With an iPad at hand, people are able to enjoy music, watch movies and so on. Listening to music with an iPad is not as convenient as with an iPhone or iPod, but when users want to enjoy their favorite music with iPad, they can also get excellent visual experience. When people want to listen to music on iPad, they have to transfer music from computer to iPad at first. Besides purchasing music in the iTunes Store, people have several other methods to move music to their device. The following post will introduce them in detail.

Part 1. Transfer Music from Computer to iPad with iTunes

Solution 1. Sync Music to iPad with iTunes

iTunes is always the primary choice for syncing files to iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app allows users to sync the music files from their computer to iOS devices easily, but users have to add files to the iTunes library at first. Syncing music to iPad is all the same. People need to add songs to iTunes library and then sync them to iPad. The guidance below will introduce you how to transfer music from computer to iPad with iTunes in detail.

Solution 2. Purchase Music in iTunes Store

People can purchase songs directly in the iTunes store. When iPad is connected to Internet with Wi-Fi or LTE connection, users are able to go to iTunes Store and search for the songs they need. The following tutorial will introduce in detail.

Get Music in iTunes Store on iPad
Purchase Music in iTunes Store on iPad
Purchase Music in iTunes on PC

Part 2. Transfer Music from Computer to iPad with iPad Transfer Software

Many iPad users have encountered the problem of the sync of iTunes. iTunes will erase the available music files in iPad during the sync, and users won’t be able to find the files back after the songs are erased. At this moment, people may want to find an iTunes alternative to transfer music to iPad without iTunes. Leawo iTransfer is one of the best iPad transfer software on the Internet, and it will help users get rid of the sync of iTunes. The following guidance will show how to transfer music from computer to iPad in detail.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version
1. Launch Leawo iTransfer and connect iPad to computer with the USB cable.
2. Click File > Add > Add File/Add Folder to add songs from computer, or drag and drop the songs into the software.
3. Wait for the transfer finishes.

Leawo iTransfer is helpful for multiple file transfers of iPhone, iPad and iPod. But when using the software, the users shouldn’t disconnect their devices during the transfer, or the transfer will be dismissed.

Part 3. Transfer Music from Computer to iPad with iTunes Match

iTunes Match was released in November of 2011 along with iTunes 10.5.1, and this cloud-based streaming service will help iPad users to free up a lot of storage space on their device. iTunes Match can upload the songs, including purchased and non-purchased songs, from iTunes library to the cloud. Then users are able to enjoy the music on their device without downloading them. People can subscribe iTunes Match with $25 per year. The following guidance is about transferring music from computer to iPad with iTunes Match in detail.

  1. Subscribe iTunes Match in iTunes by clicking Store > iTunes Match.
  2. Enable iTunes Match on iPad by tapping Settings > Music > Subscribe to iTunes Match.
  3. Add songs to iTunes library, and wait for iTunes Match to scan the library.
  4. iTunes Match will upload songs to the cloud, which will take a while.
  5. Open Music app on iPad and enjoy the songs in iTunes Match.

Please note that when iPad users open iTunes Match on iPad for the first time, the device will need to load iTunes Match in the Music app, which will take some time. iTunes Match will transcode all the music files to 256 kbit/s DRM-free AAC files, even if users have lossless music in their iTunes library. iPad users are allowed to download the music files from the cloud to their device. When users get iTunes Match enabled on iPad, they will find the songs are attached with cloud download icon, which means users can download these songs to their iPad. The downloaded songs will be available on their iPad even if iTunes Match are expired.

Part 4. Related Tips about iTunes Music

  • Tip 1. Listen to Music before Go to Sleep

    When iPad users want to enjoy some music before go to sleep, they can achieve the task in the Clock app on their iPad.

  • Tip 2. Skip a Song without Going to Music App

    iPad users don’t have to go to Music app to skip or pause a song. The users only need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and they will get the music control buttons.

  • Tip 3. Use Siri to Identify a Song

    When people want to figure out the accurate information of a song, they are able to ask Siri for help. Users only need to open Siri on their iPad and ask “what song is this” or “what is currently playing”. Siri will listen to the tune for short and then give the information of the song.

  • Tip 4. Control Music While Screen is Locked

    When listening to music, iPad users are able to control their music even if the screen is locked. Users only need to tap home button when the screen is locked, and then the music control panel will display.

  • Tip 5. iTunes Radio

    As cloud streaming music becomes more and more popular, iPad users are able to listen to music without syncing the songs to their device. iTunes Radio is a cloud-based music streaming service, which allows users to listen to music tracks freely, and allows users to buy tracks in iTunes store. When iPad users want to enable iTunes Radio on their device, they only need to start Music app on their iPad, and tap Radio, then start listen to music.