"Can you share your Blu-ray movies on YouTube or your own blogs? I have some Blu-ray movie discs and would like to upload some of the clips of these Blu-ray movies to my YouTube account. But I have no idea how to do this. Some free Blu-ray converter tools like HandBrake failed to convert these Blu-ray discs. Do you have any solution on converting Blu-ray to FLV for YouTube? Any advice will be highly appreciated."

We all know that HandBrake is a wonderful tool that could help you rip and convert Blu-ray, DVD and videos to MKV or MP4 file for various uses. However, if your Blu-ray/DVD discs are encrypted, HandBrake won't be able to process encrypted Blu-ray/DVD discs without the help of some decrypting tools. Therefore, you have to turn to other Blu-ray to FLV converter tools. In the below content, we would like to show you 2 different tools to help you convert Blu-ray to FLV file.

Part 1: Why Blu-ray to FLV conversion is needed?

FLV (Flash Live Video), is a container file format, which is applied to deliver videos over the internet such as YouTube using Adobe Flash Player version 6 and newer. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF(Small Web Format) files. And there are two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV and F4V. Both formats are supported in Adobe Flash Player and currently developed by Adobe Systems.

At present, FLV is now the first choice to many users when they are saving video or audio files. In particular, an increasing number of users are trying to rip their Blu-ray to FLV, complaining that:

  1. Blu-ray costs too much.
  2. A high-definition television is the prerequisite for viewing Blu-ray so as to enjoy the high definition and clear picture.
  3. Any slight scratch on the disk can perish all audio and video files saved in the Blu-ray.
  4. To ensure the normal play of Blu-ray files, you need to occasionally conduct firmware updates of your player. Or otherwise the file may fail to play.

Maybe you are not fully clear why FLV is regarded as the best alternative to Blu-ray. But you will get the exact answer after having a comprehensive understanding of FLV. Now, let's have a look at the alluring features of Flash FLV format one by one:

  1. Unlike other video formats which usually only used for videos, FLV is absolutely more powerful, since it can be perfectly compatible with a multitude of files like videos, example movies, online presentations, banner ads, Internet animations, etc.
  2. As long as the static video stream is in the format of FLV, you can easily import and export it without any hassle even if it is an encoded one.
  3. FLV format is able to help you well protect the copyright, because you can play them through a real player and windows media player.
  4. FLV files are usually of smaller size and can be downloaded in one jiffy in the same situation compared with other file formats.
  5. Unlike Blu-ray requiring a high-definition television, flash FLV can be viewed and played directly via broadband and even on slower, older computers.
  6. Various other formats like Blu-ray could be easily converted to FLV format within simple clicks, even if they were not originally created in Flash.

Part 2: How to convert Blu-ray to FLV with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper?

To rip and convert Blu-ray movies to FLV files, the first Blu-ray to FLV converter tool we would like to recommend is Leawo Blu-ray to Flash FLV Converter. With it, it is just a piece of cake to rip Blu-ray to FLV. As the best Blu-ray ripper, it can do much more than simply converting Blu-ray to FLV. It allows you to rip and convert Blu-ray to video and extract audio from Blu-ray to save in all formats for any media player and device. Various file formats can be perfectly supported, including 4K MP4, 4K MKV, HD MP4, HD AVI, MOV and many more. Best of all, unlike other professional programs with complex user guide, this program provides a simple user interface, which allows even computer novices to smoothly complete the conversion within simple clicks.


Download and install the right version on your computer via the above links. Note: Leawo Blu-ray to Flash FLV Converter is a module built in Leawo Prof. Media.

Steps to convert Blu-ray to FLV with this software:

Note: This tutorial only takes Windows version as an example. If you are a Mac user, just download the Mac version and follow the prompted steps.

Step 1: Kick off Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Launch Leawo Prof. Media and then click "Convert" button on the sub-menu or "Blu-ray/DVD Ripper" button in the middle to enter the "Blu-ray Ripper" module.

Step 2: Add source Blu-ray content

Click on "Add Blu-ray/DVD" to import Blu-ray file from disc, folder and/or ISO image file. Or, you can directly drag and drop source Blu-ray files into the converting panel.

