If you are new to the world of digital music or just need a guidance about how to transfer music to your iPod, the post is helpful for you. With iPod, you can listen the nice music you like everywhere. By accessing your iPod via iTunes, you can sync music to iPod easily. However, if you want to transfer some audio files that you don't purchase in iTunes from computer to your iPod, you will find it is not so easy. Don't worry, the following steps will show you how to transfer music from computer to iPod with/without iTunes.

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Part 1. How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod with iTunes

When it comes to transferring music from computer to iPod, iTunes is always the first choice for most of iPod users. As the official transfer tool, iTunes can help you to transfer music to iPod easily. The next guidance will show you how to transfer music from computer to ipod with itunes.

Step 1. Connect your iPod to PC via matched USB cable. Then click the iPod icon on the left corner of the interface. To manage your media files manually, you'd better go to "Options" under "Summary" tab, cancel "Automatically sync when this iPod is connected" and check "Manually manage music and videos". Don't forget to click "Apply" when it's done.

Step 2. Import music into iTunes library from computer by clicking "File" and then "Add File to Library". Once transferred successfully, you can select the music icon on top to see all the songs.

Step 3. Click "Music" under "Settings" tab. Choose "Sync Music". You can either sync entire music library or selected playlists as you like. Then click "Sync" button at the bottom to transfer music from computer to iPod.

Part 2. How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod without iTunes

You probably do not want to use iTunes for syncing your iPod music when you have got a lot of CD music long time ago, because iTunes can't sync them back to computer. "How can I transfer music to iPod without iTunes?" You may want to ask this question. Well, a powerful iPod transfer software is helpful on the iPod music syncing issue.

What I want to recommend you today is an easy-to-use iTunes alternative, Leawo iTransfer. This simple transfer tool is used for syncing all kinds of media files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. If you want to store your private files in your iOS devices, no problem, Leawo iTransfer can make your iOS device as a flash drive, which allows you to put in anything you want.

You are not only able to transfer songs to iPod without iTunes, but also transfer songs from iPod to computer without iTunes. Both of the transfers are easy to accomplish. The following guidance will show you how to sync music to iPod without iTunes

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version

Tips: Leawo iTransfer only works with iTunes installed on your PC.

Step 1. Run iTransfer and Connect iPod

Run Leawo iTransfer after installing, and connect your iPod touch. The software will scan your iPod touch automatically and show your iPod touch Library in the software window. You can take a look at the files of your iPod touch in the software.

Step 2. Add Files

Click "File > Add > Add File/Add Folder" to add the music from your iPod touch. It will save your time if you have put all your music files in one folder. Click OK to start the iPod syncing work.

Step 3. Transferring Music to iPod without iTunes

A progress bar will notice you the syncing process. If you have a lot of music files, the syncing process will be finished in minutes. When the iPod music syncing is finished, you are able to have all the music files in the iPod touch Music Library.


  • Leawo iTransfer supports all the modes of iPod and iPod touch. No matter what device you are working with, Leawo iTransfer helps you transfer music between iPod and computer.
  • Except transferring music from computer to iPod, Leawo iTransfer allows you to transfer music from iPod to PC.
  • Part 3. Comparison between iTunes and Leawo iTransfer

    The following table introduces the similarity and difference between iTunes and Leawo iTransfer, you can choose any one as you like according to your actual need. Or if you have other good method, you can also try it.

    iTunes Leawo iTransfer
    Transfer data from iOS devices to computer
    Transfer data from computer to iOS devices
    Transfer data from iOS devices to iTunes
    Transfer data from itunes to iOS devices
    Backup iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer
    Make iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash drives
    Transfer data between Android, iOS devices and computer
    Transfe data between iPhone, iPad and iPod
    Transfe other files like notes, contacts and bookmarks
    backup non-purchased files to computer