How to Remove Cinavia from Blu-ray/DVD

With Blu-ray Cinavia Removal and DVD Cinavia Removal, Leawo Prof. Media lets you easily remove Cinavia watermark from Blu-ray/DVD content on Mac computer to get Cinavia-free Blu-ray/DVD copies.

Step 1. Enter Cinavia module

Launch Leawo Prof. Media. Then you can click Cinavia entry at the top toolbar, or select Blu-ray Cinavia or DVD Cinavia module on the Home interface to enter Cinavia module.

Step 2: Add source Blu-ray/DVD

On the "Cinavia" module, cick the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" drop-down button to load the source Cinavia watermarked Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder, or ISO image file.

Step 3: Relative Blu-ray/DVD Cinavia removal settings

In Cinavia module, if you are going to load Blu-ray content, you can only choose Full Movie and Main Movie modes . If you are going to load Cinavia watermarked DVD content, you could only choose Main Movie mode. Full Mode mode helps load and copy the entire source Blu-ray file, while Main Movie mode is for Movie-only backup. And under Subtitle and Audio option , you can choose the subtitle and audio track you like at will. Then, at the bottom left corner, click to choose Disc type for backup. The size of the output file is displayed at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4. More Blu-ray/DVD Cinavia removal settings

Click the big green "Cinavia" button on the top-right corner to call out output setting panel, where you need to set the "Copy to", "Disc Label", "Save to".

Under Copy to option, you can set and output the Cinavia-removed Blu-ray to folder, ISO file or burn it into a blank disc. Just check the corresponding options.

When you check "Folder" or "ISO File" option under Copy to option, you need to set the directory for saving the converted file. Just click three dots button to browse and choose a directory.

In addition, Remove Cinavia is set checked status by default.

Step 5: Start removing Cinavia

Finally, click the "Start"  button at the bottom of the sidebar to start removing Cinavia on Blu-ray/DVD.

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