How to Edit Blu-ray/DVD Movies and Video Files

Leawo Prof. Media 13 for Mac has some video editing features built-in that allow you to make tweaks to the videos. Learn what you can do with your Blu-ray/DVD videos using the video editing features in the content below.

First open the video editing panel by clicking the Edit button that can be found on every video file on the list.

1. Decide Video & Audio

Under Video & Audio tab, you can adjust Playback Speed at up to 4X for output, check to Remove Noise, adjust video VolumeZoom, and rotate video in horizontal-flip, vertical-flip, 90-degree clockwise, or 90-degree counterclockwise.

2. Trim Video

One of the video editing features is video trimming. You can remove a part from the video using this feature.

Click the Trim tab from the right sidebar of the video editing panel to see more trimming options. The first method to choose which part of the video to save is to use the indicators under the progress bar. Directly drag the indicators to the time points you need to have the rest parts removed in the output video. To find the specific frames for the start and the end of the video, you can enter the exact start time and end time of the video in the respective boxes below. Or you can play the video in the preview window and, after finding a start point, click start button to set it as the start of the video. You can use the same method and the end button to set the end time of the video.

3. Add Watermark

Click the Watermark button on the left and enable the Watermark option and then you can enter the specific text you need in the Text box. Or enable the Image option to use an image as watermark. The size and position of the watermark can be adjusted directly through the preview window on the top. You can also adjust the transparency of it by dragging the indicator below it or entering a value in the Transparency box. There are also boxes for you to enter the exact values for the size and the position of the watermark.

4. Crop Video

You can enlarge a certain part of the video image to full screen using the video cropping feature. Click Crop from the left to open the video cropping panel. Choose the part of the video image you want to enlarge using the dot frame on the left video preview window and the enlarged video image will be shown on the right. You can also enter exact values in the Left, Top and Size box to make changes to the enlarged video image. Below the preview window on the right you can find several buttons. The Flip Horizontal button can be used to flip the video image horizontally and the Flip Vertical button can help you flip the video vertically. Use the Rotate 90° CW button to rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise and the Rotate 90° CCW button to rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise. There are also 6 buttons in the Zoom section you can use to adjust the aspect ratio of the video image.

5. Video Effect adjustments

Click the Effect tab on the left side to check out the video effects you are allowed to change. You can change the Brightness, Saturation, Contract of the video. There are a bar and an indicator on each option which you can use to adjust them. Changes will be immediately shown on the right video preview window. You can also adjust the parameter of a certain option by entering an exact number on the box next to that option.

6. Create Chapter

In the Create Chapter section, you could choose the Set chapter to create chapters by directly typing the number, or choose Set chapter length to input the value of every chapter duration. You could also insert and edit chapters one by one by dragging the slider to the point that you would like to create the chapter and click Insert chapter for creating the chapter. If you are not satisfied with the chapter creating results, you could also click Delete or Delete All to delete the chapters.

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