With the fast approaching of Easter Day, it’s time for you to think of your Easter program and what music you want to use in this special service. Easter worship songs are some of most familiar and loved songs in the church. Christ’s death and resurrection is something worth singing about. Below is a list (in no particular order) of worship songs for Easter Day. These Easter Worship songs have been popular since the day they’re out. Check these Easter worship songs below and choose your favorite one. If you like, you could share your favorite Easter worship songs in the comment part.

Easter Songs

1. Christ is Risen, by Jeremy Riddle

Riddle once commented that he wrote this song to fill a gap because he felt there were many songs about the cross, but very few that focused on the resurrection. He had discerned that the celebration of the resurrection had become strictly seasonal, but that it was meant to be celebrated year round. I tend to agree with him, after all, everything hinges on it and it’s a huge part of our faith. This anthem-like song celebrates Christ’s victory over death.

2. Because He Lives, by Bill & Gloria Gaither

This is very popular song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither has been an Easter favorite for many years. This is just one of the over 600 songs that the Gaithers have written. I love how the gospel is presented in the very first verse and them how they compare it to the joy of holding a new born baby and the delight to know we are assured that this “child can face uncertain days because He lives”. This is a great song to sing as a final song in a church service or to add to your worship set.

3. I Know that My Redeemer Lives, by Nicole Mullen

“I know!” It’s a statement of confidence rooted in the reality of changed lives and inspired truth. This motivating song, sung by millions on Easter Sunday, is an earth-shaking declaration of God’s power and Christ’s triumph over death!

4. Mighty to Save, by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan

This popular worship tune celebrates our unstoppable Savior. It was penned by Rodney Clawson, a member of the Australian group Hillsong, known internationally for praise and worship music (like “Shout to The Lord”). Mighty to Save can be heard on any given Sunday in congregations all over the world. The song has been covered by Jeremy Camp, Michael W. Smith and Newsboys—just to name a few.

5. Christ Arose, by Robert Lowry

Christ Arose has been a great hymn of faith for more than 100 years. When sung as intended the verses are sung very somberly and the refrain comes alive as the declaration of the resurrection is made with a heavy staccato and music that has built to a crescendo.

6. In Christ Alone, by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

This song is massively popular all over the world and tells the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection and second coming. It is considered to be a modern day hymn but has made its way into many churches that don’t typically sing hymns because it is eminently singable, relevant and very powerful.

7. See What a Morning, by Stuart Townend

“See, what a morning!” What would it have been like to be there, and to peer into the empty tomb? (Talk about goosebumps!) Christ’s prophecy was true, and he lived to affirm it. He lives today, and we shout it out it in this triumphant song of joy — “We are raised with him! Deth is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered!”

8. I Will Rise, by Chris Tomlin

This song reminds me of our home church in Ohio because a young man there with a wonderful tenor voice sang it for Easter one year. I was so touched at the emotion of the song. It is a moving reminder of how, because of Jesus, we will also rise to new life one day. We will worship God and Jesus in the beauty of their holiness.

9. Rise Again, by Dallas Holm

Speaking of this song, Dallas Holm explained how there are times when he simply resolves that today’s job is to write a song. But then there are those rare occasions when the Lord just seems to grab hold of his pen and the words and music write themselves. Rise Again is such a song; it proclaims in first person as though the Lord Himself were speaking.

10. Amazing Grace, by Newton

Most Christians have sung this song many times. It’s the perfect Easter song, because it celebrates the grace of God that rescued us. Grace! Easter is all about grace, and this song describes how such grace transforms our hearts.