For iPhone users, iCloud enables them to back up all data including photo, music, contact and so forth. It greatly facilitates you to keep important data and even when you change a new phone, you don't have to worry that your old data will lose. However, one day when you want to back up photos on iCloud, you received a message "iCloud backup failed", which is really annoying. What should you do and how to fix "iCloud backup failed"? Now, the guide will show you how to fix "iCloud backup failed".

Part 1: Why iCloud Backup Failed

Why iCloud backup failed? There are many different reasons resulting in "iCloud backup failed". Sometimes, it is simply because of a poor network connection, insufficient iCloud storage, network timeout, etc. They can be mainly summarized as the following reasons:

  1. There is no enough iCloud storage. Many people would neglect this issue, but it matters a lot. When iCloud storage is not sufficient, it always results in "iCloud backup failed".
  2. iCloud is not compatible with new iOS. When iCloud is not compatible with iOS, it is also difficult to get access to iCloud. In this way, iCloud might fail to back up.
  3. Network is poor or doesn't work. As we all know, iCloud backup requires network. Without network, iCloud backup can't be completed.

Part 2: Solutions to iCloud Backup Failed Issue

Though many reasons result in why "iCloud backup failed", it is not so difficult to fix how to "iCloud backup failed" as you think. Hence, take it easy, here I would like to introduce some solutions to "iCloud backup failed" issue.

1. Make sure of enough iCloud storage

  1. Tap on Settings and then scroll down to choose iCloud.
  2. Press Storage at the top of the screen, you can see available storage. If the storage is not enough, click "Manage Storage" to delete old data so as to release more space or you can choose "Buy More Storage".

2. Make sure Wi-Fi is connected

  1. Open Settings app and click Wi-Fi button at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose one network you want to connect and input password.
  3. Click Join at top right, when the network is connected, the screen will show a tick icon of the Wi-Fi name.

3. Reboot iOS device

The easiest way to solve "iCloud backup failed" is reboot iOS device. To reboot iPhone, you can

  1. Press Home button and Power button together until you see Apple logo.
  2. When iPhone open again, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup and toggle it on again.

4. Re-sign in iCloud

  1. Open Settings and tap on iCloud;
  2. Scroll down and click Sign Out;
  3. Input iCloud account and password again to sign in again and then try to toggle iCloud Backup again.

5. Update iOS to the latest version

Sometimes, the reason why iCloud backup failed is that you didn't update your iPhone system. To update iOS system:

  1. Tap on Settings > General;
  2. Go to Software Update and click "Download and Install" to update iOS system to the latest version.

6. Reset network

  1. Head to Settings > General;
  2. Tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings;
  3. Reconnect Wi-Fi by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and inputting password.

Part 3: Back up iPhone with Leawo iTransfer

Leawo iTransfer is capable of transferring photos, images, videos, SMS, tones, contacts between iOS devices, computers and iTunes. It also helps to back up iOS files to computer in a safe way. When you transfer data, the software can save the configuration information and documents, so you don't need to import documents again. Besides, it helps you to get rid of iTunes sync, which means you don't need to worry about losing data during iTunes sync. When your iCloud backup failed, you can also adopt Leawo iTransfer to back up iPhone files.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Download and install this iTransfer on your computer. Then follow the below steps to learn how to back up iPhone with Leawo iTransfer.

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer

Connect iPhone with computer

Connect iPhone to your computer via USB cable and the device will be automatically detected by the software. You can see iPhone library in the left sidebar.

Step 2. Upload files

Upload files

There are many categories in the iPhone library like photos, music, movies, ringtones, etc. To back up all iPhone data, you have to click those categories one by one. Here I would like to take music backup as the example. Check all music files in iPhone library and right click to choose "Transfer to > My Computer".

Step 3. Choose target output directory

back up iphone to pc

A dialogue will pop up to ask you choose target output directory and click "Change" to choose target output directory on computer. After that, click "Transfer Now" to back up iPhone to computer.

Now, your iCloud contacts from different iCloud accounts have been successfully merged into one account. With Leawo iTransfer, you could transfer multiple data and files like music, video, photos, etc. between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. If you're using a Mac computer, you could make use of Leawo iTransfer for Mac.

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo iTransfer