Outlook calendar helps keep people organized almost everything well by acting as a good assistant, or even a wonderful partner. But people cannot always carry their computer around wherever they go. It could not be better if they can sync outlook calendar with iPhone, which allows them to access their calendars anywhere at any time. People who have multiple phones and devices have been asking, “How to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone?” If you do really want to know how to sync outlook calendar with iPhone, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to sync outlook calendar with iPhone.

Add your Outlook account in your iPhone settings

To sync outlook calendar with iPhone, you can do it with your iPhone settings. Once you have added your Outlook account in the settings, then your iPhone could sync the Outlook information if needed. If you have never done this before, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Scroll down the interface and Touch iPhone home screen, open settings.

Step 2. Scroll down the interface and tap on calendar.

Step 3. Tap on accounts and choose add account.

Step 4. Touch the Outlook logo.

Step 5. Sign in outlook with your account and password.

Step 6. Choose to sync calendars after logging successfully.

View your Outlook calendar with the Outlook app

Besides syncing the Outlook account with iPhone, you can also view the Outlook calender with the Outlook app directly. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Download the Microsoft Outlook app on your iPhone. You can directly type in Microsoft Outlook on the App Store. If you have already downloaded and installed the app on your iPhone, then you can update it as you like.

Step 2. Once the app has been downloaded to your iPhone, then open it and what you need to follow next is to enter your Outlook email address and password. Once they have been entered, you would activate your Outlook account. Then, on the iPhone, you can see some options that could be allowed while Outlook is running. You can select your preferred options to be allowed, including Outlook email and calendar. Then, click Allow to complete this step.

Step 3. Now open Outlook app again on your iPhone, then you can see the Outlook email and calendar options. You can freely get access to these modules now.

What if your Outlook calendar is not syncing

Now if you have tried the above steps, and nothing works, then you can try the following solutions to fix the problem. In most cases, if your Outlook calendar is not working, it is possible due to the incorrect calendar being selected while you were creating a new event. Or, the calendar data is not synced in the correct way. Also, if your Outlook account has not been connected to your iPhone properly, then the Outlook calendar would not be synced correctly. Sometimes, the iOS default calendar being incorrectly configured would also result in the failure in syncing the Outlook calendar with iPhone. Next time, if you have encountered this issue, then you can try the following solutions.

Solution 1. Fetch data from Outlook

You can try to fetch data from Outlook Calendar as the alternative way. Actually, Outlook allows you several ways to sync with your account, including fetching data from Outlook Calendar directly. Changing to this way may resolve the sync issues then. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone. Then, click the Passwords & Accounts option.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom and you can find Fetch New Data option. Click it.

Step 3. Select your Outlook account in the list and tap on Fetch. Once the data have been fetched, then the Outlook calendar could be synced automatically with iPhone.

Solution 2. Delete and re-add your Outlook account

Sometimes, you may find that the Outlook Calendar would not be synced correctly without any apparent reasons. In such a case, if you can remove your Outlook account from your iPhone and then re-add it, the problem would be resolved then. Here are the steps for you.

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and then click Passwords & Accounts option.

Step 2. Select Outlook account in the list and then you can tap on Delete Account when you scroll down to the very bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Then tap on Delete from My iPhone option. Once it is done, then the Outlook Account has been removed from your iPhone. Now what you need to do is to re-add account.

Step 4. Head back to the option of Passwords & Accounts, then click on Add Account option and now you can find Outlook from the list. Now, please enter the Outlook login user name and password to add the account to your iPhone.

Solution 3. Check your iPhone network settings

The sync process could only be completed when your network is working properly. Next time if your Outlook Calendar could not be synced with your iPhone, then you can try to check your iPhone network settings. If something wrong related to iPhone network, then you have to fix the internet connection first. Then, how to check your iPhone network settings are all right? It is quite simple. You can verify your iPhone network by logging in to some websites or using some apps. If these web browsers could be opened, then your network can work correctly. If not, there might be some issues related to your network settings.

How to fix your network setting problems? You may try to switch off your connection first, and then switch it on to have another try. If it doesn’t work still, then you can reset your iPhone network connection. If it is not resolved still, then you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

Bonus tip: How to transfer the calendar data on your iPhone

Last of all, while syncing the Outlook calendar with your iPhone, it is quite possible that some of the calendar data would be lost during the process. Then, how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone and make sure that you can transfer the calendar data on your iPhone and keep them well? Here you can refer to Leawo iOS Data Recovery as the alternative way. After syncing outlook calendar with iPhone, the Outlook calendar can show our schedule well in iPhone and we know what to do next with just a gimps of iPhone. What if we accidentally deleted calendar events on iPhone? Which tool could recover these information and make our life back to peace again? There is a Data Recovery Program named Leawo iOS Data Recovery you can try. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a data recovery software app for iPhone devices. It could act as iPhone data extractor to extract deleted or lost data for all models of iPhone, so as to help you avoid data loss due to mistaken deleting or other occasions. Besides, it supports up to 14 types of data. Now let’s try to recover accidentally deleted calendar events on iPhone using Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

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Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer and launch the software Leawo iOS Data Recovery. Click “Recover from iOS device” in the interface.

Step 2. Click “Start” to scan all your data in the iPhone after the software detects iPhone. After the scanning process has finished, choose to view the accidentally deleted calendar events only by checking “Only display the deleted items” option. Now all the recoverable calendar events would be shown on the screen.

Step 3. Select the calendar events that you look forward to recovering and then click Recover.

Step 4. A window will pop up at once for you to set the path to save the recoverable calendar events in your computer. After setting, click “Go” to begin recovering.

There are several methods showing you how to sync outlook calendar with iPhone step by step. First of all, you can have a check on the general settings on your iPhone, including the Outlook account and the Internet connection and so on. If all of them are running properly, then you can try to reinstall the Outlook app on your iPhone for another time, or update it immediately for another try. If all the above simple steps would not work then, you can try to fetch the data from Outlook directly. Once the data have been fetched, the Outlook calendar would be synced automatically. Furthermore, you can try to delete and re-add your Outlook account from your iPhone. Different from Google account which have been added by default, if you would like to add Outlook account on your iPhone, then you have to click on the Other option to manually add the Outlook account. If unluckily, some Calendar data have been lost while syncing, then you can adopt Leawo iOS Data Recovery as the data recovery tool to recover your lost data.