Region Free is a term for describing DVDs and DVD players that do not have region-encoding. To put it simpler, a region free DVD can be played in any DVD player wherever it is bought and a region free DVD player can play any DVDs or Blu-ray files from around the world, regardless of regional restrictions, i.e. DVD/Blu-ray region codes. After all, a DVD player or DVD/Blu-ray file is limited to its encoded regions. Generally, there are three Blu-ray regions and nine DVD regions.

Why need a Blu-ray/DVD Region Free Player?

Generally, major studios in the world would prefer dividing the world into different areas with region codes, so that they are able to make greater profits by controlling and fixing prices in a specific market locked to its region code. And now more and more people prefer using Blu-ray/DVD Region Free software, in order to free themselves from inconveniences caused by regional-lockout while enjoy movie blockbusters.

blu-ray region free software

Their main motives are listed in the below:

- Many commercial DVDs are equipped with Region Code technology to protect its copyright, with the result that DVDs can only be played on DVD players with the same region code. For example, DVD bought in Japan could not be played in US since they belong to different region codes.

- For a cinema fan, being region-locked means that you can’t watch any DVDs or enjoy them of different quality standards as desired due to the region code of the place where you are living.

- Usually the same movie has different editions in different regions, which means you could happen to live in the area where a desired edition is inaccessible.

- Sometimes certain Blu-ray discs are only available in specific regions, which would be a loss to those who are locked out by region codes.

All in all, it would be a great disappointment when you plan to enjoy a Hollywood blockbuster in high definition only to find that your DVD player bought in Hong Kong can’t support your DVD file, right? And that perfectly explains why you need a region free Blu-ray/DVD player. In the following part, you will get to know several handy region free DVD program. Just check them one by one and select the one as needed.

Top 3 Blu-ray/DVD Region Free Software

Top 1. Leawo DVD/Blu-ray Player

Price: FREE

Features: This is all-in-one player which can play multiple types of files including DVD, Blu-ray, physical digital media, container formats, network protocol clients, audio and video of various formats. This program boasts of advanced image and processing technology, enabling users to have superb movie playback and cinema-like experience. Its personalized and preference settings allow users to have their exclusive movie experience exactly to their own tastes. This software has two different versions targeted at PC and Mac users respectively.


Top 2. WinDVD Pro 11

Price: $54.99

Features: WinDVD Pro 11 is another program that is compatible with most of video formats, as well as virtually all physical and digital media formats. And it runs with very little CPU usage, so you can manage multiple tasks at one time without slowing the operation of your computer. However, this software does not allow you to use your phone as a remote controller. Even worse, it is not compatible with Windows 10 and there is no Mac version for Mac users.

blu-ray region free software

Top 3. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

Price: $22.40

Features: This is also one of the top players which can be compatible with all digital video formats, so you can play any DVD/Blu-ray/ISO files on your computer. Moreover, it had Dobly and DTS support, allowing you to enjoy loss-less playback for a crystal-clear listening and watching experience. However, it has no power saving function. Worse still, it has no HD or 3D upstaging capacity that other players offer. And you can’t play standard and re-writable DVDs.

blu-ray region free software

Question: Which One is the Best?

By comparing these three players as listed in the above, you will see that Leawo DVD/Blu-ray Player surely stands out for its wide compatibility and personalized editing feature. Most importantly, it is totally FREE! You can just get an all-in-one player without paying any single cent.

Best of all, unlike other professional programs with complex user interface, this Leawo DVD/Blu-ray Player software offers you the easiest path to play DVD/Blu-ray/ISO files on computer.

Steps to use this software:

Step 1. After downloading the right version of this software, open it with double clicks. You can then hit the Open File option to load video, audio and ISO image file for playback. Or you can right click on the main interface and then select “Open > Open Folder”and hit the “Ctrl+P”shortcut button to continue.

blu-ray region free software

Note: To play Blu-ray/DVD disc, you need to insert your Blu-ray/DVD disc into the disc drive, and then click the disc name on Leawo Blu-ray Player home interface to start playing.

Step 2. Once the file is successfully loaded, you can change the Subtitle, Audio and Video settings so as to enjoy a movie feast to as desired.

blu-ray region free software

Step 3. Finally, hit the Play icon to begin the process. And you can now enjoy the audio feast at ease.

As you can see, it can’t be easier! To have a nicer video/audio experience, this Free but powerful Leawo Blu-ray Player surely is the best DVD/Blu-ray region free software, which enables you to enjoy videos/audios at ease!