If you are an iPhone user, you may know the importance of timely iPhone data backup. We know that iPhone is famous for its high degree of data security and privacy protection, in that case, you can easily lose some important data from your iPhone if you accidentally delete them or operate it in a wrong way. As a result, you have to backup the important documents and data from iPhone to computer in order to prevent data loss. Running out of your iPhone storage because of various Apps, photos, downloaded music or videos? Don't worry, to transfer data from iPhone to computer is also an important way to free up iPhone storage space, you just need to transfer music and large videos to computer before deleting them on iPhone to free up more storage space. You always find that full storage causes your device to run sluggishly, try to transfer iPhone data to computer to free up more space. Now we will show you different ways on how to transfer data from iPhone to computer easily.

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Part 1: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

If you're using Windows computer, you can sync the photos on your device with iTunes on your computer. This is always an easy way to transfer data from iPhone to computer. We now take photo transfer for example.

Step1. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes on computer. Find the iPhone icon, go to Settings>Summary>Options, and uncheck "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected".

Step2. Click "Photos" tab under Settings on the panel.

Step3. Click "Sync Photos" on the right part of the interface and choose a folder that you would like to copy photos from.

Step4. Select the picture folder you'd like to sync and click "Apply" to start transferring.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

As you can see, it is easy to use iTunes for iPhone data backup, but if you still seek other ways of transferring iPhone data, you can continue reading.

Part 2: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer with iTransfer

It is strongly recommended that you can also use an iPhone data transfer tool. Leawo iTransfer is a helpful alternative, it provides perfect solutions for iOS devices data transfer issues. It's quite nice to transfer 12 kinds of files, like photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, and so on between iOS devices and PCs. Moreover, Leawo iTransfer help users manage media files effectively and directly on computer. With it, you can simply know the way to transfer data from iPhone to computer in only few steps.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone XR, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Step1. Open Leawo iTransfer and connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable. The software will detect your device automatically, and you will get a main interface of your iPhone data.

Step2. When your iPhone is detected, you can see data catalogues listed on the left bar. Go to iPhone>LIBRARY>Camera, all photos are displayed on the right interface.

data catalogues listed on the left bar

Step3. Choose photos, and then click the transfer button in the bottom right corner of the interface to save iPhone data to computer. Or you can give a right-click on the photos you want to transfer, and choose "Transfer to > My Computer".

click the transfer button

Step4. In the pop-up window of transfer settings, choose the output location to save photos. Choose "Save to Folder" and click "Change" to choose the target folder, and then tap "Transfer Now" to start saving iPhone data to computer.

tap Transfer Now

When the transfer is done, you can easily backup iPhone photos to computer. With the same way, you can also transfer other data from your iPhone to computer, like videos, contact, and music.

Part 3: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer via iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is able to run on the computer with operating systems Win7/8/10 or on Mac with they systems OS X or later. When iCloud Drive is activated on your iPhone and your computer, the files can be viewed on your iPhone normally. iCloud Drive can be used to transfer and store the data in a simple way. The main feature of friendly interface and convenience in viewing information benefits a lot to us. To transfer Data from iPhone to Computer via iCloud Drive, you can follow the steps as below:

1. Enter the website of Apple iCloud and download iCloud Drive.
2. Install iCloud Drive after you have signed in.
3. Your iCloud Drive folder will be found on the computer.
4. Enter the files with iCloud Drive on your iPhone and transfer the files you need to your computer.


Part 4: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer via Email

Instead of transferring the data with installed software or the kinds of drives, one simple method is suggested to be a good substitute of the software and drive, that is to transfer via Email. Multiple kinds of documents, videos or photos or more can be transferred from iPhone to Computer via Email. You can follow the simple instructions below:

1. Run Email app on iPhone and enter one email address, you can send any data in the attachment by Email.
2. Get access to Email on your computer and download the data from attachment to the computer.
It is obviously seen that some limitations exist in this method like the transfer must work with network or the files size should be considered or other issues.


Part 5: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer via AirDrop (Only for Mac)

AirDrop offers a document sharing service between iOS and Mac, it is a rapid and simple solution to send photos and videos, and files copying between iPhone to Mac. It runs faster and more easily than Email. Through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, files transfer can be completed between iPhone and Mac. Below we will introduce how to transfer data from iPhone to computer via AirDrop.
1. Open AirDrop on Mac via Wi-Fi. Enter a Finder window and select the option "AirDrop" in the sidebar", then tick the checkbox of "Allow me to be discovered by" and "Everyone" or "Contacts Only" can be chosen either. You should make the Finder window open all the time because to keep AirDrop enabled.


2. Open AirDrop on your iPhone. The AirDrop can be opened automatically once the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections have been run on your iPhone. Or you can go to Control Center of iPhone to open the AirDrop. Some users give a feedback that there is no AirDrop in iOS 11. However, you can turn on it manually.
Firstly, sweep up your iPhone screen from bottom then you can open the Control Center. Then Long press on the square as the picture shown below. A pop-up window will be shown after long press. Finally, open "AirDrop" by tapping on it and choose either "Only Contacts" or "Everyone".


3. Enabled AirDrop on Mac will be shown in the list with several seconds. Then the data will begin to be transferred to Mac once you tap on the Mac ID.

Part 6: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer via Dropbox

Dropbox can be used to send any size of files whatever it is big or small. Security is 100% guaranteed to protect your files and privacy. It is particularly good for transferring videos and photos via Dropbox. You can follow the steps as below to transfer data from iPhone to Computer.

1. You must install the Dropbox app on both your iPhone and computer.
2. Enter the files you need to upload and select "Locations" where you have the files to transfer to Dropbox. Then tab on "Select".


3. Tap on the "files" you need to move to Dropbox.
4. Tap on the button "Move".
5. Tap on "Dropbox".


6. Tap on "destination" to save the transferred files.
7. Tap on "Copy".


8. Turn on Dropbox on your computer and download the transferred files to your computer from Dropbox.

Part 7: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer with Windows Explorer

On a Windows computer, you can easily transfer iPhone data to computer with Windows Explorer, but it is only available for photos and videos transfer. Without requirement of installing software, you can realize it on your Windows computer. Of course, the process is really simple and easy to learn.

Step1. Connect your iPhone to computer and wait for it to be recognized, and then open "Computer" on the desktop. Find your iPhone under "Portable Devices" section.

Find your iPhone

Step2. Open iPhone to find your photos and select the photos you want to move to the target location on your computer. You can either choose the whole file folder or open one of them and select some photos to transfer.

Open iPhone to find your photos

Besides the above ways, you can also try many other ways to transfer iPhone data to computer. But no matter what way you choose to use, the practical use and functions are always the important factors to consider, and you need to select the way that fits you most.