As the highest-selling Broadway cast album of 2015 and peaked at number one on the Rap Albums chart, the first cast album to ever do so, Hamilton was so popular of all time. Since Hamilton soundtrack are with high reputation among a lot of music lovers, many of them would prefer to download Hamilton soundtrack for offline playback. However, a prime subscription is required most of the time for a download. Luckily, you can find the best Hamilton songs recommended in this article and get Hamilton soundtrack download as easy as pie.

Part 1: Brief Introduction to Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the best-selling cast albums of all time. It is an American Musical that tells the story of one of America’s foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. As a sung-and-rapped-through musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show draws heavily from hip hop, as well as R&B, pop, soul, and traditional-style show tunes. Hamilton is the cast album to the 2015 musical Hamilton, which has achieved the largest first week sales for a digital cast album and is the highest-charting cast album since 1963. The Hamilton soundtrack is regarded as a staggeringly impressive piece of recent culture.


Part 2: Hamilton Soundtrack in Order List

There are 46 tracks spread out over nearly two and a half hours in this album, which closely replicates the experience of the show most could never get a ticket to live. As such, a passionate, thriving Hamilton fandom rose up out of that soundtrack and it continues through to this day. The order list of Hamilton soundtrack is taken down below.

  • Hamilton-Soundtrack-in-Order-List
  • Act I

      1. “Alexander Hamilton”

      2. “Aaron Burr, Sir”

      3. “My Shot”

      4. “The Story Of Tonight”

      5. “The Schuyler Sisters”

      6. “Farmer Refuted”

      7. “You’ll Be Back”

      8. “Right Hand Man”

      9. “A Winter’s Ball”

      10. “Helpless”

      11. “Satisfied”

      12. “The Story of Tonight (Reprise)”

      13. “Wait For It”

      14. “Stay Alive”

      15. “Ten Duel Commandments”

      16. “Meet Me Inside”

      17. “That Would Be Enough”

      18. “Guns and Ships”

      19. “History Has Its Eyes On You”

      20. “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)”

      21. “What Comes Next”

      22. “Dear Theodosia”

      23. “Non-Stop”

  • Act II

      1. “What’d I Miss”

      2. “Cabinet Battle #1”

      3. “Take A Break”

      4. “Say No To This”

      5. “The Room Where It Happens”

      6. “Schuyler Defeated”

      7. “Cabinet Battle #2”

      8. “Washington On Your Side”

      9. “One Last Time”

      10. “I Know Him”

      11. “The Adams Administration”

      12. “We Know”

      13. “Hurricane”

      14. “The Reynolds Pamphlet”

      15. “Burn”

      16. “Blow Us All Away”

      17. “Stay Alive (Reprise)”

      18. “It’s Quiet Uptown”

      19. “Election of 1800”

      20. “Your Obedient Servant”

      21. “Best of Wives and Best of Women”

      22. “The World Was Wide Enough”

      23. “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

Part 3: Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs List

The Hamilton soundtrack has been certified six times platinum, and took home a Grammy in 2016 for “Best Musical Theater Album.” In addition, Hamilton also received a record-setting 16 nominations at the 2016 Tony Awards, ending the night with 11 awards, including Best Musical.

It is widely recognized that all the songs in Hamilton are highly praised, and the musical that is now reaching more and more audience thanks to its popularity. You are likely to find that there are some Hamilton songs are more sought-after while others are less due to different aesthetics of music or something else. To break down the soundtrack that propelled it to such heights, top 10 Hamilton songs of high praise are listed to help you find the best of the best.

1. “Satisfied”

Satisfied” is the emotional lynchpin of Hamilton, both sad and incredibly beautiful, which makes it the very best song as such. As the eleventh song in the show, it comes about halfway through Act I, showing Angelica’s heartbreak. It is witty, wordplay-filled rhyming raps with more traditional powerhouse Broadway ballads, which makes it most challenging song in the entire musical.


2. “My Shot”

My Shot” is a fast-paced, passionate and thrilling song that introduces the complexity of Hamilton. Besides, it takes on a double meaning, not only for Hamilton and his friends Laurens, Lafayette and Mulligan to lay out their endeavor and eagerness for the fulfillment of the evolution, but also foreshadowing his fateful duel with Aaron Burr.


3. “The Room Where It Happens”

The song is far and away so brilliant that it stands out from this musical to crack the top 10. It has a jazzy, upbeat, traditional show-tune vibe to it, further demonstrating the wide talents of Miranda who takes it as one of her best songs. It exposes the flaw in the equality that Hamilton and the other founding fathers claim to have fought for, indicating a turning point for Burr.


4. “Wait For It”

Wait For It” is Aaron Burr’s first theme song, where he lays down his tragic family history and the reasons for his excessive prudence. Someone says that “It’s poignant, universal and yet completely applicable to the character who sings it and his situation, and just beautifully written.” It is indeed an incredible song that shows the wide difference of Burr and Hamilton in character despite of similar growing background.


5. “Burn”

Burn” is musically not one of the better ballads in Hamilton, but lyrically powerful, revealing Eliza’s heartbreak and betrayal. Eliza is a love-struck young woman, a doting mother and a devoted wife. Though her husband’s betrayal bitterly broke her heart, she still found the way to go through that pain, which makes her so impressive.


6. “Yorktown” (The World Turned Upside Down)

Yorktown” is an utterly unique song, regarded as the emotional climax not only of the war, but of Hamilton’s role in it. It is fast, harsh, chaotic, and thrilling, which makes it a little bit hard to some extent. This is the song that captures the moment that American troops defeated the British empire and “the world turned upside down”.


7. “Non-Stop”

Non Stop” is the song that sums up the character of Alexander Hamilton, which introduces audience or listeners further to his arrogance, stubbornness and relentless commitment to writing not just focusing his ambition and desire to make a name for himself as before.


8. “One Last Time”

One Last Time” is an impassioned endorsement of term limits of American government first set by George Washington in his voluntary departure, and an emotional goodbye to Jackson as well. Moreover, it is really a meditation on the ideals of democracy, the nature of freedom and what the “benign influence of good laws” actually means.


9. “Alexander Hamilton”

Alexander Hamilton” is a famous and exhilarating opening song that introduces its audience to all the important characters, themes, and sounds of the musical show, which signifies a shift in the Broadway musical tradition as well. It’s a track that sets the tone and motif of Alexander Hamilton: his origin, motivation, and the impact he will go on to have.


10. “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

It is said that “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” is a fitting ending that caps the musical’s theme of leaving behind a legacy and being remembered. Moreover, this song provides enough space for thought.


Part 4: How to Get Hamilton Soundtrack Download?

Truly almost every Hamilton soundtrack, not just the top 10 Hamilton songs mentioned above, is impressive and essential in the musical to a certain extent. They are still popular so that many of you are intended to get your favorite Hamilton soundtrack download. Actually, they are available on music streaming service for online listening. If you want to download Hamilton soundtrack, you can go to Amazon, where offers the album on both CD and as a digital download. However, you cannot listen to best Hamilton songs offline any more when the free trial is expired. To make sure that you can download Hamilton soundtrack for offline playback all the time, you can apply Leawo Music Recorder to make it before the expiration date. The recorder is an outstanding music recording program that can record any online audio from YouTube and record audio from any other websites online. The simple guide is as follows.

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Step 3. Launch the Program for Hamilton Soundtrack Download

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Step 4. Set Output Format

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Step 5. Set Directory for Hamilton Soundtrack Download Destination

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Step 6. Start to Get Hamilton Soundtrack Download

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