Once established in February, 2005 and later bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, YouTube has now been known all over the world as an online video-sharing platform.

It allows the users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other users. Both user-generated and corporate media videos are able to be uploaded to the platform. The most commonly uploaded video contents are by individuals while the corporations such as CBS, BBC, HULU and Vevo offers their materials via YouTube as part of the YouTube partnership program. The available content covers from video clips to documentary films and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

Though it is a popular video website around the world, not everyone can have free access to it unless some measures are to carried out to deal with the limitation for watching videos on it. Our topic centers on how to watch blocked YouTube videos and please check out the outline here.

Know More about YouTube Video Region Restrictions

Before we start to learn more about YouTube video region restrictions, we should know the reason for enforcing region restrictions on YouTube.

It is a society nowadays with thousands of information popping up every day or even every minute. As a receiver we are, the incoming big loads of information has been part of our lives and influenced our views toward the ruler, Google, government, government officials, religion, or religious leaders. The government, who feels it urgent to control its people from spreading unwanted criticism against the units we mention above, enforces region restrictions for some kinds of video sharing platforms like YouTube.

Apart from preventing criticism against the organizations, violation of national laws has been one concern for which the region restrictions are enforced. It includes violation of Copyright and intellectual property protection laws, hate speech, ethics, or morality-based laws and the national security legislation.

In some countries, YouTube is blocked completely while in others only blocked for a specific period or for some specific videos. For example, in the period of national election or in response to the upcoming political anniversaries, the YouTube is blocked. If we are not sure whether the website is blocked or not, we can check its availability online. Just type in the video website on the location bar and click the “Check” button to see whether the website is blocked or not in your country.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country?

Anyway, blocked for watching the video doesn’t mean absolutely banned or inaccessible to all of the video contents. With the proper way can you watch the blocked videos as well. Just check it here.

There are two easy ways to watch the blocked YouTube video. The solutions introduced in the article are full proof.

1. Link Edits


Sometimes the video is locked for the simple trick. As long as we know about the strategy of dealing with the trick, problem is solved without too much efforts. In this method you just need to change slightly in the video URL like this. First of all is to find the video in your favor and use the YouTube as the website for video searching. The next step is to edit the link to the video.

The original link is like this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6udJqygTuTo. You just need to make a tiny edit to it by replacing the “/watch?v=” with “/v/” It will then become – https://www.youtube.com/v/6udJqygTuTo. This method works on almost all the blocked videos and if there are some videos still cannot be watched, try the second way.

2. Hooktube

Hooktube provides a lite version of YouTube videos to viewers. You can watch any video through this platform. It makes the process of unblocking videos quite simple.

Mirroring the same steps in the first method, the user just needs to change slightly in the YouTube link. For example, www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9p4-pzoz-Y to www.hooktube.com/watch?v=H9p4-pzoz-Y.

There are still some apps that can be used to solve the issue of blocking.

NewPipe, the latest app that can help the Android users to view the YouTube video in an easy way. By using this app can you watch the videos that are free of blocking by YouTube and have better experience of ad-free.

3. VPN Method

It’s a way that is quite convenient for the user but might be detected by the government and enforced penalty on it. It can change the location of your devices, making it none-restricted for viewing the blocked videos.

The most popular VPN server on computers is Hola VPN thanks for the quick response to the user’s command. Applying this VPN on your personal device can help you to bypass YouTube easily.

4. Download Blocked Video

Last but not the least, to download the video with the YouTube video downloader is another method we recommend. Even if the video is blocked, it can be downloaded on the video downloader. After the video is downloaded, just restore it to your personal device and save for further watching.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country via Leawo Video Downloader?

In the paragraph we just mention above that the measure to watch blocked YouTube video is by YouTube video downloader. Can we draw inferences about other instances from one instance? In other words, is there some video downloader to replace YouTube video downloader? The answer is affirmed and top of the list is Leawo Video Downloader, which is a powerful online video converter that can download videos from various kinds of video websites such as YouTube, Hulu, Dailymotion, iFilm, Vimeo, Facebook and Myspace, etc. 

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Check the following steps for YouTube video downloading.

Step 1: Run Video Downloader

In this step, we should firstly download the Leawo Prof. DRM where the Video Downloader is affiliated. After downloading and installing finished, run the program and find from the homepage for the Video Downloader.

When clicking the Video Downloader, it will take you to the website of YouTube.com by default which can be altered to another website in setting. Or you can also manually change it in the location bar.

Step 2: Set Output Directory

The detailed setting panel is popping up after you click the gear icon  and under “Downloader” tab, you could set a directory for downloading video/audio files in the "Save videos to" box.

Step 3: Edit the Link of Blocked Videos

If the video is blocked in your region, we should apply the measure introduced in the article for getting rid of the restriction before accessing to the video. Just change the area in red circle “/watch?v=”to “/v/”and then you can access to the unblocked video. By well handling this method, it is much easier to get access to the videos especially the videos from oversea like American drama. If there are some popular American drama to be recommended, I think the top 5 American Dramas should be on the list.

Step 4: Download YouTube Video

The video can be watched with the built-in player. Or you can download it to your pc for watching later. Videos with different formats and resolutions are detected by the program after you open a video link. Just choose the one of your liking and click the “Download” button to download the video. For the user who demands the resolutions of the video, similar downloading process can be founded from the website of 4K video downloading from YouTube.

Step 5: Check out downloading process

Click “Downloading tab” next to the location bar to check out the video you are currently downloading. If you right click the video, you will see several options for processing the video. “Start All” and “Pause All” apply to the occasion when there is more than one video in progress. By clicking the “Browse Website”, it will take you back to YouTube.com if it is set by default.

Step 6: Sort the video

When you finish downloading the video, click on Downloaded button to go to the list of the downloaded video. The downloaded videos are able to be sorted by Name, Newest, Size and Length.

Mirroring the last step, if you right click one of the downloaded videos there will be a menu from which you can see several options. Click “Select All” to select all the files. If you want to edit one of them, just neglect this button. Click “Add to Convert” to add the file to the Video Converter module assuming that you have this module registered. Click "File Location" to open the file with Windows Explorer.

The blocked videos can be accessed through the measures that we brief in the article by slightly change the video link or using another video browsing app like NewPipe. With Leawo Video Downloader, you can not only watch the unblocked videos with the built-in player by changing the video link, but also download the blocked videos even without changing the video link.