Every upgrade of iOS can bring us a lot of features which can incredibly improve the usability. Nothing is perfect; however, one of the functions of calendar really drives us crazy. Lately, I have constantly been receiving complaints from lots of people "how can I stop iOS from suggesting calendar events", which is really an upsetting problem. Calendar adds the suggested event according to the specific date in the body text of the mail you received, which is a sweet intention while it can get really annoying sometimes. In this case, if you can turn off suggested events in calendar, things can get much better. Don't worry. iPhone offers the function allowing us to turn off suggested events in calendar. Now you don't have to grumble and ask yourself "how can I stop iOS from suggesting calendar events" anymore. In this article, you will learn how to disable calendar event suggestions. You will turn to show your friends the solution rather than cry out "how can I stop iOS from suggesting calendar events". Now I am going to show you the way on how to disable suggested event in calendar on iPhone or iPad.

Part 1: How to Disable Suggested Event in Calendar on iPhone 8

Actually it is pretty simple to turn off suggested events in calendar and I suggest that you should tell others this way on how to disable suggested event in calendar on iPhone or iPad instead of keeping it to yourself.

Step 1: Choose "Setting > Calendar > Siri & Search".

Siri & Search

Step 2: Turn off "Find Events in Other Apps". With the exactly same steps you can have your iPad worked out. So this is a simple way on how to disable suggested event in calendar on iPhone or iPad.

Turn off Find Events in Other Apps

Part 2: How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to iPad via Gmail

After learning how to disable calendar event suggestions, you may breathe a sigh of relief. Truth be told, knowing how to disable calendar event suggestions does save you a lot of trouble. Just hang in there, because you will continue to take in transferring calendar between iPhone and iPad via Gmail. Use outlook? Don't worry, we can also help you sync Outlook calendar with iPhone. Use Android phone? we even have prepared a tutorial about sync Android calendar with iPhone

Step 1: Choose "Setting > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account". Select "Google" to input your Gmail ID and password.

Select Google

Step 2: Turn on "Calendars" to allow the sync to Gmail. Click "Save". Now you can open your iPad and follow the same steps mentioned before to complete the sync, and please notice that the Gmail account inputted in your iPad should be the same as the one in iPhone.

Turn on Calendars

Part 3: Recommendation of 5 Best iPhone Calendar Alternatives

Normally the build-in calendar can meet the demand for most of people. I still want to show you some other third-party calendar apps in which you may get some points. I bet you can definitely get your life more organized and easier once you give them a shot. OK. Follow me to have a look at these wonderful tools.

1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

The powerful and useful functions are why I put it on the first. Not only can it support multiple languages, 3D Touch and Force Touch, but also smoothly work with iPhone and iPad so you will never lose your data. You can even add new events by speaking to the Apple Watch if you have one. It could be the most efficient tool for you.

2. Calendars 5

Calendars 5

Apart from the basic functions like organizing new events, making new schedules and setting new alerts, one amazing point for this app is its identification function. For example, if you input "meet Lucy at KFC on Sunday", it will automatically create a new event on Sunday to meet Lucy at KFC.

3. Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar

For those who are tired of the calendar with lots of complicated functions, Tiny Calendar can be the best choice. Even though it is tiny, you can do all the usual things without effort. You can point the location of GPS of you iPhone to the event. Other functions like creating new events, organizing your schedules are as easy as you think.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

This is probably the best choice for big fans of Gmail. All the certain events can be automatically synced to the Google calendar. Apart from the usual functions, Google calendar can automatically organize your plans such as swimming daily or going to gym four times a week.

5. Jorte


Jorte is the one which will never disappoint you. Being compatible with iOS and Android makes sure its seamless sync. Dozens of choices of colors, background images and fonts dazzle you. Besides those basic functions, Jorte allows you to show the events anytime you want. You can set the events displayed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to make it work around your schedule.