NieR Automata is a 2017 action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. Advance orders of the game have been available in Japan since December 22, 2016. It was declared that worldwide shipments and digital sales of the game have exceeded 5 million by the end of 2020. The game originally released for the PlayStation 4 and Windows via Steam, with an Xbox One port being published the following year.

As a story-oriented game, it takes place in a desolate but stunning futuristic dystopia where humanity has fled to the moon after an extraterrestrial invasion, leaving behind an army of androids to fight the aliens’ more primitive but prolific machines. There are three controllable characters in total, among which Jurha 2B, Jurha 9S and Jurha A2 are the three protagonists of the game to fight against the invaders and retake the Earth. Read on NieR automata review, and you would find your favorite character after learning more about characters of the game.

Part 1: NieR Automata Character 2B Review

NieR Automata 2B serves as the protagonist of Route A in the game. She is a YoRHa android created to battle the machine lifeforms that have invaded the Earth on behalf of the surviving humans. She is the crucial character in the game who typically has a cool, calm, and collected personality. She is equipped with a multitude of weapons for close quarters combat and can attack from range using the Pod support system. Her eyes are obscured beneath her standard-issue military visor, which she rarely removes. NieR automata 2B’s role was also to ensure that NieR automata 9S would not discover the true nature of Project YoRHa. She even executed him to prevent him from digging too deep of the project because of the natural curiosity programmed into him.


As a playable role, NieR Automata 2B is the most balanced of the three characters, with a slight bias towards offensive functions. She wields two swords as her primary weapons, although she also wields spears and combat bracers. Pod support system helps her in battles by allowing her to glide, and attack enemies from a distance. NieR Automata 2B has a health setting, which can vary depending on the difficulty of the game. There is no concept of HP for the player character on the VERYHARD mode, and the character will die on a single hit. The loss of health of the character can be recovered by killing enemies, and the player character will die when the health of the character is zero. The character has no defense set, and the player can only evade attacks.

Part 2: NieR Automata Character A2 Review

NieR Automata A2 serves as the protagonist of Branch C in the game, as well as the final boss in Branch D. Besides, she is a prototype of the YoRHa android line, and combat data from her and her comrades was used to create the superior current lines, including 2B and 9S. NieR Automata A2 was an important female role. She was originally part of the experimental YoRHa squadron deployed on the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission during the 14th Machine War but ended up being the last survivor after the mission, causing her to be declared a traitor and deserter due to the secrecy of the prototype YoRHa line.


NieR Automata A2 was initially depicted as mysterious and taciturn. However, after the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission, she got a rapid growth and became aggressive and fiery in personality, devoting herself to revenging the mechanical life. She has a completely different kind of beauty and temperament—with long hair (cut off after 2B’s death as a tribute to her), pupil cloudy blue eyes and yellowish white hair. She has the highest damage potential out of all the playable characters in the game, especially with the right Plug-in Chips. When using Berserk with higher level Offensive Heal, Deadly Heal, or Damage Absorb Chips, the health drain will be offset by the massive amounts of health gained while dealing damage and killing enemies. While as a boss in Chapter 06-05, NieR automata A2 will dash around the screen and attack the player, jumping from high distances, and will not use Berserk mode. In Chapter 17-09 (Branch D), she is fought in a side-on mode in the Forest Kingdom, using pod weapons including specials.

Part 3: NieR Automata Character 9S Review

NieR Automata 9S, served during the 14th Machine War, is the protagonist of Branches B and D, as well as one of the main antagonists and final boss of Branch C. As one of the playable roles in the game, NieR Automata 9S’ characters will be unlocked gradually as the game progresses through the story. Since he is a scanner type android, NieR Automata 9S is naturally curious about the world around him — especially in regard to the machine lifeforms. Though he has an attack function, it is an android specializing in investigative purposes — a member of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa, who does well in hacking-based information collection.


9S is created with rich emotions and kind-hearted, but it also means that he is more impulsive and easier to go to the dark side. After the death of NieR automata 2B—his partner and executioner, 9S’s darker side overshadows his former personality and he began to take revenge on NieR automata A2 because of misunderstanding. His demeanor has got notable change, being quieter and more subdued. Nonetheless, through his deteriorating mental state, pieces of his former personality still shine through now and again. He is the least combat-focused of the three characters, relying mostly on his hacking abilities. As an enemy, he hacks the player in two ways: one that disrupts the HUD and one that sends the player into a hacking game.

Part 4: NieR Automata NPC Overview

Except for the three main characters, there are also a number of NPCs in NieR automata, such as Adam, Eve, Commander, Pascal, 64B, 8B, etc.

NPC Name Description
Adam A silver-haired, young man of beauty whose true character is shrouded in mystery. He has a calm personality, but will take relentless action for his goal at the same time.
Eve Adam’s twin brother, has a simple personality and doesn’t think about things too in-depth. He cares for his brother more than anything in the world.
Commander The director of the Bunker, a base that floats in the satellite orbit, and the person who is in charge of commanding all YoRHa units. She conducts herself in a level and calm manner.
64B A YoRHA deserter. Ordered to be apprehended by Command for abandoning its post, it put up a fierce resistance before being destroyed.
8B A YoRHA deserter that used to be a captain. It had a deft command of multiple weapons, and switched easily between them in combat. Ordered to be apprehended by Command for abandoning its post, it put up a fierce resistance before being destroyed.
And so on…

Part 5: Download NieR Automata OST MP3 Free

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