We sometimes hang tight for a whole week before the update from our favorite YouTube food influencer. We also often wait for the top tech Guru’s unboxing for a sneak peek of the latest iPhone. Nowadays, we can enjoy a good variety of content created by various kinds of digital content creators. YouTube, with no doubt that as a social media platform, has been an essential part of our daily entertainment.

For those who have been using YouTube for a relatively long term, you might notice the YouTube Premium membership. It’s a service provided by YouTube that allows you to enjoy the benefits such as removing ads, downloading videos for offline playback, playing background playbacks, and viewing original episodes for free. Another feature of Premium is YouTube music which can play music from Spotify and Apple Music with official copyrights. You can choose to only listen to the sound without watching the video with YouTube music APP.

YouTube Premium subscription features are worth it at some points. As you may enjoy exclusive content from your favorite influencers at the paid tier. And more importantly, you can download the video offline for later viewing while the internet connection is poor. This is especially useful when it comes to the occasion like planes, trains, and trips to places without a consistent and reliable network.

But there might come a time when you no longer want the membership service or you simply just want to cancel it after a one-month free trial. It’s very easy and you can cancel your YouTube Premium subscription with just a few clicks or taps.

Part 1. How to Cancel YouTube Premium in a Web Browser?

Here’s how to cancel your YouTube Premium subscription on PC.

Step 1: Open YouTube in your web browser and log in with your account.
Step 2: Click your avatar in the upper right corner and click "Paid memberships".

Step 3: You can find out the status of your paid memberships, click the blue text “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP” at the bottom of the tab, see the indication as below:

Step 4: Confirm that you want to cancel the subscription for sure, then you have successfully canceled the YouTube Premium membership.

Part 2. How to Cancel YouTube Premium in Mobile App?

Yes, nowadays we are all mobile users instead of the desktop. Ok, so yes you can also cancel the subscription from the mobile app with a few taps.

Step 1: Start the YouTube app on your mobile phone and make sure to log in.
Step 2: Tap your avatar in the upper right corner and tap "Paid memberships".

Step 3: Section “YouTube Premium” pops up, tap “Manage” to proceed.

Step 4: Then on the YouTube Premium membership page, tap "Cancel Membership." You’ll once again be asked if you want to opt-out of membership. By tapping "Yes." you’ve confirmed that you want to cancel YouTube Premium for sure.

Part 3. How to cancel YouTube Premium from the iPhone's App Store

Some people might have subscribed to YouTube Premium through iTunes then you need to unsubscribe Premium service using the App Store. Here are the steps for how to cancel the membership.

Step 1: Start the App Store app on the iPhone and tap your avatar in the upper right corner.
Step 2: Tap "Subscriptions" to go to the next step, you can see all your subscriptions from Apple Store.

Step 3: Tap "YouTube Premium" to proceed with your cancellation.
Step 4: Tap "Cancel Subscription" and tap "Confirm", then you have successfully opted out of YouTube Premium membership.

Part 4. What Happens to My Playlist When I Cancel YouTube Premium or Free Trial?

So here’s the case, some of you might want to cancel YouTube Premium membership while feeling no longer worth it or simply just want to drop out of the free one-month trial of Premium service. What happens with your playlist and library when you cancel YouTube Premium? Assume that you won’t be resubscribing again in a month’s lease. For the YouTube downloads, you won’t be having any access to the videos that have been added to your library after the subscription ends. The name of downloaded videos and songs would be unlisted.

Part 5. How to Download YouTube Premium Video for Future Playback?

While you are still in a lease with YouTube Premium, you may enjoy video downloads with the membership service. However, videos downloaded via YouTube Premium are naturally encrypted and can only be opened using YouTube, and the image quality is also limited to 720P.
If you still want to enjoy your favorite videos after the Premium subscription ends, you might want to download and save them to local folders with good resolution quality for future playback. This is also really helpful if you have a mobile plan with a limited data allowance. Download the video with Wi-Fi and watch YouTube videos on the move. No more worries about exceeding your mobile data quota!

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

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Leawo Video Downloader is equipped with a built-in fully-functional web browser. It allows users to browse online videos for download and playback just as the usual browser Chrome or Firefox. Besides that, video playback is available to use after the video is finished playing.

Leawo Video Downloader is NOT your average video downloader. For those who love high-resolution videos, Leawo is a treasure of 4K fans and could be extremely useful. As the product can not only download videos in 4K resolution but also a perfect 4K to 1080P video converter if you want to compress and share videos online. More importantly, Leawo Video Downloader is one of the fastest downloaders in the market, as it can go up to an advanced level with our core technology, which means 6 times higher than any other downloader products. That’s not all, it’s so powerful that it can even download live stream videos with M3U8 links or URLs from live streaming servers.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to download YouTube videos with Leawo Video Downloader now.

Step 1. Download Leawo Video Downloader

Download it from the link above. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Just click the icon that matched your system and come back here to follow the procedure.

Step 2. Locate the Sources of Videos

Launch Leawo Video Downloader, and tab “Download” icon as below. You should locate the YouTube video within the downloader first. So just input the YouTube video URL address you would like to download. The video you are watching will be detected directly. Also, this browser allows you to browse YouTube and other videos for download.

Note: If you are going to download the videos exclusive to your YouTube Premium subscription, please do remember to login with your Premium account here. Don’t worry, it’s totally secure to login with Leawo. We guarantee that your account and private information always stay safe with us.

Step 3. Set the Output Directory

Click the “Setting” icon at the top bar of software to enter the setting panel where you can set the output directory. This is where you can set the homepage of the built-in browser, maximum download tasks, deleting browsing history, etc.

Step 4. Download YouTube Videos

Leawo Video Downloader will automatically detect the resolutions and formats of the video sources, as long as you input the YouTube link. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are several resolutions and formats available, you may just pick one that suits you. Then, click the “Download” button to start downloading videos.

Step 5. Check Download Status

Once you have started the downloading tasks, you can check out the status of tasks on the download page. Tab the “Downloaded” on the most right of the address box to look for the videos you have downloaded. Tab the “Downloading” on the right of the address box so you can see the downloading tasks in the queue. Here you can “Pause”, “Delete”, “Start” these downloading tasks accordingly. All you need to do is just download and enjoy the videos. They will be ready in the output directory you set previously.

With the help of Leawo Video Downloader, you can download online videos for offline enjoyment in just a few simple clicks! It’s the most exceptional software that allows you to watch YouTube videos within the player and download it at the same time, while the other software tools are merely just ordinary downloaders. What are you waiting for? Download Leawo Video Downloader and enjoy your offline video entertainment now!