Case 1. I have a concert recording on a Blu-ray disc. I'd like to use my Mac to extract the audio from it so I can play its music on my devices but I haven't any idea where to start. What do you suggest? --- From Twitter

Case 2. I need to extract the 5.1 audio from a blu-ray disc for a lecture at the end of this term, is there any program could do so without any quality loss? --- From Quora

Case 3. Just got my first ever BluRay internal drive today and I want to be able to rip audio tracks from discs in the same way that I currently can with normal DVDs but am not sure where to start. I use DVD Audio Extractor for DVDs, is there a BluRay equivalent or do I need to do some fiddling? I've had a look at DVDFab but, from what I can tell, it converts audio files to whatever setting you choose, but it doesn't seem to have a WAVE/lossless option (and I want to retain the best quality I can). Can anyone help?

All the above cases are extracted from the search result of extracting audio from Blu-ray disc. As you can see, people want to extract audio from Blu-ray disc for various purposes. Maybe you are also looking for such a way, because you want to convert the whole Blu-ray disc contents to audio so as to enjoy them on your mobile phone, or you simply want to extract an excerpt of audio file from your Blu-ray disk?

Here, you are surely in the right place. In the below part, you will know how to extract audio from Blu-ray disc within a few simple clicks, be it a whole disk or just an excerpt.

User Guide to Extract Audio from Blu-ray Disc

No matter you want to convert whole Blu-ray disc contents or simply extract an excerpt, you can just rely on this professional Leawo Blu-ray Audio Ripper. With this software, you can extract audio from Blu-ray disc without any hassle. This software is able to convert Blu-ray/DVD to any other digital formats, including MKV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, RMVB and many more. Moreover, the editing features within this software allow you to customize the output file at ease. To put it simply, you can easily adjust file settings including resolution, frame rate and many more while retaining the quality of the original file. And the extracted file can be played on various platforms such as mobile phone and computer without any hassle. Best of all, such a sophisticated program has a super easy user interface, making it as easy as pie to extract audio from Blu-ray disc. Now, let's see how to rip audio from Blu-ray disc in part or as a whole.


Part 1. Extract Audio from the Whole Blu-ray Disc

Step 1. Open the installed software and then hit the Convert option on the top panel to continue, or you can directly choose DVD Ripper tool on the main interface. Now, hit the Add Blu-ray/DVD option to load the wanted file or just directly drag it.

extract audio from blu ray disc

Step 2. Now, hit the HD MKV Video option on the top panel next to the green icon of Convert to continue the process. After that, enter the Change section, go to Format tab and select the output file format as desired.

extract audio from blu ray disc

Step 3. Till now, you've selected the output file format and you can then hit the pencil-shaped icon next the chosen output format and you will then see the below interface. Just feel free to adjust the settings to your preference including video codec, channel, resolution and etc. After that, just click on the OK option to save the settings.

extract audio from blu ray disc

Step 4. Finally, click on the green icon of Convert, specify an output file location and hit the another Convert icon at the bottom to start the Blu-ray disc conversion in one click.

extract audio from blu ray disc

Now, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while and then the whole Blu-ray disk will be converted and saved on the computer.

Part 2. Extract Audio from One Part of Blu-ray Disc

If you just need an excerpt of Blu-ray disc and convert it to audio, just give full play to the editing features of this Leawo Blu-ray Ripper as introduced in the above. Here, its trimming function enables you to extract audio from one part of Blu-ray disc. Detailed steps are listed as follows:

- Follow the step 1 as instructed in the above part and you will see the below interface.

extract audio from blu ray disc

- Click on the pencil-shaped icon next the source file. Now you will see the editing features are arranged on the left panel. You can then hit the Trim option to cut the video clip that you want to convert to audio and hit the OK option save the settings.

extract audio from blu ray disc

- After that, just follow the rest steps as listed in the above to continue the conversion process.

What's more, we also have another tutorial about how to get blu ray audio and save it as MP3 for Mac users. Click to read more if you are interested.

Words in the End:

With this all-in-one Leawo Blu-ray Audio Ripper, you can effortlessly rip audio from Blu-ray disc while setting the audio parameters and getting the better audio output quality at the same time. So if you are exactly looking for a way to rip audio from Blu-ray disc, just rely on the handy software and follow the tutorial as mentioned in the above!