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How to Block iOS Update

Are you tired of dismissing the annoying popups that remind you to install the iOS software update? To help you effectively block iOS update or get rid of iOS update prompts for good, we've rounded up several methods to keep software updates at bay. Before we share the idea with you how to block iOS updates, we need to figure out why Apple constantly notify about iOS updates?


Part 1: Why does Apple constantly notify about iOS updates?

To make iOS version automatic updates as seamless as possible, Apple plans to anonymously monitor usage patterns to determine the time that the user’s iPhone is most likely to be idle. It will then check for any iOS updates and apply them automatically, ensuring that the user is always up to date with the latest features &security fixes, and verifying that the business-related apps they use will continue to function properly on the devices used by their organization. By delaying the deployment of the latest version of iOS within their organization, they buy additional time to run these checks before green lighting the upgrade.

Part 2: How to turn off automatic iOS updates?

As we all know, constantly getting the update notifications is very irritating and over that, the latest version of iOS can download the update without your consent on your iPhone. It is very troubling! To turn off automatic iOS updates, follow the method below.
Step 1: Open your iPhone, go to the Home screen and navigate to Settings.
Step 2: In the Settings menu, go to the iTunes & App Store option and find the Automatic Downloads option.


Step 3: There, you will be able to find several options available: Music, Apps, Books& Audiobooks, and Updates. To block iOS update, you can select the Update option, just change the slider to off.
Step 4: You can also leave every option in the Automatic Downloads turned on but deactivate "Use Cellular Data".
Therefore, you have simply turned off the Automatic Download option from your iPhone or just stop using the mobile data from your iPhone. Whenever you are on your cellular data, you won't be disturbed again from installing updates.

Part 3: How to delete the downloaded update?

Generally, Apple does indeed let you remove a downloaded update on iOS. It’s a surprisingly easy process. To remove a downloaded update on iOS, follow the instruction.
For Versions before iOS 11:
Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to “General”. Select “Storage & iCloud Usage”.
Step 2. You can go to “Manage Storage” and then locate the nagging iOS software update and tap on it.
Step 3. Finally, just tap the option ”Delete Update” and confirm that you want to delete the update.


For iOS 11 and the later version:
Step 1. You can just go to "Settings > General" on your iPhone. Then select "iPhone Storage".
Step 2. This process can take quite a while. Some apps appear right away, while others take more time. It’s only when the bar at the top shows you properly categorized storage usage that the process is complete.update.
Step 3. The list of apps is sorted by the amount of space they consume on your phone. These apps that consume the most space are at the top of this list. You can search for the iOS version that has been downloaded to your device and tap it. You will notice a “Delete Update” button. Tap it to remove the update from your phone.
In the end, you have deleted the downloaded update successfully.

Part 4: How to block Apple updates from your Wi-Fi router?

In general, the apple servers and are responsible for OS updates. Blocking these servers can block downloading updates automatically. The not only provides updates to OS but to other apps too, so you will not be able to download other software or updates if you block it. So, to block iOS update, you can just block the software updates from your Wi-Fi router.
At first, you will find an IP address that will take you to the router settings page and a password. If you have them both, follow these steps to block iOS updates:
Step 1. Connect a device to your router. Navigate to the Settings of your Router.
Step 2. The process may vary depending on the Router you have. You can go to Settings or Advanced Settings, and look for something like Firewall or Domain Blocking where you find an option to block an HTTP host name.
Step 3. From there, you must add “” and “” to the block list.

Part 5: Blocking iOS updates using tvOS

There are numerous sources showing that installing the tvOS Beta Configuration Profile provided by Apple will block the update messages from appearing on iOS. The tvOS Beta Configuration Profile is restricted to distribution among registered Apple Developers only. You can access the program at the Apple Developer Portal. You can find the tvOS profile freely on the web with a little work.
Step 1. After you have downloaded it on a computer, just AirDrop it to your device instead. Once you have downloaded successfully, you will be directed to iOS settings app to install the program.
Step 2. Then, a final confirmation prompt will appear on the bottom of the screen, so you can just tap on "Install" for the last time to finalize your selection. Once you have done, you'll be required to restart your iPhone to apply the changes, so hit "Restart" on the prompt that appears.


Step 3. After your iPhone successfully reboots, you'll want to make sure that the tvOS profile has kicked in and disabled your device's ability to receive iOS update notifications. To do this, you are able to navigate to Settings and go to General then look for Profiles and select it. You should be able to see the program from the list.

Bonus: How to recover lost data due to iPhone automatic update?

You might experience iPhone data lost due to iPhone automatic update. It is known that, besides photos, there is no way to recover deleted data on iPhone. It could be a big disaster to miss our iPhone contacts with business partner, valuable photos with our family and pets, important messages with our lover. So, you might ask, "Can I get lost iPhone data back directly?" Of course, you can retrieve all deleted data from this amazing iOS data recovery tool: Leawo iOS Data Recovery . It can help you recover previous SMS, bookmarks, call history, contacts WhatsApp messages as well as lost photos and videos and more.
Leawo iOS Data Recovery, it can 100% recover deleted or lost data from iTunes, iCloud and iOS devices safely and accurately, no matter the data has been lost/damaged/deleted due to: iOS update, iOS downgrade, device jailbroken, factory settings restored, mistaken deletion, device broken, screen locked, device locked, device formatted, system crash, device stolen, password forgotten, switching to new iPhone. Follow the guide to find out how to recover lost data with iOS Data Recovery due to iPhone automatic update.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 1. Download, install and launch Leawo iOS Data Recovery in your computer. To recover data from iTunes backup, first click the second tab on the main interface.


Step 2. Later, you would see a list of all backups from different iOS devices that you’ve backed up using iTunes. If you fail to get the backup of your device, it means that you may have not back up your device on this computer yet. Just click Home button to go back to the main interface. Choose the backup you would like and click Scan button.


Step 3. When completed, there are totally 14 types of recoverable data listed on the left column of the interface. Click each type of data to check out every single file and check those you want to recover.
Step 4. After you have chosen the data you want, click the Recover button at the bottom right and following that there would be a pop-up window. Click Open button to choose a folder and the files to the directory you like. Finally, to start recovering data, click Go button.


In conclusion, block iOS update, all the above-mentioned ways are great to help you get rid of the irritating update notification from your device.



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