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Some iPhone Safari Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Safari is the built-in web browser for iOS devices and Mac computers. Like IE for Windows, Safari is iOS-optimized browser that allows users to surf the Internet without any lag. Safari updates along with the update of iOS, so people will always keep their Safari up to date when they upgrade the latest version of iOS. Though people have been using Safari for years, they may still want to figure out several iPhone Safari tips to help them handle their web browser better. This post is going to introduce the Safari killer tips to all.

Part 1. Basic Safari Tips for Green Hands

For people who haven’t used Safari for long, this part may provide you a little help. This part is mainly about basic setting-ups.

1.1 Delete Safari Cookie on iPhone

1. Tap Settings > Safari on iPhone.
2. Tap Block Cookies.
3. Select Always, From third parties and advertisers or Never.

In fact, cookies are websites put on your iPhone in case that you visit them again. For example, when you want to log in a website with username and password for the second time, you don’t need to type them for the second time if cookies are enabled. In certain websites, cookies are necessary if you want to use the features on them. So it’s totally up to you whether you want to delete safari cookies.

1.2 Delete Safari Cache on iPhone

1. Tap Settings > Safari on iPhone.
2. Tap Clear History or Clear Cookies and Data.
3. Tap Clear History or Clear Cookies and Data.

Deleting caches and website data from Safari will help you regain storage space on your iPhone, and also enhance the performance of Safari on your iPhone.

1.3 Block Ads on Safari

Safari on Mac enables users to block ads easily. However, it doesn’t provide similar option for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. In the coming iOS 9, people may be able to block ads with a web-blocker app.

Part 2. Browsing Tips

When people are using Safari to surf the Internet, they will also come up with some issues. The following part will introduce the tips and tricks about browsing webpages with Safari.

2.1 Set up Google as Safari Search Engine on iPhone

1. Tap Settings > Safari on iPhone.
2. Tap Search Engine.
3. Check Google as the search engine.

Then you can go to Safari and search for the things you want to know, and Google will find the results for you.

2.2 Export Safari Bookmarks

At this moment, a piece of iPhone data recovery software will be helpful. Leawo iOS Data Recovery does not only helps to recover deleted files from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but also helps to export files from iOS devices. The following guidance introduces how to export Safari bookmarks on iPhone.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version
1. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery and choose Recover from iOS Device.
2. Connect iPhone to computer and click Start.
3. After the scan, check Bookmarks and select the ones you need.
4. Click Open to choose a target folder. Then click Go to export Safari bookmarks.

With Leawo iOS Data Recovery, iPhone users are able to export Safari bookmarks easily, and they can save the bookmarks on their computer for a backup.

2.3 Set up Safari Private Browsing on iPhone

1. Open Safari on iPhone and Tap Tabs icon (two overlapped squares.
2. Tap Private.
3. You can choose whether you want to keep the current pages.

Tap Private again if you want to turn off Private browsing. This tip will help you browse the sites without leaving any record in Safari browsing history until you turn Private off.

Part 3. Safari vs Google Chrome on iPhone

Chrome vs Safari

iPhone users have multiple choices on Internet browsing apps besides Safari. Google Chrome for iOS may be a primary choice when it comes to third-party browsing apps. The following post will make a comparison between Safari and Chrome for iOS.

1. Speed

In fact, both apps provide very fast responding speed on opening same webpage. After turning off multi tasks, and other apps which may cause lag on browsing Internet, we come out with a conclusion that Chrome for iOS may be a second faster in loading the webpage, and the reason may be that Safari is loading other data stored in iPhone while loading the webpage.

2. Clearing Cache

Both Safari and Chrome for iOS provide features which allow users to clear cookies, caches and website data. Safari enables users to clean the data within iPhone Settings as mentioned in above parts; Chrome allows users to clean data in settings within the app. Chrome for iOS also allows users to clean data of a certain page, though it is not very user-friendly because you need to type chrome:history to find certain sites and delete browsing history.

3. Usability

According to my own using experience, I prefer Safari to Chrome for iOS. For example, when I open in Safari, I’m able to find a share option directly at the bottom menu bar; but with Chrome for iOS, I need to tap the three dots at the upper right corner, and tap Share, then choose the SNS I want to share the news. But Chrome for iOS has its excellent feature in usability that is far more superior to Safari. Omnibox is what I’m talking about. Omnibox enables users to enter the keyword of a website in the address bar, and it will provide the complete URL in accordance with the keyword.

4. Conclusion

Safari and Chrome for iOS are both excellent browsing apps for iPhone, and people will have different using experiences when use the apps, as Apple and Google have totally different concept. Whether choosing Safari or Chrome is up to users and their browsing habits.

Brian Jay

Brian Jay

With long-term dedication into the latest market demands and technologies, the author has become an expert in posting practical, in-depth and user-oriented how-tos, tutorials, recommendations, reviews, and more digital multimedia solutions in Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, picture, Apple utilities, etc.

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