Every day, millions of emails sent from customers to suppliers and from directors to employees makes a fact that email is playing an important role in the daily communication of business. E-mail has a great influence on traditional face-to-face communication. Now, time and distance issues can never hold email communication back. Email is fast and reliable, plus it is easily accessible. One of the features of email is that you can add attachments to it, like photos, music, documents, etc. So here I would like to show you how to add attachments to an email. And for the importance of the attachment itself, it is also necessary for me to teach you how to open attachment in iPhone email.

Part 1: How to Send Email from iPhone with Attachments

Sometimes, words can’t make yourself perfectly clear, even if you have explained a lot. The readers can hardly get your point but feel you rambling on. But if you simply add a detailed file to your email to explain it, it will be much clearer. In fact, adding attachments to your email is pretty simple. Just follow me to see how to send email from iPhone with attachments.

Step 1: Open Mail app in your iPhone.

Open Mail app

Step 2: Choose New Mail in the bottom right corner.

Choose New Mail

Step 3: Place the cursor in the body of your email and hard press it until the toolbar shows up. Click the arrow on the right side.

Click the arrow

Step 4: Choose “Insert Photo or Video”. Let’s take photos as an example.

Choose Insert Photo or Video

Step 5: Select the photos from Camera Roll and click “Choose”. This is how to send email from iPhone with attachments.

click Choose

Step 6: Plus, if you want to know how to delete email attachments from iPhone, simply place the cursor right after the attachments and click “Delete”. There you go.

click Delete

If the emails on your iPhone take too much storage, you could delete emails on your iPhone.

Part 2: How to Download Email Attachment on iPhone

Planning to download email attachment iPhone users can get the method from the steps below.

Step 1: Open mail.

Open mail

Step 2: Open the mail including attachments.

Open the mail including attachments

Step 3: Give a long press to the photo and choose “Save Image”. This is how to save email attachments on iPhone 8 or any other iPhone versions. Now I believe that you can easily solve the problem how to open email attachments on iPhone email. Once you download them, you can open them any time you want. Users who intend to download email attachment iPhone users can take full advantage of it, for when you want to download email attachment, iPhone may be the simplest one than any other smartphones ever.

download email attachment

After downloading email attachments to iPhone, you can view them on your iPhone.

Part 3: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC as Attachments via Email

You’ve taken some great pictures with iPhone’s camera and you want to back up them to your computer. Don’t know how to do it? That’ OK. You can always share data between iPhone and your PC through the attachments of email. Here’s a look at how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Open Photos app.

Open Photos app

Step 2: Select the photos you would like to transfer, then click Share button in the bottom left corner. Choose “Mail” and sent them to one or more addresses. Log in the same email addresses on your PC. And download the attachments.

click Share button

Part 4: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC via Leawo iTransfer

Supporting nearly all kinds of iOS devices, Leawo iTransfer makes a wonderful and professional iOS data management tool ever. You can install Leawo iTransfer on your PC or Mac. It allows you to transfer, add, delete and edit data with a few clicks, even wirelessly. With its fast transferring speed, you can share your data among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs rapidly and efficiently without any data loss. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, everyone can take it as a piece of cake. As an amazing iOS device management tool, Leawo iTransfer will do more than iTunes and help you manage your data from your iOS devices to your PCs. It can be the best choice for transferring between iOS devices and PCs.


Leawo iTransfer for Mac 

☉ copy files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ copy up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo iTransfer

Simply download Leawo iTransfer from https://www.leawo.org/itransfer/, and then connect your iPhone to your computer with USB cable. As you can notice, your information will be automatically detected.

Download and install Leawo iTransfer

Step 2: Transfer photos from iPhone to PC via Leawo iTransfer

Choose “iPhone > LIBRARY > Photos”. Select a photo you like or hold “Ctrl” to make more selections. Then click the arrow marked in red below.

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC

Step 3: Save the photos to your computer

In the pop-up dialogue, check the box besides “Save to folder” and then click “Change” to choose an output directory. Afterwards, click “Transfer Now”. It will begin transferring and PC can get photos from iPhone in a couple of seconds.

Save the photos to your computer