With the popularity of Android system, smart phones can be seen everywhere in our daily life. And Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular Android smart phones. However, lots of people have met some troubles when they attempt to watch video on Samsung Galaxy. And the problem is mostly about the compatibility. Some people can’t play some videos on Samsung Galaxy. As for the issue, here I would like to share an effective solution.

Part 1: Know about Samsung Galaxy

First let’s know more about Samsung Galaxy first. As a famous brand and reasonable price series, Samsung Galaxy has caught attention from many people. Because of its optimal 5.3 inch screen size which between that of conventional smart phones, and larger tablets. It is pretty good when watching videos on the big screen of Samsung Galaxy.

However, the Samsung Galaxy is still a portable device. No matter how powerful it is, it still has some shortcomings. The storage space is limited, the video playback time is limited, and the supported formats are limited. Therefore, sometimes, you will face the problems that your favorite videos are not compatible with Samsung Galaxy as it only supports some frequently used formats such as MP4,3GP,AVC,AVI,MPEG-4 and etc.. Don’t worry about this; here is a method for you to convert the video to Samsung Galaxy.

Part 2: Best way to convert video to Samsung Galaxy – Leawo Video Converter

Here, we will introduce you Leawo Video Converter, which is regarded as a good video to Samsung Galaxy converter. It can convert video for Galaxy to almost 180+ formats. It is one of the most appealing Samsung video converter software among people around the globe. It can convert videos for Galaxy to almost all formats, including MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, RM, MPEG, 3GP, MP3 and others to fit your Samsung Galaxy. It is a good video to Samsun Galaxy converter which can enable there is no any loss in quality of the video. Therefore, you can enjoy many your favorite videos in your Samsung Galaxy phones without any compatible problems.

Download and install Leawo Video Converter on your computer (Mac users should switch to Mac version of Leawo Video Converter), and then follow the guide below to convert video to Samsung Galaxy.


Step 1: Install and Run Leawo Video Converter on your PC

To begin with, install Leawo Video Converter on your computer. After you have finished installing the program, then launch the program.


Step 2: Import the original video files

On the home page of Leawo Video Converter, click “Add Video” button on the sub-menu to load your original video files. You can also drag and drop the original video files onto the program directly.


Step 3: Choose the output format for your Samsung Galaxy

Simply click the drop-down box next to the “Add Photo” button. On the list of the drop down option, select “Change” option. Then on the popup Profile window, choose the compatible format for your Samsung Galaxy, we pick “MP4” as an example. So please pick “MP4” as the output format from “Format” column.


Note: Leawo Video Converter provides the editing functions for you, so you can customize the specifications of your video formats. Please click the “Edit” button on the drop-down profile setting box to adjust video and audio parameters like video codec, aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, audio codec, bit rate, channel, sample rate and many others. Your videos, you call the shots.


Step 4: Convert Video for Galaxy

Just click the big green “Convert” button on the sub-menu bar next to the format setting drop-down box. Then, on the popup sidebar, set output directory. After finished setting the output directory, click the “Convert” button right below. The videos will be transferred to the wanted formats. From the progress bar, you can see clearly the remaining time and the conversion process. Wait for a few minutes now.


Once finished, go to the folder where you have saved the videos and import them to your Samsung Galaxy. No any compatible issues will occur any longer. Just enjoy the high resolution and wonderful videos on the big screen of your Samsung Galaxy.

Part 3: Convert Video to Samsung Galaxy with Free Online Converter

Due to the fast development of the Internet and technology, there are many other free online Samsung video converter. Except of Leawo Video Converter, there are many other free online converter, here I will introduce Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter to you.

Guides on how to convert video to Samsung Galaxy with Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter.

Step 1. Open Apowersoft program and look for the video file from your computer to convert by using the “Browse” icon. Please remember the location of the video file so that you can find it easily later.

Step 2. Select the output format which your Samsung Galaxy supported. In this case, let’s take MP4 as an example. If you want to change the settings of the video, you can also do this.

Step 3. Click on the “Convert” button, choose the location that you want to save the new file and wait for a few minutes. The conversion process may take a few minutes and the conversion speed will vary due to the Internet speed.


Besides of the listed video to Samsung Galaxy Converter, there are a number of other converters available to users in the market. However, you need to identify the best among so many choices to make the wise decision. In my experience, I think Leawo Video converter is a good Samsung video converter as it can remain the original quality of the video files and the whole converting process is very easy to undertake. Everyone can do it as long as you have a computer. There is no any extra requirement of you to have any expertise skills.