Like iPhones and iPads, if you entered the code that you set before for your iPod touch wrongly over six times, the screen of the iPod touch will be utterly locked out.Or there comes a moment that you simply forget your security code and leads you no way to unlock your iPod touch, at this time, you shall not be too worried about that. And remember not to meddle your iPod touch, or it would be probably messed up and there is no way to restore it again. Are there ways to unlock an iPod touch? Yes, you can follow the steps which can teach you how to unlock an iPod touch under different situations.

How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password

There are situations of iPod touch being unlocked that you would probably meet with when you are using the device. Then how to unlock disabled iPod touch without password and how to unlock disabled iPod touch? For the solutions, several techniques could solve the problems shown as below.

---Use iTunes

If you cannot remember your security code/password, use iTunes to unlock iPod touch.

  • (1). Connect your iPod touch to iPad or laptop or PC that you usually sync with.
  • (2). Open your iTunes and back up first. When a small window pops up and says Back Up Now,just click it and iTunes will automatically synchronize device and back up.
  • (3). When the back up finished, click the Restore iPod button on the upper right side of your iTunes' interface to restore factory settings.
  • (4). Finally press the Restore Backup button and choose the latest period of time for backup, waiting for the completion of restore backup.
  • (5). After that, you will see the logo of Apple on the screen of your iPod when the process finishes.

---Use iCloud

  • (1). Open and log in iCloud on your laptop or PC that is connected with the iPod touch.
  • (2). Click Find My iPod and let it start to search and connect with your iPod touch APP.
  • (3). When iCloud is connected to the iOS device, its position will be fixed and shown on the map, then click the option at the upper right of Clear iPod and follow the next indication.

---Use recovery mode

  • (1). If iTunes prompts you to enter the password, and you cannot remember it, try to use the recovery mode to unlock iPod touch without password. Given that you are using recovery mode, you are not able to backup before resetting device, which means that you are going to lose all the data on the iPod touch.
  • (2). Close iPod device completely. Hold Power button and slide the Power Slider to close iPod touch.
  • (3). Connect your iPod touch to the computer and use iTunes to enter into recovery mode.
  • (4). Open iTunes and hold Power+Home buttons long before the logo of Apple appears. Then click Recovery Mode.
  • (5). Click Set Up As New iPod Touch. Initialize the settings of your iPod touch and import the backup and restore the data.

---Use DFU Mode

There is one thing called DFU mode. By using it, any iPod could be restored.

  • (1). Turn off your iPod touch first. Then hold home and power button and keep holding until the iPod is closed after about 10 secs.
  • (2). Let go the power button, waiting for the device to ask you to connect your iPod to a computer.

How to Unlock Disabled iPod Touch

As for how to unlock disabled iPod touch, we needs to remove the password/security code so that we can erase the device. There are 3 ways to remove the password by using iTunes, iCloud and recovery mode.

---Remove the password with iTunes

  • (1). Connect your iPod touch to iPad or laptop or PC that you usually sync with. Open your iTunes and back up first.
  • (2). Click restore button once the back up has finished.
  • (3). When you see the Set Up screen during your restoring, just tap Restore from iTunes backup.
  • (4). Choose your iPod touch device in iTunes and pick the relevant backup in terms of data and size.

---Remove the password with iCloud

  • (1). Log in iCloud and click All Devices that shows on the upper side of your browser.
  • (2). Choose your iPod touch to erase.
  • (3). Click Erase button to remove the password.
  • (4). Continue to Restore from a backup of just Set up as new.

---Remove the password with recovery mode

  • (1). Connect your iPod touch to your laptop/PC, then open iTunes and wait for the connection.
  • (2). When connected, restart it at once by hold the Power+Home buttons until you see the logo of Apple.
  • (3). Continue to hold the two buttons while the recovery mode screen pops up.
  • (4). Select Restore and reject Update. It needs over 15 mins to download software for iPod touch. After that you shall follow the steps of (2) and (3) once again.

If your iPod touch becomes disabled and you forget the security code, it will do with erasing data and reset your iPod touch like the techniques provided above. You will make it with the techniques provided above to ‘save’ your iPod touch. Proceed the steps of how to unlock an iPod touch and your iPod touch will be restored original as the same as before.


iPod touch now becomes one thing that people take with all the time. If an iPod touch is unlocked, many troubles would be brought to the owners as we know that they can not live without music. Therefore, if you happen to know how to unlock an iPod touch under different situations, you will get lots of reliefs and have no need to worry.


Note that Apple company will not be able to help you unlock an iPod touch if you forget the security code. Only restore your iPod touch to factory settings will work it out. Or else you could get some practical helps from the customer service of Apple company. Above are the techniques on how to unlock an iPod touch under different situations primarily on your own.

How to Recover Data to iPod Touch

If you encounter accidental data loss during the unlocking process, which is quite common for smartphones and gadgets, here's how you can retrieve the lost data on your iPod Touch.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a powerful data retrieval tool that you can use to recover data to your iPod Touch. It's capable of recovering in total of 14 different types of data to your iPod Touch from your device itself, iTunes and iCloud backup with ease.


Step 1: Connect your device to the computer. After installing the program, open it and there would be 3 tags on the main interface, click on the first one recover data from the device itself. On the device list, choose iPod Touch and click Start button and the program would start scanning all the files on your device.

Step 2: After the scanning, all the data and files on your device(including the mistakenly deleted ones) would be shown on the interface, choose those you'd like to recover to your iPod and click Recover button at the bottom right.

Step 3: The program would back up the files you are recovering to your device to your computer hard drive. After clicking the Recover button, a window would pop up, set the directory for the backup and click Go to start recovering data to your iPod.