If you are a movie fan, one of the most important things for you might be seeing the trailer of the movie you love before it’s released. A trailer can be so exciting that some people would want to save them on their computer or phone to view them over and over again, or to edit them and make an even more exciting clip of their own. So, where to download 4K movie trailers? Is there a place or website that provides 4K video movie trailer download? Well, if you have the same question, keep reading and I’m sure you will find out the best way to download your favorite 4K movie trailer

Part 1: How to download 4K movie trailers?

In fact, there are more than one way to download 4K movie trailers. To find 4k movie clip download, the first way is to visit some clip download sites. There are many websites that provides high-quality 4K movie trailer and clips download, all you need to do is to visit the site, find the clip you want and download them. Here I’ll list some of the websites for your reference.

Website: 4ksamples.com

As the name suggests, 4K samples provides movie clips and trailers download with 4K resolution. For each trailer or clips on its website, you can see the detailed information about the video file, including Complete name, Format Codec ID, File size, Duration, Overall bit rate mode, Encoded date, Overall bit rate and many more. With this detailed information, the video clip downloaded in this website is very suitable for professionals to do further edits.

This website also provides categories, so that you can find your needed movie clip or movie trailers easier. Of course, you can also use the search box to search your movie title.

Website: 4Kmedia.org

4K media is another site where you can find 4k movie trailers free download. The clips provided in this website also have detailed information for your reference, but not as detailed as the ones in 4K samples. For each movie clip. You can only find Resolution, File size, Duration, Format, Codec, Overall bit rate, Bit depth and Frame rate under the detailed information. However, you can directly download the clip by simply click the “download” button, so this website is also pretty good for those who need to just download movie trailers or video clips for entertainment.

Practical Tool: Lewao Video Downloader

In fact, going to the websites to find your movie clips or trailers is not the only way to download 4K movie trailers. There is another more direct way to download 4K movie trailers, and it’s almost guaranteed that you can find the movie trailer you want, that is to download 4K movie trailers from YouTube with Lewao Video Downloader.

We all know that almost all the movie trailers can be found on YouTube, and some of them are in 4K resolution. Leawo Video Downloader can help you download the 4K movie trailer you want directly from YouTube, so that you don’t have to find it in other websites one by one. Simply paste the URL of the video to Leawo Video Downloader, and the video can be downloaded in minutes.

Part 2: How to play local 4K movie trailers on PC?

After you have downloaded your 4K movie trailer, what would you play it with? There are a lot of media player that you can use to play 4K movies, but which is the one that play 4K videos the best? Here I want to recommend you Leawo Blu-ray Player to play your 4K movie trailers with the original quality.


Leawo Free Blu-ray Player 

☉ 100% free movie player for Mac users to play Ultra HD 4K, 1080P and 720P video for free.

☉ Free Blu-ray disc player to play 4K Blu-ray disc and 1080P Blu-ray disc, regardless of disc protection and region code.

☉ Support multiple audio decoding systems like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.

☉ Adjust subtitles, video and audio during media playback.

With advanced image and audio processing technology, Leawo Blu-ray Player can provide you quality-lossless image for 4K video, stereo audio enjoyment, all regions free DVD decryption and user-oriented playback control so that you can play any high-quality movie and play Blu-ray or DVD across region. Furthermore, within Leawo Blu-ray Player, you could obtain the personalized settings according to your preference and all the settings could be done automatically. The instructions for playing are quite easy.

Video guide on Leawo Blu-ray Player

Part 3: How to burn 4K movie trailers to DVD?

If playing on PC is not enough for you, and you want to play the 4K video clip on a bigger screen, or if you have edited the 4K movie clip and want to burn it to a DVD, you will need a good DVD burning program. What is the best DVD burning program to burn videos in high resolution to DVD? Now I want to recommend Leawo DVD Creator as your first choice.

Leawo DVD Creator is a professional DVD burning program. It Supports 180+ video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MTS, M2TS, F4V, etc. It has preset disc menu templates, allowing you to edit disc menu as you like. You can edit video files to change video effect and apply 3D effect freely before burning it to a DVD, and the burned DVD movies can be played on any DVD player freely. So if you want to burn 4K movie trailers or any videos on a DVD, Leawo DVD Creator is your best choice.

Video guide on Leawo DVD Creator