Attention: On the main interface, you will then see three options to load source Blu-ray movie: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Full Movie allows you to import all titles, and Main Movie only imports the longest title by default while you can freely choose titles for importing under Custom Mode. Now, just select the right mode as needed and hit the "OK" option to continue the process.

Step 3: Set output format

Hit the MP4 button next to the option of "Add Photo" and now you will see a pop-up window. Then click "Change" option to enter the "Profile" panel. Then you can choose FLV Video from "Format > Common Video" group as the output file format.

If you like, you could adjust the output FLV video and audio parameters like video bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, quality, audio codec, etc. To do these, just click the "Edit" option on the drop-down panel next to the "Add Photo" button.

Step 4: Set output directory and start converting

On the main interface, hit the green button of "Convert" and then you will be asked to specify an output location to save the files. Hit the "Save to" option to set a directory and hit the "Convert" option to begin the Blu-ray to FLV conversion.

Done. Now, all you need to do is wait for the process to get completed within a little while. After conversion completes, you could then freely upload the converted Blu-ray movies to YouTube, blog or use in other ways.

Part 3: How to convert Blu-ray to FLV with Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper?

You could also turn to other Blu-ray to FLV video converter tools to complete Blu-ray to FLV video conversion tasks. Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper is the second tool we would like to recommend to you. With Xilisoft Blu-ray to Video Converter, now you can convert standard Blu-ray videos (M2TS format) and 3D Blu-ray videos (SSIF) to High-Definition formats or even 3D (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Apple TV h.264 720P, HD WMV, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 TS HD Video) with excellent and unmatchable converting-converting speed while preserving HD quality.

Follow the below steps to learn how to convert Blu-ray to FLV video with Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper in detail:

  1. Download and install Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper on your computer. Get source Blu-ray movies ready.
  2. Launch Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper and then click the "Profile" panel on the main interface to choose FLV video as output format.
  3. Click the disc icon to load source Blu-ray movies from your computer or disc drive.
  4. In the "Destination" box, set an output directory to save output FLV video file.
  5. Click the convert icon on the top menu bar to start converting Blu-ray files to FLV video within Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper.

You then only need to wait for the conversion to complete. Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper is quite similar to Leawo Blu-ray Ripper in actual functions. But it should be noted that Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper can't process encrypted Blu-ray/DVD discs.

Part 4: Comparison between Leawo Blu-ray Ripper and Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper

To let you get more detailed information about Leawo Blu-ray Ripper and Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper, we have made a comparison table below for you:


Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper

Decrypt Blu-ray/DVD disc protection and region codes



Convert Blu-ray/DVD to video



Convert Blu-ray/DVD to audio



1080P HD video output



4K video output



Multi-track MKV/MP4 video output



Take screenshots



Content loading modes

3 modes: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode


Play back Blu-ray/DVD movies



Edit Blu-ray/DVD movies

Trim length, add image/text watermark, crop size, adjust effect, rotate video, merge files into one

Trim, crop, merge and add video effects

2D to 3D conversion



4K Blu-ray conversion



Select subtitles and audio tracks



Adjust output video and audio parameters




From the above comparison table, it's obviously that both Leawo Blu-ray Ripper and Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper could help you process Blu-ray to FLV video conversions. But it should be noted that if your Blu-ray discs are copy protected, Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper won't make the work done since it has no disc decrypting support. That's the biggest difference and Leawo Blu-ray Ripper's biggest advantage. Secondly, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper offers you 3 content loading modes, which makes it much easier and quicker to get the conversion done.

You could directly select what you want to rip and convert from source Blu-ray movies. Thirdly, most Blu-ray discs have multiple subtitles and audio tracks, while Leawo Blu-ray Ripper supports quality-lossless conversion to retain all audio tracks and subtitles from source Blu-ray movies in output video file, while Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper fails in this. Fourthly, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper has been built into its all-inclusive Prof. Media as a module, which is more convenient if you want other modules since you don't need to download and install other apps again, while Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper is a standalone program that only provides Blu-ray/DVD converter module.

Therefore, no matter what your consideration is, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a better choice.