Apple is the bank of innovations, constantly bringing the world full of surprises. iOS 13 gestures will be a breakthrough in recent updates. If you feel struggling with text editing in the previous iOS, iOS 13 with new text editing gestures will free you away from any troubles or struggling at one go. With this new feature, text editing will become much easier and funnier. In case you have not got the chance to familiarize the iOS 13 gestures, we will walk you through the amazing journey of getting master of iOS 13 gestures. Read on and explore more!

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Part 1: What can we do with Gestures in iOS 13

As known to all, to select the text, cut, copy or paste can be fulfilled since earlier years but the user experience is not good enough. Users may find it cumbersome to edit the text in iOS. The cursor simply cannot locate where we need to edit and it always jumps to let us edit the entire word, sentence, or paragraph, which is time-consuming. All of the inconvenience motivates the developers to further break down details and make improvements from iOS 13. What can we do with gestures in iOS 13 then? Well, a lot!


To begin with, you can move the cursor smoothly and easily to locate any letter, word, sentence, or paragraph. This is useful if you need to edit the words while you don’t bother to move the cursor through the entire sentence. The cursor is more user-friendly since iOS 13 thanks to the flexible design of moving cursor anywhere you want.

Second, we can select texts in a more dynamic way. Previously, users need to hold press and move the cursor to select texts they want. Thanks to the new improvements in iOS 13 gestures, tapping can be the best answer to make text selection easier. Double-tap, triple tap, and even quadruple tap will be available to let users select texts exactly they need in an effortless way.

Third, in iOS 12 and earlier, you have to select text and then use the contextual editing menu bar to cut, copy or paste it. With ‌iOS 13 gestures‌, you can use gestures instead.

To explore more, we will continue to go deeper and introduce 6 new text editing gestures in iOS 13.

Part 2: 6 New Text Editing Gestures in iOS 13

So far millions of Apple users would use the notes, reminders, or office word on iPhone or iPad. This is a necessary feature to allow users to type or edit texts easily on mobile devices and share with others efficiently. We don’t need to bring a laptop or computer with us all the time, which is also impossible. Thanks to new iOS 13 gestures, we can achieve so much more and make the text editing a fun experience. Here we will show you the new text editing features in iOS 13.

1. First of all, we would like to emphasize the cursor movement. When typing, we can move the cursor with ease. Technically, we have two methods to move the cursor using iOS 13 gestures. You can tap and hold the cursor until it gets bigger. This allows you to move it around. Or you may tap and hold the space bar. The letter keys will disappear from the keyboard and it will turn into a virtual touchpad that you can use to move the cursor around.


2. Second, you may quickly select texts with iOS 13 gestures. It is cumbersome to select text in the previous iOS, you have to select one word and then drag the text selection handles to get a full sentence or paragraph. With iOS 13, it is simple. You can select words, sentences, and paragraphs with ease. To select a single word, tap on it twice or tap and hold it for a second. You can also extend your selection to the left or to the right of the word you are holding by moving your finger in the desired direction. Triple taps allow you to select a sentence and quadruple taps will let you select a paragraph.


In addition, an intelligent selection will be available to let you quickly select a phone number, address, or email while editing text. Bear in mind that this feature is only valid when you enable intelligent selection.

3. Third, copying, pasting, and cutting text will be easier than ever before. In iOS 12 and earlier, you had to select text and then use the contextual editing menu bar to cut, copy or paste it. In ‌iOS 13‌, you can use gestures instead. In this way, you can pinch three fingers to copy texts.Practice twice the features of copy and you will be able to cut the texts and these will be ready to be pasted from the clipboard. I beg you get the rule now. If you are going to paste the text, pinch out three fingers. That is to say, to paste some text that you've just copied or cut, pinch out with three fingers until the text appears again.


4. The fourth feature is to undo and redo. In specific, to undo, perform a three-finger swipe to the left. To redo, perform a three-finger swipe to the right.


5. Next, you may choose to display clipboard anytime you want. Each time you copy, cut, or paste the text, you may notice the clipboard, at least for a few seconds. Actually, you can reveal the clipboard bar anytime you like when editing text. Simply select some text, then tap and hold the screen using three fingers.


6. The last is about how to scroll text in a quicker way. Previously, we may feel struggling with scrolling a long text to locate what we need. This has been resolved from iOS13 gestures. You can make it like what you do on a computer, which means you can get down targeting texts by grabbing the scroll bar in a faster way.

The above mentioned new text editing gestures will help users make things much easier to a large extent.

Part 3: How to transfer edited notes from iPhone to computer

In fact, no matter how efficient the iOS is becoming, we need to bear in mind that we have done in iOS will be better preserved if we can transfer them to computers. This is especially true when we have made a lot of edited notes for example, which are useful for your future reference. We absolutely need to seek a reliable way to preserve them. In this case, I strongly recommend Leawo iTransfer to you. This is a professional yet lightweight program that is specialized in providing perfect solutions for iPhone transfer, iPad transfer and iPod transfer issues. It’s quite nice to transfer 12 kinds of files, like apps, photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, and so on between iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. It can also back up iPhone, iPad and iPod (touch) files to computer. Let’s have a look at this amazing app and show you how to transfer edited notes from iOS devices to computer using Leawo iTransfer.

Step 1: Download and install the app to your computer

Click the button below to download and install the app. Launch the app after installation.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the computer

Connect the iOS device to the computer using a USB cable. When connected, Leawo iTransfer will immediately detect the device. You may click the name of the iOS device and choose a library in the left sidebar.


Step 3: Select the edited notes to transfer

Navigate to “iPhone > LIBRARY > Notes”. You are able to edit your notes as you prefer and then click the “Export” button at top middle.

choose notes

Step 4: Select a directory in the computer to save the edited notes in the computer

A dialogue will pop up and ask you to choose a target folder. You have first to check “Save to folder” and click “Change” to browse a folder on the computer. After that, just save the iPhone notes to PC.

target folder


By far, we have shed some light on the new text editing gestures in iOS 13 and show readers how to edit words or notes in iOS 13. In fact, the new feature has been introduced but not so many users master it perfectly. That’s why we consider this article a very good and comprehensive tutorial guide for users to get hold of the new iOS 13 gestures. Always remember that pinching or pinching out three fingers will make a difference in the editing area. Your fingers may tell what you need. Trust me! In the end, we also introduced a lightweight program – Leawo iTransfer to allow users to sync their edited texts or notes from iOS device to computers for better preservation or sharing with others. You can transfer files from iOS devices to iOS devices or from computer to iOS devices. It all depend on your needs. Give it a shot and tell me your experience!