"My Yoga teacher suggests we watch her online video courses using players with multi-angle options to adjust to the best angle and capture the best teaching performance. Is there any player that has the ability to support multi-angle adjustment? "

Sounds familiar? Multi-angle videos are a hit and honestly, it is a double-sword. Some may find it really helpful when it comes to capturing difference angle of scenes but it may also be a disturbance for some because multi-angles really make the video look in a mess. Today we will look into this new trend and introduce the best media players to support multi-angle movie playback. Let's get started in no time!

Part 1: What is Multi-angle Movie

Multi-angle is a multi-camera shooting method, which expresses some scenes in a comprehensive way – different angles. It can be explained more easily in this way. For some playback devices, you can switch angles with a specific button while watching the multi-angle movie.

This is a pretty novel technology to make movies enjoyable in multi-angle which may bring marvelous visual experience with different viewing angles. For example, when it comes to action movies, multi-angle shooting and post-treatment will make the scene live and more exciting for viewers from different angles. The same effects may apply to Marvel's series, Spider Man, Ant Man, Iron Man, and End Game…Imagine how exciting that would be to view these great movies from different angles. Shooting technology matters but the media player also plays a vital part in the multi-angle DVD/movie enjoyment.

On the contrary, multi-angle movie can be a burden to some people as well if they cannot take advantage of it. This feature may disturb the movie experience. In some scenarios, multi-angle is also a method to apply for DVD copy protection, considering the back-up difficulties it causes and the awful playback performance - misleading scene all the time.

Therefore, multi-angle is novel technology to make movie/DVD experience more enjoyable but for other scenarios where users do not need multi-angle effects, this can be a burden and drawback.

Part 2: How to Watch Multi-angle DVDs and Blu-rays

Luckily, we have the industry-leading media player that can perfectly support multi-angle movie playback. Leawo Blu-ray Player, developed by leading software developer Leawo, is an industry-leading player that fulfills various tasks by acting as free Blu-ray disc player, free DVD disc player, free HD video player (free 4K video player), free ISO file player, and free audio player (free music player). This freeware will give viewers so many options to enrich their viewing experience that it is a global popular program for years. Further, thanks to the advanced image and audio processing technology, Leawo Free Blu-ray Player software delivers superb movie experience, offering you cinema-like enjoyment with your home theatre system. As a region-free Blu-ray player program, Leawo Blu-ray Player could play Blu-ray discs of region A, B and C, and DVD discs from region 0 to 6. From a technical point of view, it can decrypt any Blu-ray disc and then play for you.

When it comes to quality, Leawo Blu-ray Player can retain the best quality of movie and is able to stream the video smoothly without interruption.

For the latest version, it supports users to adjust angles during playback, which makes multi-angle Blu-ray/DVD playable within this player. If you are already a Leawo user, simply upgrade your player to the latest version. Otherwise, it is easy to download and install the latest version from the download link below. By the way, we will share a detailed tutorial guide here to show you how to run Leawo Blu-ray Player for multi-angle movie playback.

Step 1: Install the player to the PC.

Click the button below to download and install the player to your PC. Note that Leawo Blu-ray Player comes in both Windows and Mac. Install the correct version based on what system you are using.

Step 2: Add the multi-angle movie to the player.

Click Open File from the home page and navigate to the directory where you keep the original files. If supports video files, ISO image files, and even disc.


Step 3: Enjoy the multi-angle movie at ease.

After you have loaded the files to Leawo Blu-ray Player, you can right-click for more playback settings. Then you will see the "Angles" setting where you can select the certain angle to enjoy the movie playback if the movie has been shot by multiple angles.


Part 3: Other Multi-angle Player Alternatives

Aside from Leawo Blu-ray player, we have some other alternatives for you as well.

VALT Multi Video Player

From technical point of view, VALT multi video player is also a valuable choice. But it may be more familiar to professionals. The VALT Player (also referred to as IVSDesktopPlayer.exe) is a freeware application that was designed to work with our flagship VALT video recording, observation and management software. The VALT application is capable of recording multiple camera angles of the same interaction simultaneously. That being said, the integrated player allows users to playback these multi-camera recordings in a synchronized fashion. As it boasts, it can support up to 9 videos in parallel. That is why the lightweight software can be used to independently to play back multiple MP4 videos. It is a stand-alone video player.



DVDFab also provides the support for multi-angle movie playback. It is a video player that can play video created with multi-angle cameras. The reinvented DVDFab Player 5 features all-new playback engine that significantly improves stability, compatibility and playback smoothness; completely redesigned user interface that brings in totally different PC and TV playback modes both with distinctive media entertainment experience; DVDFab player comes in standard and ultra version which have similar offering for general playback services but differing in some specific area like menu playback, 4KHD or 3D playback and the like. Meanwhile, DVDFab ripper has the right capability to handle multi-angle movies.


Extra information

If you have the interest to shoot films or videos in multi-angle form, you may probably seek help from the advanced apps. Talents are everywhere to make it possible for average people to make a multi-angle movie clip.

GroupClip is a good app here. The app enables users to invite up to four friends in any location into the same movie project and start recording clips straight away. As the video is synced to the cloud, each user has access to everyone else's footage, and can combine and edit them to create individual multi-angle videos. This is basically how a multi-angle clip takes shape.

Users can select clip segments to feature prominently in their final projects, and drag and drop clips into position. In the meanwhile, they can make use of multiple layout templates on offer within the app (including a picture-in-picture option) for users to create their collage, and photos can also be imported into film projects.

Part 4: Conclusion

Multi-angle movie or DVDs are trending. In some cases, when viewing a multi-angle movie from a stand-alone player, one can press some "Angle Switch" button to switch angles to view. This is the most fundamental function to switch into the multi-angle experience. We must acknowledge that this multi-angle thing really can treat viewers with fabulous visual feast. But there can be other more simple and direct way to run into the multi-angle feast, which can be fulfilled by qualified media players.

Speaking of media players, there are quite a few great options for you to choose. Leawo Blu-ray Player supports users with the ability to adjust angle during playback to best their movie experience. Within this latest version player, users can easily right click to adjust the angle. Besides all other general features, Leawo Blu-ray Player supports lossless quality playback, high quality video playback, and many more. Be ready to enjoy the supreme performance of Leawo Blu-ray Player. For more details about the features it offers, check Leawo Blu-ray Player page here.

On a final note, if you are interested to make a film, movie clip, or even vlog in multi-angle form, you may use the online app to help fulfill the task with organized steps and guidance. Imagine how exciting that would be for an average to create a video that has the blockbuster's performance.