“Hi, I just found a funny video I really like on YouTube and I really want to put it to my iPhone so that I can show it to my friends. How can I download video from YouTube on Firefox as MP4 format?”

Currently YouTube doesn’t offer viewers with the choice to download video from it. If you want to download video from YouTube, you can seek help from some online video downloading websites using Firefox. With the right website and Firefox YouTube to MP4 downloading could be easily arranged.

Part 1: Download Video from YouTube to MP4 using Firefox

To download YouTube MP4 Firefox is a good choice. There are a bunch of online video downloaders that you could use to download YouTube videos and a good web browser would make the video downloading process more efficient. Below are 3 online video downloading websites to download YouTube to MP4 Firefox could go to.

With the above 3 websites, video downloading from YouTube to Mp4 Firefox could easily perform. It’s a convenient way to download video from YouTube to MP4 with a fast broswer like Firefox……


Step 1: Let’s take onlinevideoconverter.com as an example. First of all, go to onlinevideoconverter.com with Firefox. There would be 3 tags on the home page of this online video downloader. Click the one on the left to open the online video downloading page.

Paste video link

Step 2:If you already have the link of the video you want to download, just paste it in the link box. And then click Format box to choose default output format. Click “More Settings” to set the resolution of the output video. When you are done with the above steps, click Start button and the website would start analyzing the link and the video.

Download video

Step 3: When the analyzing is done Firefox would open the download page of the video. Now click the Download button to download the MP4 video.

If you want to download video from YouTube to MP4 Firefox would be a good choice. With the above websites you can easily download YouTube MP4 firefox.

Part 2: Download Video from YouTube to MP4 on Computer

Downloading videos from YouTube to MP4 using this kind of online video downloader is convenient, but it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect and suitable for everyone. It’s got compromises that could be considered a deal breaker for certain people. Actually there are a lot of excellent online video downloader apps out there on the market which deliver better and friendlier user experience than online video downloading websites.

Below are several top online video downloading apps that have been appreciated by users. Check them out to see if it suits your need of video downloading on YouTube.

To make it easier for you to download video from YouTube to MP4 using the above apps, I’ll take Leawo Video Downloader as an example to show you how to download video from YouTube to MP4.

Open Leawo Video Downloader

Step 1: First of all, you need to download and install the program to your computer. It’s integrated into a software bundle named Prof. Media. Open Prof. Media. Open the bundle and click on the Video Downloader tab to enter the video downloader.

Video Downloader

Step 2:After entering the video downloader, the built-in browser would open youtube’s official site automatically, you can change it to any other sites as you like in Settings.

Download video

Step 3:The address bar is on the top of the browser, open the page with the video you want to download by pasting the video link on the address bar. And with the page loaded, the program would detect the downloadable videos on the page and list them on the sidebar on the right side of the browser. There’s a button with a green triangle on the right side of the browser for you to call out and hide the sidebar. Usually the program would provide you with the video in MP4 format, click the Download button on the video you want to download to start downloading it.


Step 4:All the downloading task would be added to Downloading tab, click it to check out the downloading tasks. And you can find all the downloaded videos under Downloaded tab. Leawo Video Downloader has a built-in video player that allows you to play back the video after it’s downloaded. Just move your mouse over to the downloaded video and click Play button on the center to start playing the video.

Both online video downloader sites and apps have their own merits. If you download video from YouTube to MP4 occasionally, online video downloader sites would be sufficient for you. But if you download video from YouTube to MP4 frequently, then online video downloader app would be a more suitable choice for you.