Some Mac users have been having trouble playing MOV with QuickTime. This is unusual because MOV is natively supported by QuickTime and a lot other Apple devices. iOS devices like iPhone and iPad even use MOV as the default video format for video recordings. The compatibility problem could be the result of the video codec used by the MOV video. If QuickTime doesn’t have the right codec or the video codec used by the MOV video is not supported by QuickTime, QuickTime might fail to play MOV. So there are two obvious solutions to this QuickTime compatibility problem. One is to install a codec pack for the QuickTime player on your Mac so that it can read the MOV video. The other solution is that you convert the MOV video and make it use another video codec that is supported by QuickTime.

As for the first solution, you can directly search for the QuickTime codec pack online. If you are planning on applying the second method, here’s how you can convert MOV to QuickTime.

The best video converter to convert MOV to QuickTime on Mac

To convert MOV to QuickTime Mac users are going to need a powerful video converter that can change the video codec used by the MOV video. Here’s one video converter that’s capable of doing that: Leawo Video Converter for Mac. Not only does it support converting video and audio files between 180+ different formats, also it allows you to change the video parameters like the video codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate, thus allowing you to convert MOV to play with QuickTime. It’s one of the most powerful video converters on macOS out there. So to convert MOV to QuickTime Mac users could give this a try before using other programs.


How to convert MOV to QuickTime on Mac

Here’s the detailed guide to convert MOV to QuickTime Mac users to refer to. The program is very easy-to-use, just follow the steps below and you would be able to convert MOV to a new video compatible with QuickTime with ease.

Note: The developer of Leawo Video Converter for Mac had packed the program to a software package they called Prof. Media for Mac, so after downloading and installing the program to your Mac, you would probably find that you’ve installed the Prof.Media, It’s totally normal. Just open the program and you will find Leawo Video Converter inside it. It’s totally safe to use.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Video Converter from the software package.

Open Leawo Prof. Media on your Mac, and then you will see several different tabs on the interface. Click on the Video Converter tab to launch the video converter module that we need to change the MOV video codec.

Convert MOV to Quicktime Mac

Step 2. Import MOV videos to the program.

Next thing to do is to import your MOV videos to this video converter. There are two ways to do that. One is click the Add Video button in the top left area. The other is directly drag and drop the source MOV videos to the interface of the program. After you import them to the program, you should see them on the file list.

Convert MOV to Quicktime Mac

Step 3. Set the default output format.

To play the MOV video on QuickTime with no hassle, you can either stick to the MOV video and change the video codec or convert the MOV video to another QuickTime-compatible video format, like MP4. Here I would show you how to change the video codec and we will stick to MOV. The default output format is MP4 if you are using the program for the first time. It is shown on the button that’s next to the Add Photo button on top of the file list. Click on it and click on the Change button in the middle of the following menu to enter the Profile page. Here you can find all supported output formats. Find MOV and click on it to select it as the default output format and go back to the file list.

Convert MOV to Quicktime Mac

Step 4. Change the video codec used by the MOV video.

This is the key part of this MOV to QuickTime Mac conversion. Remember the button that shows the default output format I mentioned above? Click on it again and you will see an Edit button on the left side. Click on it and you will open the Profile Settings page where you can change the parameters of the video. you will see Video Codec option on the top of the page. Click on the box next to it to select the ideal video codec. You can also change other parameters of the video if you need. When you are done setting things up, click the OK button to go back to the file list.

Convert MOV to Quicktime Mac

Step 5. Start MOV to QuickTime Mac conversion.

When you finish the above 4 steps, you can start the conversion. Click on the green Convert button in the top-right area to call out a sidebar. You can see the Save to tag, the default output format below it and a Convert button at the bottom. If you want to change the default output format, click on the “…” button next to it. Finally, click on the Convert button and the MOV to QuickTime Mac conversion will start.

Convert MOV to Quicktime Mac

When the conversion is finished. You can find the converted MOV video in the default output directory you set previously. Go find it and try playing it with QuickTime and see how things work out.

Leawo Video Coverter is an all-around video processing tool, if you are having too many videos on your hard drive, you can also use it to compress videos on Mac to make room on your hard drive.