert
Same as Zamzar, CloudConvert is an online video converter, and it claims that it can convert anything to anything on its official website. Of course, we can use it to convert 3GPP to MP3. Most importantly, this service is totally free of charge. There is no need to install any software on your computer! Upload your files to CloudConvert, choose the output format, and CloudConvert will do the job for you. 


#4 Online-Convert
Online-Convert is a free online file converter that lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another. This online video converter supports a lot of different source formats, including video formats, audio formats, website file formats, image file formats, etc. 3GPP to MP3 conversion is a piece of cake for Online-Convert.


#5 Files-Conversion
Files-Conversion allows user to convert video files online, and provides user a free service to convert any format. With Files-Conversion in hand, user can convert 3G2, 3GP, AMV, ASF, ASX, AVI, AVS, CAVS, DPG, DV, FLV, GIF, IFF, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, OGG, OGM, RM, SWF, VOB, WMV, DOC, DOCX, PDB, PSW, TXT, VOR, CSV, DBF, DIF, ODS, PTS, PXL, SDC, SLK, STC, SXC, XLS, XLSX, XLT, PPT, PPTX, ODP, PDF files into AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, SWF, WMV, OGG, DV, MOV, 3GP, MJPEG, GIF, DVD, MP3, WAV, WMA, etc., and of course 3GPP to MP3 conversion is feasible with Files-Conversion.


Part 2: 5 Offline 3GPP to MP3 Converters

In the second part, 5 desktop 3GPP to MP3 converters will be listed. Check them out below.

#1 Leawo Video Converter
Leawo Video Converter is a versatile video converter that allows users to convert video file from one format to another, like MPEG to MOV, MP4 to FLV, MP4 to MKV, MKV to MOV, etc. or vice versa. Besides, this video converter can be regarded as an audio extractor or audio converter as well, which means you can use this converter to extract audio file from video file or convert audio file between formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, AC3, etc. 3GPP to MP3 conversion is extremely easy with the help of Leawo Video Converter. It is not only able to extract audio content from 3GPP video, but also to get audio content from video files in various other formats like MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, WMV, etc. The extracted audio content could be saved and used in multiple ways. The conversion speed is 6 times faster than any other converter, and the converted result is quality lossless.


#2 Faasoft 3GPP to MP3 Converter
 Faasoft 3GPP to MP3 Converter allows users to extract MP3 from 3GPP video with easy steps. With it, users can transform 3GPP to MP3 and keep high quality of the sound. Once the conversion is done, users will be able to enjoy 3GPP audio on iPod-like MP3 players anywhere. Moreover, it helps users extract audio from 3GPP and then save the extracted audio into WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, AC3, DTS, CAF, MP2, OGG, RA, WMA and more. Additionally, it also offers the best way to convert 3GPP to more popular video formats like 3GPP to MP4, 3GPP to MOV, 3GPP to AVI, 3GPP to FLV, 3GPP to WMV, 3GPP to MKV, 3GPP to MXF, 3GPP to WebM, 3GPP to WTV, 3GPP to SWF, etc.


#3 Avdshare Audio Converter
Avdshare Audio Converter is able to convert all kinds of audio formats including 3GA, AAC, AC3, Apple Lossless ALAC, APE, AU, AUD, AIFF, AIFC, Vorbis, CAF, DTS, DSS, FLAC, GSM, MP3,M4A, M4B, MKA, MPC, OGG, OGA, OPUS, QCP, RA, RAM, VOC, VOX, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, XWM, etc., and it can convert video to audio format to extract audio from video. Therefore, we can make good use of Avdshare Audio Converter to convert 3GPP to MP3.


#4 HD Video Converter
HD Video Converter is a totally free, safe and easy to use video converter, supporting you to convert video files from one format to another format including MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG and more, and to extract audio content from video file like MP3 from 3GPP video file.


#5 Free 3GPP to MP3 Converter
Free 3GPP to MP3 Converter is a program that allows you to easily convert 3GPP files to MP3. You can select the 3GPP file you want to convert by pressing the Find File button, click the Convert button to start the conversion process and when the progress bar hits 100%, your newly transcoded MP3 file will be available on your desktop.


Part 3: How to Convert 3GPP to MP3 with Best 3GPP to MP3 Converter

In third part, we will show you how to convert 3GPP to MP3 with the best 3GPP to MP3 converter, Leawo Video Converter. Download and install Leawo Video Converter on your computer, and then follow the guide below to convert 3GPP to MP3 with Leawo Video Converter. For Mac users, the Mac counterpart of Leawo Video Converter i.e. Leawo Video Converter for Mac is available. The method to convert 3GPP to MP3 with the Mac version is nearly the same as that with the Windows version. Here we take Windows version of Leawo Video Converter as an example, and Mac users can follow the suit to convert 3GPP to MP3 on Mac.

Step 1. Import Source 3GPP Video File
Launch Leawo Video Converter, go to the “Convert” tab, and click “Add Video” button on the sub-menu to load your source 3GPP video file. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop 3GPP video file into the program interface.


Step 2. Set MP3 as Output Format
Click the drop-down box named “MP4 Video” by default next to the “Add Photo” button. On the drop-down list, select “Change” option. Then on the popup Profile window, select “MP3” from “Format” column as output format. Please note that once you change the output format, the name of the drop-down box will change as well.


Note: If you need, you could click the “Edit” button on the drop-down profile setting box to adjust audio parameters like audio codec, bit rate, channel, sample rate, etc.


Step 3. Convert 3GPP to MP3
Click the big green “Convert” button on the sub-menu bar next to the format setting drop-down box. Then, on the popup sidebar, set output directory. After setting output directory, click the “Convert” button right below. Leawo Video Converter would start to convert 3GPP to MP3 immediately.


Note: The internal video editor in Leawo Video Converter allows users to edit video in different ways before conversion.